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By: kristine.miller09
Apple Ford
**Good place to go if you work with the right people... explaination below**Chris Christmas was the salesman that helped us. He went above and beyond with trying to find something that would work with our unique situation (highly recommend chris!). Lots of walking back and forth to the front office where they run the numbers. We ended up in a Honda that my fiancee loved. The numbers werent exactly what we wanted, but they were doable. We took the car on saturday and came back on monday to sign the papers. Well.... Monday was a horrible day. They had promised a certain amount for the trade in we had... and came back and tried to say that they were only giving us 1/4 of what they originally told us. I was not happy, you can't tell us one thing and then do another. I asked to speak to a manager, and they brought back this guy named tall older man named Tom. He came back already hostile and not willing to hear anything I was saying. He gave me attitude and continued to try to push buttons. He ended up walking away, in which I proceeded to voice my opinions loud enough that he responded to me by screaming in the showroom that I was shady customer, although we had be upfront and honest the entire time, after hes statement an employee by the door clapped. I proceeded to ask for the general manager, because I refused to be talked to like that. Travis came back, the sales general manager, he was great. He came back cool and collected. He listened to everything I had to say and he explained what he believes happened. He ended up keeping to the numbers we were promised on saturday and doing everything he could to fix the situation. At the end of the day we were treated great by Chris, Travis and the finance guy (cant remember his name =/ ) it was only the bad experience of overpromising and underdelivering by the finance guys in the front room and Tom that made our experience at Apple Ford a 3 star ( im giving 1 star for each of the guys that gave us outstanding service). My suggestion to you is to go there, there are some great guys in there.. but just be careful.
By: billangie.kurtek
Apple Ford
Decent sales experience, Horrible Service department. Made appointment for warranty work and told I would have to wait for almost an hour before they could get my car in to the shop. Was to take 30 minutes and took 2 hours. My punishment for calling them out on not honoring appointment times. I was one of the first appointments of the day so why the wait. Next visit Quick Lane Oil Change is an oxymoron. I was told I would have to wait 2 hours to get the car in the garage for an oil change. Hello it is a quick lane your suppose to be able to just drive up and give them your keys and go, no appointment necessary. I drove 30 minutes one way to change my oil only to turn around because they are not prepared or professional. I bought a $25,000 car from this dealership and this is the way they treat you. Good bye Apple Ford we are through.
By: Dawn E.
Red Lion Chevrolet
When here had a friend that recommended this place to me was getting my first new car and did not have the best credit they were nice treated me with respect and did not push me into something I did not want and I got a car I absolutely love I would recommend Red Lion chevy to any body with bad credit .

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