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By: Angela S.
Foundation of Faith Ministries
This is a very small storefront church located at the corner of Coloma Road and Sunrise Boulevard, and I hate to write a negative review of it. The Bishop and his wife, affectionately known as Mother, are absolutely wonderful people who represent Christianity very well. The problem is that a few of the female parishioners have been bilking my father, who has dementia, for his retirement. One of these women is the choir director. I've tried to get my father to start attending a different church, but he won't. Like many people with dementia, he clings to certain routines, probably as a form of denial that the disease is negatively affecting his life. Even so, what kind of Christian women would take advantage of an obviously mentally disabled 81 year old man? I will have to start attending the church to protect him there, but these women are SO relentless, they show up on his doorstep during the first week of the month with their hands out. They even take him to the bank so he will withdraw money to give to them, then disappear until he sees them on Sunday mornings. And they have nothing to do with him until it's time for him to get money from him again. So, if you are an elderly person looking for a church, I would advise people to stay away from this one, at least until some women understand that conning old people out of their retirement money with a sob story is a very un-Christian behavior. There's nothing in the Bible that says you should extort money from people, or anything that prevents you from earning your own, either.
By: Brian C.
Foundation of Faith Ministries
This church although very small, is very love felt when the bishop and his wife and other elders come together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many times I've experienced Holy Ghost meeting where the Word of God was taught correctly, preached and the needs of the people were met all the while ct the Holy Spirit was allowed to lead, guide, and manifest himself. I believe that every church has it's issues and few people who enjoy sewing discord, but this church overall has been healthy for spiritual growth and development and so receives a good report from me..-Carpenter B.

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