By: Jeffrey P.
K Smoke
I patronized K Smoke for several months (note the past tense). I bought hookah shisha, e liquid, some ecig batteries and mods, some tanks and RBAs, etc. All told I spent maybe $700 over an 8 month period. Suffice it to say all the guys knew me and we had a good relationship. HOWEVER, I recently bought a Kayfun Light clone RBA from them, and it was missing the fill-port screw... just a simple m2.5 5 countersunk, you know, exactly what you can't buy at any hardware store anywhere around here. Thinking it would be no problem, as I've been their customer for so long, and a good one at that, I began using the device with a m2.5 screw that doesn't quite fit right (and causes the tank to not fit most of my mods). When I went in to have them give me the screw, the OWNER informed me that he couldn't "just give me one from one of the other [15+ boxes] they had, 'cause then he couldn't sell it". ???!? They just sold ME one without it. He told me he could contact the manufacturer to get a replacement (which would take weeks). Could not reason with him. Apparently he'd rather have extra stock ready-to-sell than make right the faulty unit he sold me. He was unable to risk waiting for the replacement screw himself.Bottom line: Good prices. Terrible customer loyalty, and a vibe that screams "I am a for-profit drug dealer."Since I'd already bought the device he saw no reason to make right the unit himself. I will never go back as I feel mistreated and TBH a little exploited.
By: ronald.n
K Smoke
Good place for your Vaping needs. Nice selection, plenty of juices at a good price. Now, I had purchased a new variable voltage battery from them earlier in the week. A few days of using it, it appeared to short out. All of a sudden smoke started coming out of the button hole. It wasn't dropped, or modified in any way. I was only vaping as I always do at around 3.8 volts. They replaced it with out issues. I was pleased. Very nice and helpful people. I will be doing more business and would definitely recommend them to others.
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By: Cybr V.
Window Genie of Redmond
Tinted my house with mirror tint, looks great!! Good price too! I recommend this tint for added security.
Tips & Advices
The type and shape of windows impact the cost of window cleaning. The least expensive windows to clean are smaller windows, such as hopper windows, awning windows, single-hung windows, double-hung windows, and casement windows. Larger windows, such as double-casement windows and sliding windows, tend to be more costly to clean.
When choosing a window cleaning company, it's important to ask if the company is insured, since liability and worker's compensation insurance can protect you from financial liability if there is an accident on the job. You should also also if employees undergo criminal background checks and drug testing, since this can help shield you from theft.
Most window cleaning services will brighten the look of your property's windows by cleaning each window's interior and exterior, and they will scrub the glass to make sure buildup from tree sap, bird droppings, and mulch spore is thoroughly removed. Many will also clear insects and fungus infestations from your windows at no extra cost.
To care for windows between cleanings, regularly inspect the window's sill or track, and use a vacuum to remove soil and debris if an excessive amount of buildup is observed. Help your windows to drain properly by using a small bottle brush to regularly remove debris from your window's weep holes.
When cleaning tinted windows, it's important to steer clear of using window cleaners that contain ammonia. With constant use, ammonia can cause your tinted windows to turn purple, and it can weaken the film that is responsible for your window's tint. Ammonia is found in common window cleaners, such as Windex, so you'll need to read labels carefully when making a purchase.

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