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By: Hunter N.
Bangkok At Beltline
Richardson resident and if your one too you know there is Asian everywhere. Which can be disappointing considering you have to leave the city in some cases to find good Thai food. But, stumbled across this new place because it's right near the house. Near Alamo draft house if you know where that is. Anyway, this place hands down best Thai in dfw. I'm not kidding. And no I'm not one of these foodie people who think they know what they are talking about and say "oh this is the best :)" I definitely know what I'm talking about and it is the best. From service which is so top notch. They have these sweet Thai people who serve like you would see at sandals resorts or something. The style of plates and amount of different China they use with real goal decor on every plate and flaming dishes is unreal. They keep their steward busy. Hands down affordable and best overall Asian in Richardson. I've tried them all. Also they have half off apps before 7 and cheap drinks.
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By: dfwdean
Good Union Urban BBQ
If you area BBQ snob, skip this place.If you like Texas BBQ, skip this place.If you like BBQ, skip this place.If you like to hang out with work colleagues, after work, or live in the area and need to bring the kiddos to a nice clean environment, and you this BBQ is just food to eat, this may be for you.I ordered the half chicken: got a pile of dry somewhat smokey shredded white meat in a pile on a tray with a drizzle of sauce on it. Meh!I also tried the Brisket taco, Ribs taco and the pulled pork taco (going for all the meats): at $4.26-$5 each, the meat was bone dry, the flour tortilla was average, and the toppings for each were fresh. Meats had a smokey tinge to them.I think I'll pass on this place in the future. No my idea of good 'Que.
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By: Dale C.
Oriental Express
First, to manage some expectations: Oriental Express is not fancy. Get past that and you'll enjoy some of the best Chinese food in the Dallas area. I'm not sure why YP says they've been in business since 2011, because I've been eating there since 1988, and it wasn't new when I discovered it. It's family owned, and I still recognize most of the family members who work there. Prices are extremely reasonable because they cater to the local business lunch crowd. I eat at much "nicer" places, but I never enjoy the food as much as I do at Oriental Express. Try the broccoli beef, the cashew chicken, and don't miss their egg rolls—second best I've ever had!
By: hiddenshopper
Mezza Cafe
First time in, decor warm hues of orange, reminds me of sunsets. I love Mediterranean foods so they recently opened and wanted to give them a try. I asked what was popular for lunch and one of the items mentioned was the Mezza Chicken Shawarma - probably because I had never tried a Shawarma before. Simply out it they were friendly, fast and fresh! The chicken was delicious, I loved the sauce and spices! And the fries were hot and cooked jut right (just a light crunch) with a light dusting of spices (I need to try that at home). Will I go back? Sure thing. See you there.
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By: dfwdean
Canton Chinese Restaurant
Meh!Huge menu of all.American favorites: ordered the sour cabbage with beef and a bowl of pork/dumpling soup.The cabbage/beef was boring: sweet note, muddy flavor, got bored eating it after the first plate.Soup was a little better: boring broth with good pork and dumplings.There are better offerings in this same strip mall.
By: utdcomet
Tasty Egg Rolls II
I am a frequent customer of Tasty Eggroll II as it is near my work place. This place is excellent with nice staff, good quality food and reasonable price. What is especial for UTD students is that it offers a discount if you show your student ID. I recommend it to everyone near it. It is a great place with tasty food.
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By: dfwdean
Golden Joy BBQ
Found this place while checking out another place in the 'hood: I was also pleasantly surprised they served Dim Sum.I was starving so I just let them drop almost everything they had on the table: steamed pork buns, dumplings (pork, shark fin, Chiu Chow), baked pork pie, And egg custards for dessert.Nap time.
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By: dfwdean
The Dinner Table
Ordered the cheese burger: it was good, served on a whole wheat bun and crispy think fries.The waitstaff are somewhat attentive yet aloof: must be a cultural thing. Same staff and owners of the previous Mediterranean restaurant that was here, so everything is efficient and stand-off-ish LOL
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By: Zoë L.
Fruteria Cano
This is my first time in a fruiteria cano but now I'll be looking out for them! Very friendly and amazing fresh ingredients. The menu is in Spanish (mi espanol is muy pequito) but they have large pictures and helpful bilingual staff :-) I strongly urge you give them a try
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By: Steven H.
The Dinner Table
Amazing quality and reasonable prices. Diverse menu with many comfort and gourmet dishes. I'm from out of town and found it delightful

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