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By: belleartiste
Chipotle Mexican Grill
My family gets food to go from this Chipotle all the time. The food is great and the employees are always friendly and helpful. The place feels clean but the inside chairs aren't the most comfortable design. If I had to provide any criticism of the food I would say sometimes the steak is a little gristley but that's a minor thing... It's still good enough that I still always order it. I'm also impressed with the speed of their assembly line setup. Even if there's a long line I still get through it quickly. Parking can sometimes be an issue.
By: Kayla C.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Terrible customer service. The employees were too busy goofing around and throwing brooms behind the counter to do their jobs. We were rung up without even being asked if we'd like something to drink. There was food on almost every table and the floor was filthy. I'm certain a health inspector would have shut this place down if they walked in. I love Chipotle, but these employees are not doing a good job of representing the company. At all.
By: Scott M.
Jaimitos Tacos
Jamitoes is fairly new to this location, 2015. Pretty good variety and very eager to please. My only dislike would be the hot sauce choices. Not spicy enough for me.
By: Sharyn R.
Panda Express
Restaurant was clean. Staff was friendly and efficient. Offered a taste sample per policy. Food was up to Panda standards.

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