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By: dexter c.
Ignition Fitness
Myself, my son and my wife work with Mike, and we have for a little over a year so far. I began with Mike as I had him work with my son "working' my sons running technique. Mike is an accomplished Track and field athlete as well as an accomplished keetle bell instructor that is motivated to be the best. Mike understands how to train a MMA fighter and the difference between that type of athleticism and a 12 year old baseball player as well as a housewife who wants to just look great. I am beyond happy with what he has brought to our family and the uniqueness of his workout. I measure my familys work outs by how far past what we thought our limits were, to where we got to. Mike knows where your limits our and gets you motivated to push past and exceed your "limits." In addition to his "uncanny" way of turning a common household appliance into a tool to work out with. Without a keen understanding of the "athletic" mind set, as well as the body in general none can get the results Mike seems to can get from anyone. I have not thanked Mike but I will here, "Mike my wife looks HOT." Thanks.
By: Jay W.
Ignition Fitness
I have been training with Mike since late last year. He is incredibly intelligent and a lot of fun to train with! He is truly a master of his craft. I enjoy working with the Kettle Bells and have seen amazing results from his training with these and other tools. I, like Phillip, was skeptical at first about these odd looking weights, but now I look forward to working with Mike and his Kettle Bells. I would recommend Mike Visscher to anyone looking to get fit. He is fun to work out with and I look forward to each of his sessions (which seem to fly by). I will never train with anyone else! Having never used kettle bells before, I was a bit unsure how such an ""archaic-looking"" method would benefit me more than the high-tech machines that litter the gym. Under Mike's instruction, I have come to appreciate what a great work-out can be achieved by doing numerous variations of exercises using the kettle bells alone. Mike is truly a master of his craft!
By: Reg D.
Ignition Fitness
I had a strong foundation of resistance training under my belt before my first session with Mike, including over one year of practicing with kettle bells and 18 years of more traditional resistance training with barbells & body weight. As a result of working with Mike over the last six months, I have improved my kettle bell lifting technique, reduced my strength imbalances, and improved my endurance.With Mike's critique I have validated certain variations of kettle bell lifting that are the most efficient for my body type in addition to identifying technique that if left unchecked, could lead to an increased strength imbalance or injury. I am grateful to train with Mike because he is well rounded when it comes to implementing corrective stretches and variations in resistance exercise to address compensations that come along with training at a high intensity.
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By: Lynda T.
Ignition Fitness
I needed to kick start my weightloss and conditioning ambitions so I began looking for a local personal trainer. I chose Mike after reading his reviews. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after the initial workout, I knew I had found a real personal trainer and an RKC to boot. Mike is an excellent, knowledgable kettlebell instructor. It is his abililty to be able to blend in other forms of exercise tools along with kettlebells and the Hard Style principals, that sets him apart from the rest of the personal trainers out there. He is able to tailor the workout to your ability level, and then take you beyond what you thought your limits were. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike, not only as an RKC, but as a personal trainer as well. If you need assistance in reaching your kettlebell and fitness ambitions, Mike is the one to contact.
By: Virginia T.
Ignition Fitness
Never using kettle bells and tired of the same old works outs we thought we'd give this a try. My husband and I have been working out with Mike since Jan 09. Our daughter started mid year. We always look forward to the workouts because we know Mike will push us beyond our limits which can be exhausting but worth it. Mike truly is a great instructor. He has great knowledge of Kettle Bells and explains why the exercise is good for us and always makes sure our technique is correct. He is always confident that we can do the exercises he gives us and never makes us feel insecure if we have a hard time getting it right! If you are ready to get into a serious workout I would strongly recommend Mike as your trainer. Give him a call. You won't be sorry!!
By: May M.
Ideal Fitness Center
Keith has done everything to make sure that gym is running well and continues to stride to have customer service. I don't know anyone who knows people by name and checks them in. Awesome bro. I do like he cross fit equipment because lifting gets boring to me. With this heat I love his gym and honestly I rather make the drive there than fitness 19 or 24 hour fitness. The bathrooms are like what CAC had but eh I am not there for the bathrooms, I lift in the weight room. For he price it isn't hard on the pocket but It's nice to have a gym that's not packed wall to wall with people. Try a 3 day pass and get your lift on.
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By: Emmanuel W.
Ignition Fitness
Great instructor is an understatement. Mike is one of the most motivating and enthusiastic folks I've had the privilege to hook up with in my years of fitness. He truly loves what he does and it shows in his instruction. Was turned on to Kettle Bells and referred to Mike from a friend and it’s definitely a love/hate relationship as in it’s the best all around workout I experience during my week of various activities but man does he make you work for it. Highly recommend, from beginner to advanced he can take you to a new level.
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By: Jamel J.
Ignition Fitness
I am very impressed my Mike's knowledge and expertise. As a physical therapist with my doctoral degree, I can attest to the depth of his knowledge. Not only that, but he is excellent at teaching new skills. He is able to quickly spot areas that need improvement and will give exercises to target those areas. His training sessions are challenging, yet fun and creative. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone, at any fitness level.
By: William G.
Ignition Fitness
Mike was a pleasure to learn from. Easy going and very approachable. Mike has been trained very well and he passes that along to those that he teaches. He is very intelligent and educated. I, along with two other trainers from my Training Center went to him and learned a great deal about Kettlebell. I have already have referred others to learn from him and they are now hooked. Great Instructor
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By: Frederick S.
Ignition Fitness
Had an intro kettle bell class with Mike and he was awesome. Took time to warm up and start to teach some basics as I warmed up. Excellent at explaining all the techniques. Was super patient and that's hard to find in trainers. Also, did not feel pressure to purchase sessions which makes me more willing to return. Keep a lookout for his classes or call him to set an appointment

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