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By: Jennifer J.
Mlf MD Knuckles PSC
I've went to Dr. knuckles once and I don't know if I would be back. The visit itself wasn't terrible it was the payment options that I had a problem with. My insurance doesn't have a copay instead they bill the insurance and I as the insurance holder pays what insurance doesn't cover. Their office wouldn't accept that and required that the total for the visit be paid for that day regardless of what my insurance said. When I went to pay I choose to write a check and once again I was denied simply because my check number wasn't high enough not that I didn't have the money my debit card ran no problem. Apparently they have a policy that you can't pay with a check unless your check number is above a certain number. When the office finally sent my claim thru to the insurance I ended up with over 1/2 of the bill reimbursed to me with a check from the doctors office. In the end I received my money back but it was such a hassle that I don't know if I would ever go to that office again.
By: Brondalyn R.
Kentucky Dermatology & Skin Cancer Clinic
Great doctors. My husband has been numerous times and has had nothing but the best of care. They are always kind and helpful. He has had several cancerous spots removed and they have always done a wonderful job. I would recommend to anyone. I recommended them to my mother when she needed care and she has also been a patient for sometime now.
Tips & Advices
Cosmetic dermatology is a specialization of the field, which focuses on a person's appearance.
See a dermatologist if you have recurring problems with your skin, hair, nails or mucous membranes, or for any concerns about cosmetic appearance. Medicare patients will likely pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount if the health care provider covers dermatology for a medical skin condition.
Dermatology tends to be covered by insurance if it is deemed a "medical necessity." The amount of coverage and cost depends on the specific health plan.
There is such a thing as a pediatric dermatologist--medical professionals who treat children from birth through adolescence - usually for skin conditions most common in younger patients. Regular dermatologists can also work with children of various ages.
Dermatologists can perform biopsies, dermabrasion, hair removal, laser surgery, cosmetic injections (like Botox), Mohs surgery for skin cancer, skin grafts, vein therapy, and chemical peels, to name a few.

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