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By: Dulci K.
Auto City
Gotta give it up for this place. Cruising over Hwy 92 yesterday, a little tiny Honda kicked up a rock that hit my windshield pretty hard - left a serious divot in it. I knew that this was repairable, but also that it would become unmanageable quickly if the combo of hot/cold grew (and in winter, definitely a strong likelihood of this happening).I started calling around for glass repair places, and NO ONE was open on Saturdays. Finally got a hold of a windshield replacement dude, who told me his doesn't fix them anymore, but to call Auto City, as they do a good job. So I did, they told me to swing by, and they did a fantastic job of repairing said divot. Very impressive to watch...totally professional, they did a great job of cleaning up, and they were about half the price of the big names in the biz.Definitely a thumbs up!
By: Rudo A.
Auto City
I can't say enough kind words about Sam from Auto City. I showed up with my 17 year-old son on our first day of looking for used cars. We didn't know where to begin, but Sam took his time talking with us and explaining how his dealership worked. He asked us questions and made suggestions based on his experience. We told him what type of car we wanted and how much we wanted to spend. He then started his quest to find a car for us. Sam kept in touch with us, sending us texts and pictures and asking if we wanted him to bid on certain cars. It took 2 weeks, but he found us a great car! He was very honest, friendly and knowledgeable. I would never go anywhere else to purchase a used car!
By: Sco K.
Auto City
As, soon as i stepped into the lot I felt like there wasn't no one going to help me. I honestly felt like the place was unprofessional. To my surprise i was 100% WRONG!After talking to Sam (the owner), I knew i was in good hands. Not only did he not pressure me to buy something that day. But more like gave me advice on everything there is about cars.As we went into the test drive, he really gets to know you, and makes you feel comfortable at all times. Sam and I worked on a deal that we were both happy on. And made things work perfect.Overall experience, it was 2 thumbs up! And with that said me and Sam are going to make business again. And will keep making business for a good time.
By: Yenri P.
Auto City
Saw some good reviews so went there to buy a car after being really afraid of craiglist. I bought them one car. I did business with Kal and Sam. They were really good at finding what I was looking for at very good price. These guys are incredibly honest, full of good advices and not trying to absolutely sell cars if they did not think it is a good deal matching what you expect. They provided me all reports (carfax etc.) and were very professional in doing the annoying paperwork. They also have good mechanic knowing its job. It was a high pleasure doing business with them and I highly recommend these guys. Definitely 5 stars.
By: Pezz M.
Auto City
I am usually a suspicious person when it comes to dealers, always thought that they are over priced. This place changed my mind. Sam is one of the nicest, most professional dealer you will find in this area. He is attentive, helpful, understanding, not pushy, and extremely honest.I have bought a 2001 Toyota Corolla here for my mom almost 3 years ago and the car has been running great with no problems and it was reasonably priced.If you want an honest dealer with reasonable prices and great quality cars, go talk to Sam. You won't be disappointed.
By: Aly L.
Auto City
I bought a car from Sam two years ago for my au pair to use. It was a very solid car and it was perfect for my au pair. Sam was courteous, respectful and easy to do business with. I returned to Sam a couple of weeks ago with the car because my au pair has returned to her home country and I no longer require the car. After 2 years, Sam still remembered my name .. and the car! He agreed to buy the car back from me and it was a very straight-forward transaction. I sincerely appreciated how easy it was to do business with him. Thanks Sam!
By: Alonzo D.
Auto City
Sam did an excellent job of presenting me cars that were within my budget and preference of make and model. He was personable and dedicated to finding me the right car online and at auctions. He kept in touch with me sending pix of cars that came in. Because of my petite size, I ended up purchasing a car I found at another dealership that I fit very comfortably in. I would recommended Auto City to anyone seeking to purchase a great used car. You'll be in good hands with Sam!
By: Chris D.
Auto City
I bought a used red car from auto city. I was rely impressed with there customer service. They rely went above and beyond to sell quality used cars. They answered all my questions and everything matched the carfax. I always wanted a beautiful red car but because of my budget I did not think I would find one. My car also came with 4 brand new tires. I have had no issues with my car and absolutely love it. Best car dealership!!
By: Von M.
Auto City
My car had dull tail lights and it really reduced the car appearance, found this place on yelp and after reading the reviews here decided to give them a cal. talked to Sam and decided to come in the next day. I'm sure i could find someone closer but i'm very happy i made a short drive. my tail lights look brand new, the job was done very fast, i think it was around 30 min and that's with an exterior car wash (just extra $10).
By: Cam L.
Auto City
We have been searching for a high top van for a while now and we found one online sold here! Not only was the van perfect but the price was very reasonable!When they first got the van the did some work on it to make sure the van was running good before anyone came in to buy it! We will defiantly be back!!Don't forget to give us a call if you end up with another high top van :D thank you Sam

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