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By: Lora S.
A.I.M. Property Management Company
The real estate agent falsely told me the woman who would be living above me in the apartment was"a very nice woman with a quiet 2 yro".This was the furthest thing from the truth. It ended up being a nightmare living below her. To make a long story short the woman living upstairs screamed profanities on a daily basis,multiple people lived with her,more than 1 toddler screaming and crying and throwing things startling me day and night.I asked the woman twice to be more considerate which i ended up regretting when she yelled out profanities and left a note on my car expressing her anger.I told the property agent this when things had come to such a boiling point with the neighbor that I felt threatened to come home and she said she had never had a complaint about her before.I couldn't live there anymore due to fear of having my property vandalized. My deposit did not get returned.I didnt think I'd get all of it back but some would've been nice.She shouldve been honest in the first place.
By: Pamela C.
A.I.M. Property Management Company
What can I say about a company that knows how to get the job done right?.... Regardless of the emergency they have consistently stood fast and helped me out of countless situations with my rental property. Denise was always courteous and professional.
By: Olga R.
A.I.M. Property Management Company
I highly recommend them, and so thankful they are keeping everything in order as they assist with my rental.
Tips & Advices
Ask your pest control company about no-kill traps you can use if you want to get mice, rabbits, opossums or other furry creatures out of your house without harming them.
Many pest control experts now offer environmentally friendly treatment for your home and yard with insecticides that aren't as harsh for the ecosystem. Check with exterminators around your area to see if they provide these kinds of services. Also, keep your plants free from harmful chemicals by spraying cedar oil or soapy water on your flowers.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Don't ┬áleaving food or drink out.
  • Clean up after spills as soon as you can.
  • Drain any standing water in your house or yard.
  • Regularly mow and rake your lawn.
If you find insects and other animals trying to get in through cracks or openings, use a caulk gun to fill the gaps. You'll also want to either use traditional bug spray or a citronella candle to keep bugs such as mosquitos away from you during the summer months.
The price for exterminators can range broadly since they can charge for a monthly inspection and treatment. The final bill also comes down to the square footage of your property.
When pest control technicians visit your home or place of business, expect them to first identify what insect or other animal it is that's causing trouble. After identification, they will inspect your building to see where the pests are coming from and locate their hive or nest. Then the exterminator will spray or set out traps and bait according to which pest you have.

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