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By: Lisa B.
Exeter Healthways
I have been using this place as our family dr for about 7 years, now and I have never, ever had a single problem with them, at all. The staff are always very polite and friendly, and interact with my children and remember us all by name even if we aren't there for our own appointment. They always have a smile and I have never experienced any bad customer service like the previous poster. My dr is delightful and the rooms are always clean and the amount of waiting time has always been minumal. If we've been really sick they've always seen us at the end of the day and if there is an emergency they've always been able to help with any necessary paperwork or referals or info at the drop of a hat. The doctors who aren't my regular dr, have all been friendly and my children have done well in their hands as well as in the staff nurses and assistants. I wouldn't switch doctors unless I moved too far away to go here, I really like this place a lot!
By: Michelle P.
Exeter Healthways
Very disappointed with this organization. First of all, they moved and I was never notified though my address has not changed for the past four years. My phone and email still work also. Found out today when I went for my afternoon appointment via a note on the door. I arrived at the old location 30 minutes early. Once I read the new location off the door, I plugged it into my GPS but that had me driving around in circles. I then called the office but they put me on hold so I parked the car and started to walk and asked the local businesses where the new place was...in 72 degree weather. I was 15 minutes late and was told I had to reschedule. I think I would not have minded the inconvenience if I felt that the office staff had some kind of empathy with my situation. Second, I have not been able to make an appt for months now...I would have seen the flyer then. Jena Pinkos is no longer there anyway, so good-bye Exeter Healthways!
By: Jesse R.
Exeter Healthways
Eric Newman, DO has done camp physicals for me for 20 years. Also has removed three growths for biopsies and froze many others off. (Spent my childhood summers in shorts and a hat.) Jena Pinkos, PA has helped me twice; first time Jena fixed a cholesterol prescription the pharmacy couldn't get right, and, when I contracted cellulitis, the minute she saw me (she saw my chart first) she told my wife to take me directly to ER and called them to get ready for me. Seriously; within an hour of seeing her I was lying in a hospital bed with tubes in both arms. (People lose limbs & die from cellulitis.) Scheduling appointments, getting prescription refills and getting shots are painless too.
Tips & Advices
Examples of podiatric specialties include orthopedics, primary care, sports medicine, surgery, podopediatrics​, and wound care and management.
Podiatrists can perform surgery on the foot, ankle, and related lower extremity structures. These procedures can range from noninvasive to reconstructive.
Podiatrists can provide stem cell therapy, custom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, and treatment for toenail fungus, common foot issues, and ingrown nails, among many other services.
Every visit with a podiatrist varies depending on the condition and the amount of discussion and treatment necessary. Initial appointments can last up to 45 minutes, while subsequent routine meetings take at least 30 minutes.
In most cases, foot and ankle services that podiatrists provide are covered by health insurance. Not all podiatrists participate in all health insurance plans, however. Consult your specific coverage to better understand its podiatry offerings.

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