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By: shawnybug
Kobe Seafood & Steakhouse
Took my son out to Kobe' s for B-day dinner and had a bad experience. I knew with the drought some restaurants have stopped automatically serving water so I specifically asked our waiter Daniel to bring us water. When the soup was served and the kids started loudly, as kids do, complaing about needing water, the poor bus boy noticed and tried to help. However in his earnestness he spilled the trey of water on my son breaking the glasses. He was apologetic at least. The manager did not apologize to my wet son. I can only assume he/she was not informed. The pricing on the website is different than thst of the menu. The meal itself was great as one would expect. We had chicken and shrimp Teppanyaki. We were asked if we wanted steamed or fried rice. We chose fried, only after the bill came did we discover that fried rice was extra. When asked about it the waiter inginually said "sorry about that". The kids loved the show and the cook sang Happy Birthday, and continued to acknowledge my son and his special day throughout our time. I'll be back to visit Kobe ' s but I will ask for a different waiter if he is still there.
By: shawnybug
I got totally blessed with a gift card to Applebee's and took the family out to dinner. After we were seated my husband realized he had forgotten his wallet. I rushed home and he stalled the waiter Ryan E. We ordered off the 2 for 20/25 menu. We order appitizers and the kids quickly ate up the warm lightly salted chips, and our server brought us more, free of charge. The food was good, exactly what one expects from Applebee's. We also ordered desserts. Our server Ryan was very attentive. He made sure our waters were filled, treated our children with kindness, and allowed us the time we needed without any hassle. My children were so impressed, that they insisted I write a review. My youngest even left the table to complement our server. Unfortunately when it came time to pay the bill, my husband stiffed him on the tip. We had already driven away when we realized this, but we both agreed that we had to go back. We didn't have cash so inorder to tip him we had to buy something. I asked for a soda to go, and he charged us for a flavor shot, the cheepest thing on the menu. What an outstanding experience we had.
By: Clarence W.
Taqueria Los Gordos
I rate two stars, and not one, because the food is quite awesome. The portions are also large. I signed up for "five stars" which is a small hard to keep track of purchases at restaurants and other businesses that use this card to track your purchases. I also get a receipt for my business sent to my phone as a text.For the last three visits to Los Gordos, The scanner has not been working. As a result, I have never gotten credit except for the one day that I signed up with them and was introduced to this card. They can't do anything to fix this, but three out of four visits I have not received a credit and the goal is to score points and after 10 visits I get a free entrée. Is disappointing to think that if I were to return that I wouldn't get credit for that visit either so what's the point? If you want good food, this is a great place. I recommend the wet burrito. If you're looking for reward points, do not expect to get them at this restaurant.
By: Gennifer M.
Grand Buffet
The best food ever! Huge variety and very nice staff. Except the blond with all the makeup. She was behind the pay counter up on a ladder cleaning the shelves with her butt crack hanging out. It was not a very nice veiw. She kept wiggling it back and fourth like , ( please look at my crack) I think she is a tweeker, how ever she is nice talking to us. Lolololololol will continue to go there ....
By: Clarence W.
I received a gift card and decided to take my Love to dinner. We looked at the menu here and I can tell you the only downfall is the menu prices are nowhere near accurate! This is only because of rising beef cost however and not Applebee's fault. Just be prepared to spend about a dollar or two more on what YP's menu offers...... And then prepare for AWESOME!
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By: Shastamtnmansfamily ..
Lim's Cafe
Love Lims Cafe! Its the real deal. If you like to try new things, The Mongolian beef is amazing, It is hot so I order mild. Pan fried noodles are the best! The owners are kind and friendly. Its a long time staple in Redding. Its not a fancy place but once upon a time it was. Its been in business, for generations and hopefully years to come!
By: tom.gilbertson.752
La Cabana
The food is great the prices are very fair. Bin there several times. You can't go wrong. Family owned and operated. My Favorite, #1 Special Carne Asada Tacos. They are great, a lot to eat for only $8.99, so don't eat to much chips and salsa before the meal comes. Easy to do because the salsa is great too.
By: melanie.fetty
Gironda's Restaurant
I love this place. I enjoyed a cozy romantic dinner with my husband there a few weeks back. The food was lovey and the service was great. I enjoyed our polenta and the steamer clams were perfect. I will be returning soon with some friends for a fun evening out for drinks and deep dish pizza.
By: Edna H.
Cattlemens Steakhouse
The service was great and the food was fabulous. We thought about going somewhere else tonight, but with the price of your meal and the excellent food and service we couldn't talk ourselves into going anywhere else. Cattlemen's the place.
By: ttsnuffy
Grand Buffet
I've been there a couple of times and I have never been disappointed, but I have never been supper impressed either. for the price it is not a top choice on our family list unless you hit the discount Tuesday. But its worth trying.

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