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By: Jack M.
Roc Express-Urgent Care
There is both good and bad in this review. Due to character limit for reviews, I'll skip the good.On their website they call themselves an “urgent care for bones and joints”. They are not an Urgent Care – the statement on the website is grossly misleading. They are a walk-in clinic. You'll see this when you get the insurance bill. For us, billing like that proved to actually be more expensive.For simple bone fractures you will most likely see a physician assistant, not an orthopedic surgeon. You will be billed for a specialist visit even though you have never seen a specialist. During follow up visits, you will be bill for seeing a specialist even if you only see a nurse (or the janitor). You are being billed for visiting a practice owned by a specialist, not for seeing a specialist. This, in my opinion, is a deceptive practice and reflects the greed-filled medical industry that exists in this country.They don't always do things right. Again, character limit, sorry, can't explain
By: David S.
Sally Weare Edney Children's Health Center
The office does *seem* unprofessional until you take a closer look. I spent nearly ten years in medical administration in Seattle, WA. I know what I'm looking for in a health care professional, especially for my own children. This woman and her staff are incredibly busy taking care of folks no one else in the area will touch for myriad and unfair reasons. She is a saint. A very direct and to the point saint who won't waste your time with the fluff and niceties you pay for in "nicer" offices. I trust this woman far more with the welfare of my two children than any other higher cost Pediatrician they've seen to date. Don't judge the book by its cover. This woman and her staff are hidden gems in Reno.
By: maggieandfamily
Sally Weare Edney Children's Health Center
I am extremely grateful to have Sally watch for the healthcare of my children. She is professional and genuine. Nothing compares to the quality of care, attention and detail that she provides. I can always count on her when my children are sick and her genuine concern for the health of the children is amazing. I have been with her on and off for the last 12 years (depending on insurance I was on) and I have to say that she provides the quality of care that is much needed for my family. She is very loving, caring, patient and goes over and above for her patients and family members.
By: acefamily
Sally Weare Edney Children's Health Center
My child was a patient at Sally's office for about two years until I had enough of how unprofessional her office is. They would not keep me up to date with my childs vaccines, and nor did they update my childs medical records to say the vaccines were up to record. She just seemed unclean at times, her assistant did majority of the work, the receptionist's are both unclear and a little new to the whole thing. Very unhappy with everything!
By: russell.kiser.108
VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Man, has this service ever changed from a few years ago. It's great! I got everything done I needed to do in less than 2 hours, including intake, x-rays, ultra-sound, and meds.
By: libellecalifornia
Alpine Women's Health
Extremely friendly staff and highly professional doctors. Patient centered office, always caring and considerate.I would highly recommend this practice.
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By: Jackie S.
Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center
Great wonderful staff! They got me stable to be transfer to another hospital when I got sick. They kept my friends in the loop of what was going on.
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By: Britnie M.
Sally Weare Edney Children's Health Center
Sally took my kids when no one else wood. She helped us find other things too. I really appreciate her and her staff are very nice.
By: Esther R.
VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
This is a busy hospital but everyone on staff appears to take real concern in getting you the best care possible. Good job Reno!
By: js1313
Women's Health Specialists of Nevada
Delivered our Baby - we were new to town and did not know where to go - our experience was exceptional. Dr. Chun was the best!
Tips & Advices
Under most health insurance plans, urgent care visits will require a copay that is usually less expensive than emergency room visits, but more expensive than standard doctor visits - around $120 on average. Urgent care staff do not have much information regarding individual coverage, so be prepared and check with your insurance provider to understand costs.
It is common for urgent care physicians to recommend follow-up treatment after an initial visit. Most commonly, patients will be asked to return to the clinic or their primary care doctor if symptoms get worse or do not improve in a certain amount of time. Patients might be referred to a specialist for treatment of more complex conditions. Or patients may simply be given a few basic tips for recovering at home. In any case, patients should follow the doctor’s advice regarding next treatment steps.
If needed, urgent care doctors can prescribe medication to treat conditions. This may include antibiotics for an infection or pain medication for a broken bone. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for taking these medicines.
Be sure to explain your symptoms to physicians in as much detail as possible. Note when or where the symptoms first appeared if possible. Inform urgent care staff of any medical conditions you may have, all allergies, and all medications you are currently taking. Also be sure to bring proper forms of identification, and any health insurance cards/information to help process your visit.
You should be able to find a 24-hour urgent care clinic by searching online resources such as Be sure the location is included in your health plan network before visiting.

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