By: J S.
Stone Housecafe The
While on a rare visit to Reno, we found this delightful restaurant. Originally, we chose the Stone House Café because they were advertised as having a ‘dog friendly’ patio. We made reservations for lunch for three, plus our two dogs. We were greeted by a friendly hostess, and seated promptly at a nice patio table protected by a large umbrella, shading our table. The food was good, prepared very well and presented nicely. The friendly wait-staff even brought a dog cookie for each of our dogs. We never felt as if the dogs were an imposition to the staff, and felt the dogs were as welcome as we were. Even though we were there for lunch, we had a chance to look over the breakfast menu. It looked as good as the lunch menu, and in fact we were so impressed by it, we returned the following morning for breakfast before we left town. The crab omelet was fantastic, and the food was all prepared exceptionally.This is a fantastic alternative to chain restaurants and mass produced casino food. On our next visit to Reno, we will be back to enjoy the great atmosphere and food.
By: nicolove
Conscious Cuisine
I stopped in there and was really excited about this place and was kinda bummed when i read the menu. It's not too vegan vegetarian friendly, sure they can substite the chicken for tofu, but there was nothing original on the menu like i was hoping for. They offer an americanized thai food and marinara noodles menu?? I would rather just go to a thai restaurant to get this stuff. I tried a veggie burger, and was seemed like it was deepfried, on a dutch crunch bun with no flavor, a watery tomatoe and a slab of lettuce. no pickles, no special sauce, I had to take it home, blot off the oil, and doctor it up to try and eat it. Dissapointed.
By: Mildred G.
Skipolini's pizza
High end prices, but sports bar level food. Really surprised how pedestrian and processed the food served at Skipolini's turned out to be. Nothing is homemade, even the pizza dough is frozen. They left the pizza dough out to thaw and rise at the open pizza station. Sauces canned and the Gelato shipped in from CA. We ordered the garlic fries, they were frozen shoe stings with a dry garlic rub and cheap, pre-shredded parm. Ordered two small pizzas and two soda's the bill arrived and it was over $58. Bad deal and poor quality food.
By: Jon S.
Stone Housecafe The
We ate there for our casual wedding reception. Ambience is amazing, food is great and so is service. HOWEVER the owner is a woman who doubles as a greeter and she is EXCEPTIONALLY RUDE. We sat at the bar and asked to have our cocktails added to the tab, she walked up to the bartender right in front of us and bad-mouthed us to her (she didn't see us there) saying "What are they stupid?! I told them they had to pay for those drinks separately!") We almost left. The rest of the staff was amazing though
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By: James V.
Chuck E. Cheese's
Don't belive the hate. This place is top notch. Clean, brand new games updated regularly. Each game is one token only. Staff is kind, pizza is very good. Sandwiches are superb. Birthday parties are a lot of fun and well organized. This is not the same place it was 5-10 years ago. They've stepped up their game and it shows.
By: hondaguy305
Pegs Glorified Ham N Eggs
This place is awesome!!! What a value!!! The food is better than I have had in any Casino breakfast restaurant anywhere in Reno and the waitresses are incredibly friendly. My favorite is Holly. If you really like a great breakfast, you have to try this place. This is my new favorite breakfast place in Nevada!
By: Debra E.
Casale's Halfway Club
Great friendly service. The food was outstanding. If you are looking for a mom and pop restaurant this is the place. The sauce was one of the better sauces I've ever had. If you are going on Friday or Saturday night recommend reservations. They don't take credit cards so bring cash or use the on site ATM.
By: Stephen R.
Stone Housecafe The
One of best dining experiences in Reno and that is saying a lot. We love stone houses generally. This one comes with well prepared food and a large menu. Staff is friendly. If you can, eat outside in warm weather. Trees and bushes surround you and transport you to another spot.
By: william.okeefe
Pegs Glorified Ham N Eggs
My huevos rancheros came to me in a very large skillet with beans, cole slaw, Pico Da Gallo and hash browns. Funny that I ate it all yet wasn't stuffed. It was very tasty. One of the best breakfasts I've had in Reno, if not the best.
By: libellecalifornia
Taste of Chicago
Excellent Taste! The pizzas are really yummy with fresh ingredients and authentic Chicago style crust. Also, they're really famous for their hot dogs too - lots of styles to choose from. Quick, Tasty and Budget-Friendly!

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