By: juliey1
Scribbles Montessori Pre-Scholl and Kindergarten
At the time when we started looking for Kindergarten for our 2 year daughter, we visited 4~5 kinder care/pre-schools close to our neighborhood and working places. We chose Scribbles Montessori Pre-School and Kindergarten because of the maturity, experiences, professions, education development and styles that the teachers and school established and offered.My daughter is four year and half now, she has been in this school for two and half years, it turns out that we made right decision. Elaine Ma is licensed and certified Monterssori Teacher. She is an excellent fit for a kinder care/pre-school teacher: Kind, Patient, Mature and Professional, Neither spoiling nor ignoring anyone in class, Pay attention to each Kid and apply teaching accordingly.The school offers various actives, learning courses, early child education development based on kids’ age from 2 to 5.We have observed our daughter’s growth and development during past two years and are usually amazed how fun, health, happy my kid is and how many new stuff she has learned from the school. oShe sings us new songs learned from school, tells us stories, brings us her drawing and painting that accomplished at school at age 2 ~ 3oShe could count and do basic math additions at age 3, learned spelling at age three and half, and started beginner reading at age four and half.oBesides all of above, my little one grows up with happy mood, fun, and smarter alwaysWe highly recommend Elaine Ma and Scribbles Montessori Pre-School and Kindergarten

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