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By: Dane B.
This place is the real deal! After trying half a dozen vapor stores in this area and beyond, I think I have finally found my go-to shop. First of all, the way the store is setup and decorated is beautifully and professionally done, unlike many of the little startups that have popped up around town recently. The e juice sampling displays are the most modern, elegant, and we'll organized I've seen at any vapor shop. The same can be said for the display cases for the e cig parts and accessories.Esthetics are all well and good, but what about the product? I can safely say that this is the only shop I've been to where a majority of the e juice flavors are right on the money. The Strawberry Shake tastes EXACTLY like a strawberry shake. The Caramel Latte tastes EXACTLY like a creamy sweet latte. The Sweettart tastes EXACTLY like the Sweet Tart candies. "The snozberries taste like snozberries!" (Willy Wonka) I'm really surprised how sweet many of the flavors were, more so than any other e juices I've tried. This is the first time where I didn't find myself looking for a flavor that I liked, but instead trying to decide which of the 5 that I liked were going to come home with me! I ended up going with Snake Bite and Coffee at Sunset, and the owner mixed them right in front of me!Speaking of the owner, talk about customer service! He was very attentive and kind, and he happily answered any questions that I had. He's so thorough that he can even tell you what mix of flavors are in each e juice by referring to a list that he keeps. I've NEVER met an owner or a store clerk who cared enough to share details like that. You must give this place a try. The prices are competitive, and in some cases, much lower than other shops. You won't regret it!
By: Robert G.
The best store and the best vapors in Richardson. It's a beautifully finished store with a movie theme. They also have the best pricing I've seen in the area for starter kits and mods. Exception pricing and great vapes too.

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