By: Kayleigh M.
Internet Auto
I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!No matter what problem or any questions I'm having they always fix it for me and go above and beyond to make me happy! When I first went in I was a first time buyer with barley any credit to start off with. They understood and worked really well with me and what I could afford. I told them how high I wanted to go on the price and told them exactly the car I wanted and test drove it a couple times to make sure I was 100% happy and wasn't going to regret it later down the road! WILLY IS MY FAVORITE!!!! He helped me soo much being a first time buyer with like no credit at all! Another thing I love about this place is being able to get my oil changes/ tires rotated for free for up to two years. Being a broke college kid at the time this really helped me out a lot!! Also trading in my clunker car that I was driving before helped the entire car price go down by $3000. Just recently went in with my boyfriend to get him a new car as well. (He is also a new time buyer and has no credit.) They brought the price down, brought the monthly payments down, let us trade in his car which completely broke down the week before, and also let us make payments on the down payment which was AMAZING OF THEM TO DO!!!This dealership is seriously my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new car that's a first time buyer or not!! They will work with you on everything and if your not comfortable with something then all you have to do is tell them and they will make it comfortable for you! Thank you Mike, Willy and Omar for making it safe and reliable for me and my boyfriend for being able to make it to work and home safely! :) By the way he will not stop telling me how much he LOVES his baby!!! (car)As his Girlfriend him being happy is me being happy and not having to take to him to work at 4 in the morning makes me a VERY happy girlfriend!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU GUYS HAVE DONE FOR US!!!
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By: agsensi
3 Way Of Nevada
SHORT SUMMARY FOR THOSE THAT DONT WANNA READ ALOT:Awesome dealership straight forward and nice. These guys know what they are doing! if you want more of my experience keep reading! AWESOME DEALER!!! i want to share my experience with these guys! First time we went in we told the guys what we were looking for in the price range we were looking at. The Manager Ken showed us what he had in that price range and was very straight forward as to what the issues were with the vehicle he showed us (Cheap cars dont come perfect expect a little work!) Anyways we left for the day....A few days later we had more time to come and look to see what new came in. To our suprise the lot was FULL and had many new items in our price range! We found the vehicle we were looking for so we asked to go for a drive after inspecting the engine (CLEAN AS HECK NO LEAKS) and the interior (ALSO CLEAN) . Ken handed us the keys and off we went without any one from the dealership with us so that we can discuss everything and test everything. This was great as we HATE dealers that come and make you take a short route and dont get to test it out! we discovered that it was a great truck.Next came the negotiation process. We came up with a price after talking for 3 mins. No redicilous 4 square bs that the other dealerships give you or runaround. We paid cash and walked out of there with a new truck within 45 mins! Ken the manager was amazingly nice and straightforward! The other guy (Didn't catch his name unfortunately ) was really nice too and helpful. The whole experience was amazing! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING THIS PLACE OUT. GREAT DEALS GREAT PEOPLE. BUY FROM THEM!!!
By: Kristen P.
Internet Auto
I went to this dealership about a week ago. My expectations were not very high after reading the reviews on the place however their selection of used cars was extensive so I thought I'd take a look. I was approached by a young salesman who after talking to him didn't know a whole lot about the cars or incentives however he introduced me to his sales manager zach. After meeting zach and talking to him briefly I immediately knew he was very educated on finance and knew alot about all the vehicles I was interested in. After settling on a car he told me he wouldn't waste my time and if he couldn't make me a deal I would feel 100% good about we'd shake hands and try again in the future. Zach came out with the numbers on the car and they were almost exactly what he thought they'd be. He explained everything in detail about the financing, pricing value trade in and payment options. Needless to say after this type of information I felt comfortable enough to move forward and buy the car and I'm so happy I did. The next day I had additional questions about my contract so I called in. When I asked for Zach he answered the phone and said charles, good morning if your unhappy tell me now cause I won't have you driving around in my cars unhappy. What a welcome way to greet someone that was apprehensive about buying in the first place. Highly recommend and I'll be back again for sure. Be sure to ask for Zach he is amazing and you'll be glad you did!
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By: Torry B.
Right Away Auto Credit
Found myself needing a car fast. I did not have a huge down payment at all, most places this would have been a problem but not here. There is really no haggle on the price, only downfall. They offer a warranty with their financing which seems pretty good. They promptly fixed the chips in the windshield the day I took the car home, Two days later they covered the battery the car needed for free even though it didn't come covered in the warranty. Automatic payments make it easy for me, I like the overall structure of the plans they have. They have plenty of cars to choose from on their lot though and I found something perfect for me that meets my needs. I have had the car 10 days and so far so good. Solid car, and I have piece of mind with the warranty. The only reason they did not get 5 stars from me is there is really no haggle room with pricing, a little high, and they are ruthless when you try. They have called me a few times to check up on me and see how the car is. customer service is good even after the sale which is amazing. Will update this as needed, as I have an ongoing relationship with them.
By: Anne P.
Internet Auto
I went to the dealership looking for an electric Focus which I ended up buying for a great deal, unfortunately, the vehicle wasn't what I really needed as I travel to my job over 200 miles. In Nevada there is no cooling off period for purchasing a vehicle, so I thought I was stuck for the time being. I reached out to the folks at the dealership, and they completely understood my plight, and went to work right away with helping me get into something that would work for my needs. Not only did they get me a newer vehicle, but they were able to lower my interest rate and make an even better deal for all parties involved! They went way above and beyond to make sure everyone was not only satisfied, but happy with the decision to do business with them! I highly recommend you check out this dealership for your vehicle purchasing needs and ask for Jose as he is down to earth and ready to help on all matters! A+ service and you get 2 years of free services like oil changes. Thank you Internet Auto Sales of Reno for making my buying experience a great experience!
By: Corinaa L.
Jones West Ford
I bought a car at Jones West Ford a couple months ago (from Josh, who was great) & it was by far the best auto buying experience I've ever had. I felt the people were very honest & fair. They were kind & not smarmy. I'd really researched the car I was going to buy & I looked at several other lots. I was looking for a 2014 or 2015. JWF offered the best deal & the cleanest car. (Seriously, I looked at 3 cars at a "large lot" dealer in town and TWO of those vehicles had body damage that had been painted over! Crazy.) The transaction at JWF was smooth & included an undercoating. They confirmed the appointment with emails & the day before they called to confirm & ask if I was going to need a ride from the courtesy shuttle. When I got there to drop off my car Jason came right out to greet me by name. They called just as soon as my car was ready & pickup was just as fast, with Jason taking me through every step then driving my car right to me.
By: Dean C.
Jones West Ford
Called to schedule an appointment to have an oil change. Was greeted by an answering machine stating they will return the call within 2 hours. 40 minutes went by and the young lady returned the call and set me up with the appointment. Arrived at the appointed day and time. Pulled into service area behind three other vehicles. It appeared that the service advisors were in a meeting. Probably waited 10 minutes, the service advisor (Jason Martinez a great guy) took my info advised the cost of the oil change. He advised me it would take approximately 1 1/2 hours and would come get me in the lounge when ready. The job was completed in less time than quoted and the charge was less than the estimated quote. The cashier was very courteous. All in all a good experience with the service department. 100% different than dealing with the "Darkside" of the sales department. The lounge area was comfortable. Wish they would provide free coffee.
By: Sarah S.
Jones West Ford
This is for the service department! You can always expect to pay more when going through the dealership for repairs, but with my Ford, I like Ford to work on my car for the bigger problems. I took my 2013 Ford Fusion in because my little angel of a son lost the only programmed key to my car and I never received the door code to unlock my car to have a locksmith program a key for me. The un programmed key was in my car. SO I had to have my car towed in. They had to have a locksmith come out anyway to unlock the door because they didn't have the right tool. So along with programming a new key, reprogramming the door, and a full service I walked out paying about $500. A little steep, but cars are always a money pit.Because of the drought, they can no longer wash your car for you after a service which was kind of a bummer.
By: Damian H.
Vaughn Motor Sports
These guys are good! Rory was cool and mellow, he didn't give me any of the normal nonsense one would expect. I asked questions and got direct, straightforward answers and then he took a copy of my license and let myself, my girlfriend, and my dad go for a test drive. There weren't any limits or restraints either, he just said to go have fun. Adam in the finance office was funny and helpful and worked with us on pricing, as well as clearly answering my follow up questions with no visible irritation. We already had financing approved through United Federal Credit Union, but he was still helpful and friendly even after knowing that. As usual, a little give and take was required, but it wouldn't be fun any other way, and he took more than I was expecting off our new car.
By: Ruby W.
Jones West Ford
Over the past 5 years I have purchased 4 vehicles from Jones West Ford, and each time my experience was outstanding. I was helped by Russ Martinez and Robert Mendes as my salesmen and Richie West in Finance and as a Sales Manager. They were honest and forthcoming about my trade in values and did not waste my time with false promises. I was told exactly what my credit standing was and what I qualified for, they even beat the rate my credit union Greater NV quoted me. Almost everyone of my friends and co-workers have purchased their vehicles there. They all have had the same experience. Reno is a growing city but we still are a tight knit community and it is nice to have this dealership which stands above all the rest in this town.

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