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By: aj.frausto
Love Thyself Day Spa
Love Thyself Spa is a great place to help you clear out the “things” holding you back. The Detox program (Colonic) is a phenomenal program at this Spa. The Therapist (Lisa) is so helpful. She explains everything about each program, especially the colonic. I know how scary that “process” seems and I greatly appreciate the introduction seminar she gave. It was very informative especially on how her colonic program works and what others detox programs are available in the DFW metroplex, I went home and started to do my own research. After all the research done I understanding that her process is more naturalistic and is really much easier on your body. There are no vacuums, no weird machines you have to learn, there is no hospital coldness, and there is no smell! Believe me I had reservations but her seminar and my research really confirmed that this process is not at all horrid! I felt that I was more willing to do the colonic. So I set up the appointment. All that she had spoken about she did. The process was easy, she walked me through each step and the care and guidance was really fantastic. I’ve known many nurses and her bedside manner is GREAT! Everything was hospital clean and very private. You are very well guided so that you can relax and focus on really detoxifying. I really recommend her Spa if you are serious about getting a colonic. I went three times and I’ll tell you I have never felt so great in my life. I really feel like I can move forward with my health. Thank you, Lisa! This is my new place to rejuvenate! If possible always ALWAYS ask for Lisa. She does wonders!
By: alphillips
Love Thyself Day Spa
A DECADE OF CUSTOMER LOYALTYI have been a loyal customer at LTDS since 2003 and I go to ONLY Lisa for my massages, skin peels and facials, as well as colonics, regularly. She has always been kind, professional, expert in her services, and I’ve watched her go out of her way in serving myself and others. Over the years I’ve referred many of my friends & family. When one of those friends was in the process of moving out of state, Lisa volunteered to assist her in finding another colonic place that she could trust. Being the very caring & committed person that she is to her clients, Lisa took time out of her busy schedule to actually research, make the calls and consult with other colon therapists about the quality of their work, the environment, method used, location, cost, etc. She then compiled this info in writing giving pros & cons of each place just to make the decision process much easier. My dear friend and I were so impressed and grateful for her assistance. We could not have done a better job because as a professional, she knew better how to choose a colon therapist than us. With 10 years of knowing her, trust me, this is the level of care she gives to everyone; so I highly recommend Lisa with all of her wealth of knowledge, experience & care.
By: addisonyolki
Love Thyself Day Spa
Love Thyself Day Spa is by far THE very best place in which to receive colon therapy in DFW. Lisa is highly trained in multiple areas, has more experience than most, is extremely caring, obsessively clean, gentle and helps you to feel comfortable in her work, professional, makes herself available at anytime, including crazy odd times just to meet your scheduling needs, very passionate and knows how to get you the results. You just have to be patient, participate in your care, show up on time, follow the rules, and trust her. I've had numerous colonics from multiple sources and none of those other places have given me the type all around holistic care that this spa has given, nor take the kind of time with me like she has to help me, even at her own expense sometimes. I've taken a variety of wellness classes there, including delicious vegan & raw vegan food prep classes with talented Spa Chef Leshay, and with their help I've also gotten into juicing, green smoothies, smoothies, top notch herbal formulas, other types of body cleansing that they specialize in, along with other spa services - experts at massage, too! There's just no comparison.
By: rcandyrich
Love Thyself Day Spa
THANK YOU!!! Lisa, Leshay and other staff have made such a difference in my health and this, to me, is priceless!!! I've been a customer now for 8 years. This is a spa that truly cares about your health & wellbeing, much more than a "pamper" type spa, though they provide this, too. More importantly, over the years, with their holistic wellness services, educational classes & personal assistance, I've been able to avoid surgery and heal my body from numerous health issues. They have practically walked with me hand in hand to help me live an entirely new lifestyle. They've always been there when I needed them, very professional, always kind & caring, as if they are family. Of course, there are rules to follow and if we do our part as customers, don't sweat the small stuff, we will find an enormously high level of assistance and care. I totally recommend this spa.
By: fdsgf546
Love Thyself Day Spa
This is a spa for those who are serious about their health, as is evident when you first arrive and notice their holistic retail products, wellnes books, etc. At my first visit I had a fantastic massage & manicure, but the care I received went far beyond this. I found that the staff was very knowledgeable, giving me wellness tips and inspiration. Since then I've been there several times for the numerous types of detoxification services, nutritional guidance and have learned a whole lot from their spa chef as I attended raw & vegan food prep classes. It has all made an amazing, positive impact on both the quality of my health and life - priceless!
By: pacellaa59
Love Thyself Day Spa
My co-worker and I went after work to have the Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath at this very beautiful & relaxing spa. The two ladies helping us were very knowledgeable and informative about this treatment and gave us many more valuable tips on how we can further cleanse our bodies and be healthy. They served us delicious, fresh coconut water and did extra massage on our feet after the bath. We really appreciated their going out of their way in caring so much, plus, their patience & kindness since we were 45 mins late getting there thru the rain & traffic. Unlike some places would have done, they did not make us reschedule.
By: car456586
Love Thyself Day Spa
Unlike any other spa that I know of, this spa has been very flexible and accommodating to my schedule. I so appreciate that I can schedule an early bird 6 or 7 a.m. appt, even on a Sunday! On one occasion, my husband and I did not have a babysitter but we wanted to spend time together in a couples massage. The spa allowed us to bring our 5 year old daughter who, at the same time, was able to receive a massage and manicure. She relaxed so well that her manicure had to be done in her sleep and we had to wake her up, pry her off the table after our very awesome couples massage! This is the most ideal day spa for our family.
By: kaylaa406
Love Thyself Day Spa
I like this spa because no matter which staff you work with, you can feel that they care, they're very knowledgeable and want you to be healthy. You get personal, individual attention to your wellness needs, and they follow up with you, work hands on with you to show you how to make changes. I originally came in for just a spa treatment at first but at every visit I learn something new and am inspired by all the healthy lifestyle tips I've gained. I have attended some of their classes. My health is improving right before my eyes as I incorporate these tips into my life, thanks to the staff at Love Thyself Day Spa.
By: alishaa146
Love Thyself Day Spa
Thank you Love Thyself for the beautiful brow wax and facial sugaring the other day - a very professional job. I called at the end of the day before to get an appt and, to my pleasant surprise, I was able to get an appt for 6:00 a.m. the very next morning (Sunday). Yes, that early - who does that - no other spa! This was important to me because I am a college student and needed the entire Sunday to study, yet the hair on my face was driving me up the wall, but this scheduling allowed me to get in and out. Thank you for the convenience, immediate attention, professionalism and great job!
By: elisabethlastnameh
Love Thyself Day Spa
During my pregnancy massage, all of my trouble areas were focused upon, as pain, soreness and tension were relieved with just the right touch.  I loved the warm towels & exfoliation on my feet.  I was treated with special care in this customized treatment. My therapist, who is also an esthetician, spent extra time with me by doing a complimentary mini facial simply because I had a huge, embarrassing zit that she saw was really bothering me. Afterwards, I could see & feel an immediate improvement.  What a perfect pregnancy "all-in-one" massage!

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