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By: qwackersmacker
Chase Bank
Chase bank tried taking advantage of me and my company today and I thought i should let the world know how they operate. I took out a loan against an apartment building i own in down town Redding. The loan was from a private individual who banks with chase in Redding. The private lender took $140k in CASH down to chase and deposited into his account, so he could write me 2 checks for the loan and he personally informed the bank of the transaction. The following day i took a $45k check down there to cash. The bank said they didn't have ANY MONEY and wouldnt be able to help me. Then on top of that they told me there would be a $6 charge to cash the check because i wasnt a member of THEIR BANK. They wouldnt hardly take no for an answer and then proceeded to slam Tri Counties Bank who thus far has been great. So not only couldn't i cash the check they took the funds in on the DAY BEFORE, they said there was a $2k check cashing limit even though this guy wrote me a good check with good funds and informed the bank. So after the lender has to call down there AGAIN, they inform me that because THEY dont have the money, they have to give me a cashiers check to take elsewhere (like a real bank). So i said fine. They then want to charge me $14 for that "privlage" since im not a member. This is how the mofia opporates, they say if you want protection from other thieves in the area, you have to pay up protection money so you get screwed by the mob only instead of individual thieves. This whole time the manager is telling me I can make this all go away by opening up an account with them. This amounts to strong arming and on principal alone, i wasnt about to give up one cent of my money. So i play a little hard ball with the manager and say "so here's the deal, if you dont waive the fee, im going to open the account, get my check without paying your damn fee, then promptly close my account today and tell everyone i know how you tried to strong arm me. Is that what you want?" the manager told me that he wasn't WILLING to waive the fee, so i should do what i felt i needed to do. I cant believe a "branch manager" isn't willing to waive a $14 fee to save A. me as a potential customer, B. The lender as a potential customer, and C. their reputation with every person i ever talk to about banking. Although i am not a multi-millionaire, I am a rather high net worth individual and you would think a bank would be interested in making all customers happy, especially ones that do a fair amount of transactions over $10k a month. The bottom line is don't do business with Chase or any other bank that charges ridiculous fees in order to "persuade" u to do what they want. Find a small bank that knows how to treat people right. This was simply a principal matter, if the fee were $1 or $500 i would have had the same reaction and you should too. Thought you should know.
By: ttsnuffy
North Valley Bank
very friendly and fair! won't rip you off!

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