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By: shawn.mc.39
West Reno Dental
Exceptional visit! No pain! They took me right in, no long waiting. Fantastic staff! I haven't seen a dentist in about ten years, mostly due to fear of dental work. Dr. Pashal and Connie his nurse, went out of their way to make me feel safe, comfortable, and pain-free. I suffer from major panic disorder, and was insanely afraid to have any work done - but today (Sept 12, 2012), Connie spent a great deal of time keeping me calm, and Dr. Paschal took several measures to ensure I didn't have pain. I did start to have some pain when he was drilling for a cavity, and he immediatly stopped and gave me another shot of "novocane" (it's not actually novocane, but, same idea.) Dr. Paschal is very patient, kind, and understanding. I would see Dr. Paschal again without hesitation. I had two fillings, total cost was $401. I was also given the "Nitro" gas, which seemed to help. If you have extreme fear of dental work, like I do, I highly recommend going to this dental office!
By: annette4alex
Patrick DDS Seely MS
Dr. Patrick Seely and his staff are the best. I was treated with utmost friendly courtesy and professionalism All do we did not start out on the right note and I almost changed Doctors in the beginning. I’m so glad that I did not do just that. Dr. Patrick Seelys expertise in dentistry is superb. He is not a newcomer in his field Dr. Seely has practice for a few years I think that’s what makes him so extremely wise and intelligent. I’m so glad I have found him and made Dr. Patrick Seely my Dentist. He has a clean well lighted facility and out of the window you see a nice view of horse and wild birds. No waiting at appointment time. Reasonable prices for superb service. He truly help me with my problem. Dr. Seely knows his stuff! Thank you so much! Dr. Seely.
By: Lisa@answerwest.com R.
Reno Dentures LLC
I cannot recommend this practice more highly. I had my procedure and dentures completed on 1/27/15. The staff was wonderful from the time I walked in the door to the last appointment. Starting with Denise who walked me thru my insurance issues to both of the doctors. The techs that make the dentures are not just techs they really are artists at what they do. I am so happy I stumbled upon this practice. When I was starting to stress during procedure Dr Flynn was very kind and considerate, and at my original consultation the last thing Dr Carl said was "don't worry we will make sure you have a pretty smile". He is a man of his word. I am 50 years old and this is the first time in my life I have not been embarrassed by my smile.. Thank you so much!!!!
By: jay.callaham
Reno Dentures LLC
I am 38.. I have always had bad teeth and the bad self esteem that came with them. I have always been ashamed to smile as my teeth were yellow and crooked and some were missing. Since I was young I have had bad experiences with dentists and orthodontists who would tell me one thing and do another, and that led me to steer far away from ANY dentist for years. On a whim, and tired of being ashamed to smile, I called Reno Dentures to get them fixed. The ladies at Reno Dentures were sweet and understanding about my nervousness and went the extra mile for me to get over my anxiety and finish the procedure. Today I sit with a BRAND NEW smile and a whole NEW outlook on life and I'm grinning like the Cheshire Cat to everyone I SEE.
user avatar
By: Nancy B.
Reno Dentures LLC
Reno Dentures is wonderful! If you need dentures or a partial this is the place to go for getting your smile back without going broke. Shirley is the manager who gives you the quote, eliminates insurance hassles by submitting the necessary paperwork promptly and efficiently.Julie is absolutely fabulous and really eliminates any and all anxiety during the denture process. From the time she starts working with you she assures you that your dentures will be perfect!Dr C checks everything to make sure the service, dentures are exactly what you ordered before sending it to the lab to complete. we recommend Reno Dentures to anyone needing partials or dentures, they are the best! We would not go anywhere else! L. Guyer/Nancy B
By: virginia.rust1
Reno Dentures LLC
Price was below what I was quoted 13 years ago. Service was outstanding. D.D.S. Stasiewicz and Office Manager Shirley went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and understood the procedures totally. I choose General Anastasia and yes a couple of teeth were uncomfortable but no one claimed to be Dr. Painless had I not wanted to know what was going on or feel anything they were more than willing to put me under. Dentures were put directly in after surgery, I had absolutely NO pain! 4 weeks later and everything is great. Thank You to Reno Dentures for giving me my smile back after 27 years of rotten teeth .
By: Spencer T.
Reno Dentures LLC
I love this place! Dr. Carl is the best I was referred to this place by a client of mine and the name threw me off a little as I'm 26 and I needed some routine dental work and they do it all got me a new flipper same day! They also were able to do a filling for me right away and get me in same day a lot of the times I've been there! Thank god for Reno Dentures they have made me happy with my smile!
user avatar
By: Jennifer E.
Reno Dentures LLC
Best experience of my life. .. Dr Carl is an artist, Dr Flynn & his assistant were amazing. I've never felt better, my self esteem has skyrocketed & they did such a good job that people that have known me 20 years can't tell what the improvement is... I do not feel like mr. Ed, thank you to the entire staff for changing my life!!
By: soupergrammar
Reno Dentures LLC
Totally pain-free, high-end dentistry. It's been forever since I didn't go to this dentist! Overall, I love the dentist, and wouldn't go anywhere else!
By: David A.
Reno Dentures LLC
Very professional. So happy with the extra effort they made was obvious they were really precise and friendly.
Tips & Advices
This depends on the prosthetic.
  • Dental implants, when cared for properly, can last a lifetime.
  • Crowns typically last between 10-15 years.
  • Resin-bonded bridges typically last between seven  and 10 years. Tooth-supported fixed bridges generally wear out faster than this.
  • Removable partial dentures typically last around 15 years.
  • Complete dentures typically last between five and six years.
The entire process for adding dental implants could take as long as eight months. There are three phases:
  • Phase 1: Grafting. This may take between three and six  months.
  • Phase 2: Artificial root placement. This may take one to two  hours to complete and will take between three and six  months to heal.
  • Phase 3: Crown placement. This is usually done over the course of two visits, two weeks apart.
One dental implant typically costs $1,000-$3,000. However, the abutment (a connector added onto the top of a dental implant) and crown can add $500-$3,000. Multiple dental implants may cost $3,000-$30,000. A full set of implant dentures may cost as much as $90,000, though the average is around $34,000.
A dental implant is a titanium post shaped like a natural tooth's root that is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gums. These posts allow dentists to secure a replacement tooth or bridge in the correct position.
Maxillofacial prosthesis is a subspecialty of prosthodontics. A maxillofacial prosthesis is meant to rehabilitate patients who have defects or disabilities due to trauma, disease, or those that a patient is has from birth. The prosthesis is designed to replace parts of the bone or tissue that are missing, or to help restore functions of the mouth, such as swallowing, chewing, or speaking. Other prostheses are created to protect the face during radiation therapy. Dentists that work with maxillofacial prostheses often collaborate closely with ear, nose, and throat doctors.

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