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By: Lynell H.
Silver Dollar Motor Lodge
Super bossy manager. But she does keep the riff Raff out. Quiet complex. The house next door even let's our pets use their lawn. We pick up after our own, but others in the neighborhood don't always. Manager and daughter look like white trash. They act very unbussines like. Can't hang out in other tenant's rooms?! I've been here 2 months and my room has been treated​ 3 times for bedbugs and I still have them. I asked for batteries for my t.v. remote, a plug for my sink so I could do dishes and a plug for the bathtub and was told no. They did give me a cleaning agent and rag to clean because the room was filthy. Dirty laundry room with only one set. The washer keeps throwing back all your quarters-very irritating. The best parts are Roberto's 99¢ taco Wednesdays next door, gas station 1 block away and Walgreens across the street with an ATM inside. It's owned by the same slumlords that own most monthly motels around here. Rooms start at $625 all utilities included.
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By: Gypsy S.
Easy Inn
This place is full of roaches n bed bugs.underdisirable ppl.druggies n drunks.theft of peoplesProperty.two died in a month.dog crap every where.outside bugs.beds are filthy stained with unknown.the rent is high.this man owns 20 properties an all in this condition.he paints the outside to make it look gd for public view.there are crack heads,meth junkies,drunks gangers.theft.an office is a joke..they rent to anything with money drunks,druggies,prostitutes,methedone users,nothing has changed since it was the mcgreggor,ppl walk on n off this property all time,night n day.ppl hang around out front all the time,mngr dose nothing.so don't come here it's not worth it,all they care bout is money n screw ppl.it's unsanitary,an unsafe.we had a prob where a man followed a wm home,an walked up in her,the police got him found a knife n condoms on him.crazy ppl rent here,an sum are bad..stay clear of this place it isn't worth ur health nor safety .it's total ghetto
By: Riproaringgoodtime ..
White Court Motel
Have been here for a month and am well pleased. Brad and Paula run a tight ship to the advantage of guests' safety and security. My room is clean and contrary to negative reviews, I have seen no bugs or critters. Not 5 star, but a value for those on a tight budget.
By: nicki.lopez1
Motel 6
This is a very quite and peaceful place to stay. Have stayed there many times and have never had any problem with them. They are pet friendly and always ready to help with any problems you might have...I give this a five star recommendation.
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By: Caryn B.
Eldorado Hotel Casino
This is an old and dated hotel. Rooms are clean but need some updating. Close to UNR. For the price, we would stay here again.
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By: Olga M.
Best Bet Motel
Nice rooms with free internet, and very spacious, I like the friendly customer service personnel. Not very expensive too.
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By: Jackie S.
Motel 6
It's an ok place to stay! With all these other places I recommend going some where else! Not worth it!
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By: Hardeep S.
Fireside Inn
Great people accept crazy John

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