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By: Addie R.
Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal
Everyone talks about how great the staff is which is very true; however, what I feel like should be reviewed is the effectiveness of the actual treatment at hand and the honesty in which their staff portray this.First of all, I recently discovered that the gentleman who owns the Ideal Image chain also happens to own the local radio stations which means he essentially gets free advertisement for this business. It really is all about the sale and how much money they can make.The nurses are all friendly and nice but most of these nurses have no real background in hair removal. It makes it seem impressive that they are nurses but I personally feel that someone who is treating you for hair removal should have a decent background and knowledge in dermatology and how the skin and hair growth process works not only in general but for their each individual client because not one standard practice works for everyone.I spent $3,000 on my bikini and underarms and went to treatments spanning over a year and a half. I'm sad to say that the treatments provided did not have the desired results and at no time during my consult or during this year and a half did they mention that my hair was not going to be a good candidate or that they were concerned about my results. I guess it's partially my fault for not doing the research up front.Another issue I saw was the turnover of nurses they had. I always had a different person doing my treatment which I feel had a lot to do with my results. I really feel that the treatments were not consistent each time (even though yes, I know they keep notes in my chart) but I'm convinced that had I had the same knowledgeable individual each time, she would have known my file and treatments and could have been more aggressive and consistent with treatment.If you have the ideal hair type for laser, I would say give this place a go, but be warned that not everyone gets the results they want. I am now working with an individual (who is not a nurse but who has been doing these treatments since the early 90's) at an actual dermatology office who expressed her disappointment in my results and was extremely surprised at 1) the amount of money I spent and 2) the results I received. She expressed that she has seen many people come from Ideal Image who were not satisfied and she was able to successfully remove hair with a laser on people where Ideal Image was not able to. This simply comes from the fact that she is more knowledgeable with hair removal than Ideal Image. She also stated that not all my hair was a good candidate for laser but let me know that it could definitely be removed by doing electrolysis. Of course Ideal Image would not tell me that because they do not do electrolysis.In conclusion, I don't feel that Ideal Image was honest with the results I would receive doing laser hair removal on top of the fact that the I don't believe the treatments were administered with the utmost degree of application and knowledge. I really just feel that they wanted the money over providing their client with their desired result. I know for me, this has been a huge confidence issue and you would think they would want to genuinely help their clients feel better about themselves, not just take their money. I expressed my disappointment to several nurses who basically stated that the owner would not do any sort of refund. To top it all of, I got a "lifetime warranty touchup" which still costs me $85 each time to go in. Call me crazy, but I'd rather pay that money for electrolysis that I know will permanently remove that hair eventually and that one day I won't have to pay $85 for a "touch up".I'm not saying that this is a bad place to go to but just be aware up front that there are other options out there that your money might be better spent.
By: La G.
Reno Sparks MedSpa
I have been to the Reno Sparks Med Spa for a variety of facial treatments as well as a medical patient. It is located in the upscale South Creek Center. The office is very nice and they have all the state of the art Iasers for a variety of treatments. I just went to the Reno Sparks Med Spa for the vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment and am very pleased with the results. In addition, I had the new CO2 laser on my face, neck and chest. It didn't hurt very much and there wasn't a long downtime. I had it done on Friday and by Monday, I was able to wear make up and go out. The result are really good. I've had people tell me my skin looks really nice and I think it does! I am not one to have Botox or fillers, I prefer to have laser treatments, peels, micro-dermabrasions, micro-needling, facials and use the fabulous ZO skin care line they have in the office. Dr. Calvin Van Reken and his staff are so nice and very professional. The doctor as well as his staff are all laser certified and are very efficient in the treatments. Also, their prices for the treatments are not as high as other med spas in the area. On top of that, they have lots of specials. I would highly recommend Reno Sparks Med Spa for any facial treatment and for medical issues too.
By: Laura R.
Reno Sparks MedSpa
I am sharing my experience at Dr. Calvin VanReken's, Reno Sparks Med Spa. I've had numerous treatments done, such as laser for fine lines, smoothing and lifting, facials, micro-dermabrasions, and use the ZO products. Upon walking in, I was treated with professionalism and always have felt my needs were being met in a very relaxed manner. In addition, Dr. Van Reken's med spa has the latest lasers and various services. I highly recommend Reno Sparks Med Spa for all facial services.
By: hairlov3r
Regis Salons
All the stylist are so friendly! Crystal is a very understand stylst, and helps me find all products in my price range!! i recommend any of the girls at the Regis in meadowood mall
By: Kristine M.
Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal
I've had great results and have been treated by friendly helpful staff each visits. Yes, it's costly but well worth it.

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