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By: stowns
The Foot & Ankle Center
You get the type of service you would expect and more. Dr. Waskin and his staff are very professional, willing to do the extra with a big smile and they truly make the patients feel comfortable. It took me 2 years to decide to have bunion surgery after meeting with Dr. W and his explanation of the entire procedure. My hesitation was not due to the procedure itself, but the fact of having surgery, which is something I never had. I made the decision and now 2 months later, I am very pleased with the results. Everything Dr. W told me would happen, did; his genuineness and prompt response to my questions/concerns was more than I expected. Bottom line, if you want a professional, nice, humorous and AWESOME Dr. to work on your feet, this is the one. No pain, foot looks brand new and I'm not finshed healing. Can't wait to see the true finished product. Special KUDOS to Jessica-awesome asst that does a great job removing stitches and Lena-the best on time scheduler and encourager. They will definitely take care of you from start to finish. I truly feel like part of the Foot and Ankle Center family. Great JOB!! Waiting to get the other foot done.
By: penelope.morman
The Foot & Ankle Center
I am 6 1/2 weeks post my Bunion Surgery and all I can say is . . .AWESOME! It took me five years to get up the courage to have this surgery because of the feedback I received from family and friends who had traveled this path before me. The difference between their experience and mine . . .Dr. Waskin and the staff at the Foot and Ankle Center. Dr. W explained the pro's and con's of the procedure and was very patient with all my questions and concerns. My surgery was December 12th and my biggest concern was the PAIN . . .especially during the holidays . . . the pain was minimal and I enjoyed the holidays. The pain control protocol Dr. W implemented post surgery was great! My family and friends have been impressed with my process and recovery. My scar is minimal and all is well!. I know my experience will not be your experience . . .but Dr. Waskin and the staff at the F & A Center will make sure it is a great experience. Good Luck!
By: angelagrealestate
The Foot & Ankle Center
I would not go anywhere else for foot and ankle surgery, I've already referred others I know to go to see Dr. Waskin. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Dr. Waskin has a great sense of humor which helps put you at ease. All of my questions and concerns were answered, he gave me my options and let me have time to discuss with my husband what I should do. I found Dr. Waskin after a HORRIBLE experience at another doctor who put me thru weeks of pain and unnecessary procedures and when I asked a question he would chuckle and leave the room. The first time I met Dr. Waskin he did x-rays and showed them to me and explained everything and did not leave until I said I understood and was comfortable. I wish more doctors were like him.
By: stacy.chisholm
The Foot & Ankle Center
Dr. Waskin and the staff at The Foot & Ankle Center are so nice and very caring. I was training for a marathon, started having soreness and pain in the bottom of my feet. Someone recommended that I go see Dr. Waskin. It was the best decision I made! Not only did he prepare me for the marathon - I was able to complete the marathon with a good time! He continues monitor my progress and provides me with stretching exercises, that I actually enjoy - and I'm preparing for my next marathon in March 2013. I consider the staff at The Foot & Ankle Center part of my training support :)
By: Carole J.
The Foot & Ankle Center
I choose the Foot and Ankle Center after a great deal of research. Dr. Waskins and his staff have been wonderful and so accommodating throughout the entire experience. I heard plenty of horror stories about painful experiences friends had had with other doctors, but the pain management protocol here was amazing. I am 10 weeks out from my bunion surgery, and am getting ready for the second one. Dr. Waskins is very attentive and has a great sense of humor, which alleviates any and all anxiety. I highly recommend this practice if you are looking for pretty, pain-free feet!
By: yvonnefarmer
The Foot & Ankle Center
I met with four doctors during the past two years and selected Dr. Waskin to remove my bunion and straighten four toes. I selected Dr. Waskin because of his knowledge of cutting edge surgery techniques, experience and frequency in the operating room, professionalism, pain management, care for the patient and efficient staff. I am very pleased with the operation experience. I had no or very little discomfort and am experiencing a very speedy recovery. I am grateful to Dr. Waskin and his staff.
By: Jan G.
Affordable Spa Services
I have been here several times in the last year. I have seen a variety of massage therapists, and all have been professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate the variety of massage styles from deep tissue and triggerpoint to hot stone and Sweedish. They offer frequent specials and discounts which allows me to go more often than I would otherwise. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Affordable Spa Services for pain relief and relaxation. Jan
By: austin99
Ki Massage Therapy
I received a gift certificate for a 30 min massage. I thought I would use it and get it done with. To my suprise It was a great experience. The staff is polite and professional with a large amount of experience. Now I am a regular customer. I gave gift certificates for massages last Christmas to my family. My mom was nervous at first, but the staff made her feel at home. She goes back every month or so. She said that it was a great gift
By: wfoster
The Foot & Ankle Center
The waiting area is very cozy. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Waskin is very personable and has a great sense of humor. He is gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision about available services. The only reason this didn't get 5 stars was because the shot hurt! However, it really was 5 star service and in the end, the shot really worked. Thanks Foot & Ankle Center!!!
By: al.hendrick
Affordable Spa Services
I received an hour and half massage from Brandi and absolutely enjoyed the entire experience. Brandi sets the environment for relaxation and comfort. She is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have. She listens to your needs and designs the massage to fit your preference. I recommend this service to anyone. Al

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