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By: Kelly J.
Jeff's Auto Repair
Words simply can't do my nightmare of an experience at Jeff's justice. Took my 17 yr old vehicle to Jeff's for head to toe repair prior to moving. I am the original owner, the vehicle lives in our garage, and is kept in PRISTINE condition. Prior to going to Jeff's the vehicle spent a week at an auto body shop getting small chips repaired. I booked my appt. at Jeff's two weeks prior to dropping vehicle off at Jeff's. My previous estimates for several thousands of dollars of work were saved in their computer, and despite Kevin (manager) repeatedly stating, "We'll prioritize," I made it clear I needed all work on all estimates accomplished, in addition to repairs such as air conditioner, and anything that was further recommended. I was quoted 2-3 days for the job. Drop off took over 15 minutes, despite me arriving at 7:30 AM, and being the only person to check in. I prepaid almost half of the highest quote and okayed all recommended services. I was updated later that day. I was told the oil leak on the estimate was located in a totally different part of the vehicle other than what I was previously told, and the vehicle wouldn't be ready until four days out instead of two to three days. This was an issue because I had another appointment for the vehicle prior to my move. On the morning of the fourth day I was told they were having issues locating parts and the vehicle wouldn't be ready until the afternoon of the fifth day. Upon picking up the vehicle, some discounts were applied and I was told to "send estimates for damages." I paid Jeff’s nearly $9,000, the air conditioner was NOT fixed, the vehicle took FIVE days instead of the original quoted two to three days, was returned with three major scratches and a large dent, a huge eight to nine inch. crack in dashboard from where they "dropped it," huge crack and chips inside glove box, and the interior was covered in black grease clumps and fingerprints plus carpets were covered in black oil and grease (NO foot carpet protection used).The vehicle is 17 years old, and I may NEVER restore it to original condition, after taking pristine care of it for 17 years, Jeff's managed to RUIN it in a few days. "Kevin," the manager suggest I "glue a carpet to the dashboard." I immediately took nearly 50 pictures of interior and exterior damages and contacted the auto body shop to verify the three scratches and large dent were NOT on the vehicle the previous week. The vehicle was detailed the next day for nearly $400 due to the intense deep cleaning needed to remove all oil and grease from carpets, etc. The vehicle is in the process of being shipped to me overseas, but I will likely NEVER restore it to original condition due to the challenges of obtaining original parts for a 17 year old vehicle. Unprofessional and disrespectful are an understatement for Jeff's Auto Repair in Renton. We used them in the past (two years ago), and were very happy with their service and professionalism. Never again.
By: Gregory L.
Beetlesmith's Valley Auto Service
Did the work in a reasonable amount of time. Be aware they charge 110% mark up on parts which is ridiculous. Called them about it and they told me the price they get the part for was $70 each and charged $150 each and that it was normal for a shop to charge that much mark up. And yes i believe a lot of these 5 star reviews are fake. Not going here again
By: J C.
Mathewson's Automotive
we at Mathewsons automotive do not sell used tires, this is not a listing we posted.,
By: Tony M.
Roy Brown's Auto Service
Don't take you vehicle here and expect good service! My vehicle would quit running after a short while whether going down the road or sitting in the driveway. I took the vehicle to Roy Brown Auto at the intersection of NE 4th St and Monroe Ave. NE. Big Mistake The old woman at the counter is forgetful and the mechanic doesn't seem to know what he's doing.They told me what they thought was wrong and said I needed a few parts and the work would cost almost $700. It cost me over $120 just to have them look at the vehicle. I came home an replaced the parts they said were bad. It took half an hour to replace the parts. The vehicle still stops running just like it did before I took it to the shop. I called the shop to see if they would take another look at the vehicle. They said they would look at the vehicle again. They put me off for a week then said I could bring the vehicle on Friday. They had the vehicle all day Friday, I asked the old lady at the front desk if they would leave my vehicle outside so I could pick it up after hours, she said fine no problem. When I got to the shop, my vehicle was still in the shop. My guess is they didn't like my disagreeing with them on the truck so they thought they wuld teach me a lesson by leaving me without a vehicle all weekend long! There was no emergency number to call, they left me up a creek with out a paddle!Don't take your vehicle to Roy Brown Auto, They are very inept and FORGETFUL.
By: Erika K.
Service King
Worst experience ever! ZERO STARS! We were in a fender bender and the back of our car was slightly dented. Because this was the place our insurance told us to bring the car, we did. The car was still perfect mechanically and just had a couple "dents". Due to our car being more than 10 years old, the cost of repairing (WAY OVERPRICED) was deemed too close to the value of the car & we chose to take a settlement & have the car returned to us (since it was perfectly fine aside from the dent). The car was returned to our home ripped apart, they tore the Ford emblem off the car (looks like with a screw driver), both bumpers were taken off and shoved inside the car, they removed all lights & had the bulbs dangling unsecured, they had ripped apart the inside of the vehicle and left it in complete shambles. I understand checking the car for damages and giving an estimate, but vandalism?!?!? Being in an accident is pretty rotten, but entrusting your personal property to "professionals" and having this happen is worse. DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!! Complete scam artists!!!
By: nicole.courtney.5201
Jeff's Auto Repair
They were not honest and cheated us. We took our car in to have brake lights fix and they did fix them and charged quite a bit more than other auto shop quotes. We decided to go ahead and get the service because of the high reviews on yelp. Big Mistake. After we got home we noticed our blinkers did not work. We took the vehicle back to which they said they had to bend part of the blinker to fix the brake lights but did not check to see if they broke them. They will not pay to fix the blinker(that they broke) and want to charge us extra. I will not be returning to this shop again. Be cautious if you go here and make sure they do not damage your car while repairing the original problem. They also tried to upsale on things that were fine.
By: hrdugan
Precision Tune Auto Care
I went to get my timing belt replaced for around $500. They called me an hour later telling me my car was leaking oil and a large list of parts needed to be replaced. My car was in working order and I was only doing preventative maintenance so this was shocking. I am a younger female and believe he was trying to scare me into doing $1000 worth of repairs. I didn't fall for the trap and eventually several conversations later he said it wasn't all necessary work. This place is NOT trustworthy and they are scum for trying to take advantage of me. Bad business!
By: copelanjenn
Jeff's Auto Repair
Great job team. Thanks. I'll be back.
By: chrisking
Jeff's Auto Repair
Jeff's auto is a place where I trust the mechanics - they have been good to me for 10 years, and I'll continue to use them.
By: michaelday
Jeff's Auto Repair
Very friendly and helpful people. I would have rated 5 stars but I had to drive all the way back to get my on board service data reset it still said "service needed"
Tips & Advices
Among the common scams pulled are needless repairs, where a garage charges you for work that isn't necessary. Another popular one is attracting customers through a cheap oil change or tire pressure check. Then, when you your car is being repaired, they give you a long list of other corrections they'd like to make, therefore boosting the total cost of your bill. The best way to combat these types of problems is getting a written estimate before work is done so you can see how much repairs are expected to cost. If the final bill is higher than the estimate projected, ask to specifically see the work. Make sure information is put in writing as well. If a problem remains, you can have proof that work was not done to your satisfaction.
For winter driving, features such as the defroster, heater and exhaust system are paramount. Look in your owner's manual for specific directions on how features should be checked and repaired. Many newer cars have a cabin air filter that can be replaced when needed, allowing warm air to continue to flow in. Also, check tires before winter driving, as they need to be at the proper pressure to perform well on snow and ice.
In the spring and summer, you want to be sure your air conditioner and cooling systems work correctly. Given the high temperatures, overheating is a common problem. Look over the system by ensuring there is enough coolant available. If it needs to be refilled, it is best to open the hood and add more to the car before it gets too warm out. Also, clean out fan ducts and other ventilation sources necessary for summertime driving.
Some fixes to your car can be done without paying a specialist. Issues like replacing oil and air filters are relatively simple, with instructions provided in the owner's manual on how to make these changes. The same goes for replacing broken windshield wipers or burnt-out headlights. Such issues should be repaired quickly to guarantee safety, but don't require a visit to a garage.
Yes. Not every type of auto repair work needs to be done by a certified mechanic. You can fix some of a vehicle's issues just by paying attention to how the automobile is running and having a basic understanding of auto repair. Look over the ways weather may impact your car and what preventative measures you can take to avoid having to take it into the shop.

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