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By: speakthetruth666
Carolyn's Cafe
I had such high hopes and aspirations for this place, but my food, and my husbands food left little to be desired. Usually, Saturday mornings are chaotic but my wonderful Sister in Law came over to watch the kids; so my husband and I could go to breakfast. The wait wasn't bad at all maybe 5-10 minutes, so that was good. The service was good, not great but good. We ordered French Toast, simple enough you'd think but too simple came out Disgusting. Now, when I make French Toast I use eggs, milk and that's all. Both of our orders of French toast had onions, I almost puked. My husband found a piece of onion and maybe parsley or cilantro under his French Toast. Vomit!! My piece of onion was in the eggs, really!! I even told the server, no onions, I'm allergic and she said that there were no onions in the French Toast or eggs. I asked her twice, twice in fact. To add insult to injury and almost projectile vomiting/ the manager was so nonchalant about it. She said oh they put onions in the scramblers so I'm sure that's how they got in the food. But, how about the onions on my husbands plate with just French Toast?? I got my breakfast taken off the bill and a piece of coffee cake for free, but the stench and aftertaste of onion stays forever. My husband doesn't mind onions, which is fine but even he was grossed out by the onion on his plate with just French Toast. I won't ever go back.
By: Yvonne M.
Chili's Grill & Bar
A little loud for me, but we were seated in a quieter area away from the bar, so not bad.The food was excellent! I got Carnitia's Fajitas and they were so tender.
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By: speakthetruth666
Chili's Grill & Bar
I ordered a turkey sandwich from Chili's today that was picked up at 5pm and to my dismay and utter disgust there was onion on it. It is called The Classic Turkey Toasted sandwich. It has lettuce, tomatoes, provolone, and mayonnaise on Wheat toast. There are no onions in the ingredients and yet there was a big old piece of disgusting red onion in the lettuce. There was also swiss cheese not provolone which is gross and that was on my sandwich too. What is wrong with Chili's restaurants but even in other states; they can't get it right. Putting and adding disgusting vile onions on sandwiches that don't have them in their ingredients, and quesadillas with only cheese. This restaurant is incompetent and bad on every level. I'm severely allergic to onions and had I not smelled the stench before biting my sandwich I would have projectile vomited again due to your inability to leave onions off of certain foods that DON'T Have them as the ingredients. What's wrong with your restaurants!!!! You're the worst. Not everyone wants nasty grotesque onions on their food yet you pollute it anyways!!! Shame on you, you're disgusting!!! Thanks for once again giving me food that was putrid!!
By: Scott S.
Joe Greensleeve's Restaurant
We just had an appalling, horrible and insulting experience at Joe Greensleeves at 220 Orange Street in Redlands California. Going in all excited only to experience nasty, rude and sarcastic customer service, and disgusting food. Not only was my dates Deer venison served gamey, it was grizzly and could not be eaten. When I tried it, I had to spit it out, leaving a nasty taste in my mouth I could not wash away. My calamari was chewy and rubbery and would not give to my bite. I put it to the side, inedible. The mussels and clams were starting to turn. The broth they were in was a salty watery brine, instead of the rich butter, wine, garlic sauce I was promised. The crayfish, ( not lobster as stated ! ), was overcooked and shriveled. The unidentifiable fish still had the mealy “crust” on it. The butter for the bread was well worked over and had obviously been passed around to several other tables and well handled before being served to us.When I asked to exchange my dish. The waiter said he would box my meal. I said “I do not want this boxed ! Why in the world would I want a dish boxed that I cannot eat ? “ How insulting ! When I asked for an exchange, the inauspicious waiter refused and said we would be charged for the dish regardless. I wanted to exchange for another dish that I knew would be difficult to ruin. Ha !So we left our meal sitting on the table, and paid the bill in full. What a sour taste ! We have been to many, many exquisite and fine dining restaurants around the world in the past 50 years. We have never, ever been so insulted and disappointed. Sad for us, sadder for them.You should definitely eat here if you like being served by self-important snooty, condescending, disrespectful fools, with bad quality, mealy, gamey, grizzly, rubbery, chewy, and foul and inedible food, cooked by a pompous obnoxious narcissist cook, and served with overpriced wine.
By: Vincent D.
excellent I've been working there come on by today at three when I start Vince will serve you just ask for his section

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