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By: judy.peck.161
Used Computer Warehouse
As for the negative reviews.... even brain surgeons have bad days! We have been buying desk top and laptop computers from these guys for over 5 years... and are heading back again this week end ... we've had a house fire and lost everything.. need replacements... kids needed 'em for studies... we've needed 'em for travel... always fast service, super reasonable prices... never over sell or push what you do not need. They may not have gracious social skills or win personality contests. They may be having an off day like we all do on occasion... give them a break... they are what they are ... computer geeks... that is what they do. and that is what you want from them... They are not perfect.. only Jesus was... and the rest of us can only aspire to follow in Christs shoes.... however these gents at UCW are honest... fast... dependable and know computers!!!!!!!!!! Do not be scared off. They will provide you with what you want and need... and not stiff you! We have purchased 6 computers... and still keep coming back!!!
By: anonymoose4567
I recently sent my Inspiron N7010 laptop to Get Cash for Laptop after receiving a quote online of $80 (it had a broken screen and a key missing on the keyboard). I was a bit leery about sending my laptop out because I was half expecting to receive a lower quote than the original and being forced to accept it or pay shipping charges to get the laptop shipped back to me (this apparently happens very, very often with another company that purchases broken laptops, cashforlaptops.com) (just look at all the bad reviews at http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=31444). Also try looking up the BBB page for cashforlaptops.com. It has a horrible record. For a little while, I actually confused getcashforlaptops.com with cashforlaptops.com. Long story short, I got my quoted $80 for my laptop. I probably would have gotten $20 with the other site. Do not confuse the two. The scam is cashforlaptops.com. Getcashforlaptops.com is legitimate.
By: travis_johnson86
Fantastic! This company is FAST, EASY, and FAIR. I had absolutely no out of pocket costs. They shipped me the box with packing material and and return label ready to stick. It took me 2 minutes to put the laptop in the box and seal it. Shipped it off and received the exact amount I was quoted in my paypal account on the same day that they received the laptop. The price given was fair and the whole process was easy to understand and use. The customer service department was also very helpful and easy to access. Highly recommend!
By: huali.yu
It's the best website I have used for selling my computer, my computer is in a poor condition, but they receive computer in any condition, that's cool. Besides, the entire process is hassle free, they will prepare you everything, including shipping box. The fedex shipping is very fast and I get my quoted money in the same day as they received my computer. More importantly, the quote price in this website is highlest among other website I have searched for. I strongly recommended people sell their old/ broken computer back to here.
By: jordany.
Great service whom of which i will be selling all my used laptops to directly. I have to admitted that i did email their customer support once my laptop had arrived to them, because naturally i was watching the Fedex tracking number like a hawk. I received a email stating i was issued my payment. Overall great company whom really offer the best price as i looked into countless other companies offering me as little a 50% of what GCFP gave me.-Jordan Y.
By: beccaac
The company quoted me $55 for my laptop that would not power on. They sent me a box with all needed packing material and a prepaid shipping label for me to send my laptop to them with. Within a few days of them receiving it I got a $55 deposit into my paypal account. I didn't have to pay for shipping or any other fees. I recommend to anyone who has a laptop that is just taking up space and I will use again if I have the need.
By: greenharbour
I had a super awesome experience with GCFL. They bought my broken laptop for more than the other companies AND stuck with the online price quote. Everything was super quick, too. They sent me a FedEx box to ship my laptop to them, and once they received it, I got a deposit into my PayPal account in a matter of hours! Pleasantly surprised and I can't recommend this company enough!
By: harrisandrew2000
"legit and hassle free" is what they advertise and that is what they deliver. this website is the best way ive found to recycle old electronics i HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. they delivered on all of their guarantees including "NO Hidden Deductions " on the quote i received, and i received full payment in under 24 hours with paypal. I couldnt be happier
By: donlee1
I was a little leary to send my laptop to GCFL, at first, because i still wasn't sure if it was a legitimate company. But, after checking with BBB and contacting GCFL, I decided to go ahead and send it out to them to purchase. I received the amount that they quoted on my laptop and was very happy! I definitely recommend GCFL to everyone! THANK YOU, GCFL!! :O)
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By: rodeogal
The Computer Guy
I took my iPad Air 2 in for a cracked screen and my button broke during repair. (As a security feature H buttons can only be replaced by Apple) Tony and I learned a lot through this process but he made sure I left his store happy and with a full functioning iPad. They will be fair with you I do recommend them 100% for their honestly and skills.

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