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By: Brenda C.
CVS Pharmacy
My hubby has been on hold for @ least 30minutes as I`m typing this. Waiting in line @ least half hr or more.
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By: Janet C.
CVS Pharmacy
This store is dirty and run down a lot of empty shelves thought this place was going out of business the shelves were so empty .
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By: Jackie S.
Walmart - Pharmacy
Had to get some migraine Medicine and the staff was very helpful! Very clean and big . I will come back here again.
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By: monkey3369
ok, I just recently decided to move my prescriptions from walmart to the N. Virginia walgreens. I filled out a form a week ago approving walmart to send over any prescriptions to walgreens. I called yesterday to get two of them filled. It took nearly 3 hours to fill one of them. I called walgreens repeatedly to see what was going on. I was told that walmart's fax machine was down so they could not fax over the information. I asked them why they were just getting to this now and not last week? She only repeated the the fax was down. She did not answer anything else. Then, when they finally filled the one script, I was not informed it was done. I had to call them back again to see if it was filled. I was placed on hold for over 15 minutes. I finally went down there. I stood in line for nearly 20 minutes. The only person filling scripts and making them up was the Pharmacist himself. He was running 2 registers and the drive up window himself. When he finally helped me, he told me that after 10pm his assistant leaves for the night. And it was only him. He said walgreens has had him working alone for the past 11 months. And he recommends that either I get my script in the day, which I can't since I'm a day sleeper/night worker, or I just have to get used to waiting long periods in line. REALLY?? Sounds like a major safety issue waiting to happen. I can see a potential for a drug mix up. I can't believe I left walmart for this chaos!! I think I may need to report this to someone. Not sure who though.
By: mollymiller951
CVS Pharmacy
The only reason why I picked one star is because it says "Hated it!" ... really this is a no star store. I don't know what it is with the staff or the management that has gotten so out of control at this location but AVOID THIS CVS AT ALL COSTS even though the reviews at other Reno CVS locations do not seem that much better. My nine year old daughter had a lemon-aid stand. It took her three hours in the hot sun to earn $10 (not bad considering the tiny little street we live on). So what does a nine year old girl want with her new found wealth? Candy bars. So while on errands with the family she decides that she is going to purchase 3 candy bars at the advertised price of $0.25 each... for a grand total of $0.75. When she reached the checkout the cashier attempted to charge her $2.50 per candy bar and absolutely REFUSED to walk around the counter to read the advertised price and adjust the error. After becoming impatient and rude with my NINE YEAR OLD CHILD she flat out refused to reduce the scanned item to match the signage. My husband then stepped in and would not allow the cashier to bully my daughter out of $6.75 (for CANDY! Despite an advertised sale. That is how insane these people are.)When they came home my daughter told me the story. I have worked in retail. I know what good customer service is. And I know when it sucks. Thinking this must be a mistake I called the manager.... only to hear the same story. Manager: Well, you would have needed to use your Extra Care Card.Me: Uhm... we have an Extra Care Card.Manager: Well, maybe you have already used your candy coupon…(wait… WHAT??? Already used a candy coupon? Since when do you advertise a sale price and then decide that you are going to so hedge your sale that it is just flat out false advertising?? The lack of logic in the manager’s statement literally was unfathomable. I got a headache just trying to make that statement make any sort of sense whatsoever. )Me: Ok, well.. she’s nine. She isn’t going to read a sale tag and attempt to calculate whether or not the stars have aligned just perfectly for the cashier to honor your company’s in store signage. She is going to trust that the adults are going to be honest in their business practices.At that point the manager offered to sell my daughter the candy bars at the advertised price. (She had been apologetic, but with loads of excuses for the cashier’s rude behavior. It was as if she were saying “I’m sorry your child is so stupid as to think that what we advertise things at is what we are going to sell them for. She really should have read all the fine print before bothering our poor put upon cashier with her attempted purchase.”) At this point I was so flabbergasted with how high up the food chain the lack of service (and basic mathematics skills) actually went in this store I was finished trying to resolve this issue. There was no way I was going to spend the gas on my daughter’s Saturday to take her back into the lion’s den. I informed the manager that this would definitely become a store review and I ended the call. Be careful when making purchases here. If you are ever going through the register and you think to yourself “Hmm… that doesn’t seem right.” stop the entire process and double check. Don’t be intimidated by the cashier’s rolling her eyes or calling for register backup in a rather irritated voice. Making you feel that you are the one being rude is how these people bully you through check out and out the door without questioning their advertising practices. It’s a scam. And if they will pull it on a nine year old child, they will pull it on an eighty-five year old on a fixed income. There is no honor here. These people have no code. We will not be back.
By: myratting
CVS Pharmacy
I will never fill a prescription here again. The employes at this pharmacy are not professional at all and should be fired. I did put in a prescription and was told it will be ready in 30 minutes and latter found out they did not have it in stock. The larger woman would not get out of her chair to help me. Really?I would recommend all customers to stay away from this pharmacy at all costs. The main pharmacy guy sat there and laughed when I asked if I could get my med s refilled in the next 15 minutes as I had another doctor appointment. There was 1 person that walked out in front of me. POOR SERVICE!

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