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By: queryall
Thai Corner Cafe
In short Thai Corner Café is at the top of my short list of Thai restaurants in Reno.Thai food is my passion. For over a year I have been trying to find an opportunity to sit down and have a meal here. I am now regretting that I did not make Thai Corner Café a higher priority. My only excuse for not eating here sooner is the problem with parking downtown.I loathe having to pay for parking and walking half a mile between my parking spot and my seat at the table. This last Friday evening, I got off work and headed downtown just after 5pm. Parking was not an issue just steps away from the front door of the restaurant. I walked into a nearly empty space. Just two people were sitting at the sushi bar. Usually not a good sign for a Friday evening. Yes it was earlier than the time that most people begin to think about eating diner, but there should be a few more people in a good restaurant at a little past 5pm.The hostess quickly greeted me and asked me if I wanted to sit at a booth or table. I normally like booths for their large comfortable seats. As The Thai Corner Café serves sushi bar it is divided into two sides, one for sushi and the other for traditional Thai food. But the booths on the Thai side were small two people affairs, not what I would consider one where you can spread out sideways and be really comfortable. I asked for a larger booth and since the place was empty, I was shown to the sushi side where there were what I would call regular sized booths. In fact there was a huge corner booth large enough to sit 6 people and 8 in a pinch.Once seated, I realized the my waitress bowed ever so slightly after she took my drink order. I was stunned as this this traditional custom of far east hospitality. I have not once been offered this level of service at a Reno establishment even at some supposed 5 diamond restaurants in town. This was a good sign for the remainder of the meal. Even after serving my drink the waitress again provided respect with an ever so slight bow. After every encounter the waitress honored me with a bow. Now since its easy for a server to give a patron top level service with only one real table to provide for, I will have to go back when they have a packed house. If I receive the same level of service, drinks refilled before they ever got to the bottom of the glass, coming back to the table more than 8 times during the meal, I will be stunned. I have the idea that service may continue to live up to expectations. I promise to update this review after a few more times eating there.My guest and I ordered two entrees, Massamun Curry with chicken, and Pra Ram Long Srong with pork. Both were excellent. While the Massamun Curry was near perfect, the coconut milk was weaker than absolute perfection. The Pra Ram Long Srong peanut sauce was perfection. It is very difficult to prepare a thick peanut sauce that is not cloyingly thick which makes me think the cook simply added peanut butter. Not so with Thai Corner Café as I suspect they freshly grind/puree dry roasted peanuts for the recipe. Over the last few years there has been considerable turnover in the Thai restaurants in the Northern Nevada / Reno. Changes in ownership have changed menus and cooking styles. New Thai restaurants have popped up, making Thai food one of the most popular cuisines in Reno. Thai Corner Café is one of the new kids on the block and promises to be around for a long time.
By: J S.
Stone Housecafe The
While on a rare visit to Reno, we found this delightful restaurant. Originally, we chose the Stone House Café because they were advertised as having a ‘dog friendly’ patio. We made reservations for lunch for three, plus our two dogs. We were greeted by a friendly hostess, and seated promptly at a nice patio table protected by a large umbrella, shading our table. The food was good, prepared very well and presented nicely. The friendly wait-staff even brought a dog cookie for each of our dogs. We never felt as if the dogs were an imposition to the staff, and felt the dogs were as welcome as we were. Even though we were there for lunch, we had a chance to look over the breakfast menu. It looked as good as the lunch menu, and in fact we were so impressed by it, we returned the following morning for breakfast before we left town. The crab omelet was fantastic, and the food was all prepared exceptionally.This is a fantastic alternative to chain restaurants and mass produced casino food. On our next visit to Reno, we will be back to enjoy the great atmosphere and food.
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By: 362darcymcmillin
Evolution Tattoo
After being disappointed at Ace s, (that s another review), we wound up with Mickey at Evolution and could NOT be happier. He created an absolute piece of art on my memorial tat of my son on his KTM 550 motorcycle from a photo taken just moments before he crashed. Where the other guy didn t want to tackle the details of the bike in areas of the photo that were dark and hard to see ... Micky didn t hesitate to look the model up on the computer so he could fill in the missing componants ... and WOW did he ever. The shading is absolutely top quality work and the DETAIL on the bike, and all the folds and shadows and reflective surfaces -- just brought the picture - and my son- to life. Wonderful. -- Oh... this isn t about Ace s ... but they didn t even have a COPIER and sent me up the street to enlarge the pic!! THey suck... Evolution is clean, bright, friendly (everyone there was SO helpful and nice) and we will be back.
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By: Yuan Y.
Asian Noodles
It is more of a Vietnamese restaurant than an "Asian" restaurant. The noodles are good. However, the service was not really satisfactory. As Chinese, we understand that it was the Lunar New Year, but we don't think it was a legitimate reason to clean up our table and hasten us to leave while our kid was still eating. Not to mention that there were other people still dining. A better way could be to simply inform us that they were about to close in ** minutes. Besides, the Thai tea they served us was only 70% full. The young waitress with a Taiwanese accent was very nice though. She told us not to hurry when the owner and other waiters were trying to hasten us. We've been to many Chinese restaurants around. It is a huge shame that some of them don't really place great importance on services, and some of them tend not to provide good quality services for Chinese customers.
By: nicolove
Conscious Cuisine
I stopped in there and was really excited about this place and was kinda bummed when i read the menu. It's not too vegan vegetarian friendly, sure they can substite the chicken for tofu, but there was nothing original on the menu like i was hoping for. They offer an americanized thai food and marinara noodles menu?? I would rather just go to a thai restaurant to get this stuff. I tried a veggie burger, and was seemed like it was deepfried, on a dutch crunch bun with no flavor, a watery tomatoe and a slab of lettuce. no pickles, no special sauce, I had to take it home, blot off the oil, and doctor it up to try and eat it. Dissapointed.
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By: Stephen C.
Chinese Village
About Chinese Village RestaurantChinese Village Restaurant at the Galena junction shopping center in south Reno , for 14 yeas.We are open from 11 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, and from 4:30-9 p.m. Sunday for dinner only. Daily delivery is available in the 89511 and 89521 zip codes. The restaurant also offers gift cards. Phone: 775-853-1998. Deliveries on $30 and up orders. Monday through Saturday.We absolutely no MSG and very little oil the preparation of our food. We all want to live longer, healthier lives, and my style of cooking reflects that.
By: Jon S.
Stone Housecafe The
We ate there for our casual wedding reception. Ambience is amazing, food is great and so is service. HOWEVER the owner is a woman who doubles as a greeter and she is EXCEPTIONALLY RUDE. We sat at the bar and asked to have our cocktails added to the tab, she walked up to the bartender right in front of us and bad-mouthed us to her (she didn't see us there) saying "What are they stupid?! I told them they had to pay for those drinks separately!") We almost left. The rest of the staff was amazing though
By: lisacs
101 Taiwanese
Tried this place after an appointment in the neighborhood. So good! I really wanted to try a Taiwanese dish, but a photo on the Zomato app looked too good to pass up; it was of the kung pao tofu. Lots of fresh veggies and fresh water chestnuts. Other veggies included large chunks of zucchini, red and green bell peppers, onions and so much more. I really enjoyed the food.
By: hondaguy305
Pegs Glorified Ham N Eggs
This place is awesome!!! What a value!!! The food is better than I have had in any Casino breakfast restaurant anywhere in Reno and the waitresses are incredibly friendly. My favorite is Holly. If you really like a great breakfast, you have to try this place. This is my new favorite breakfast place in Nevada!
By: Stephen R.
Stone Housecafe The
One of best dining experiences in Reno and that is saying a lot. We love stone houses generally. This one comes with well prepared food and a large menu. Staff is friendly. If you can, eat outside in warm weather. Trees and bushes surround you and transport you to another spot.

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