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By: Gabe M.
Auction Direct USA
After driving my Sentra for 12 years, and into the back of another car, i thought it was time for a new one. I bought a house near Glenwood, so I knew I would have no problem finding a dealership because there are about 782 of them in a 2 block radius (there are also dealerships located in the bathrooms of other dealerships).As a former car salesmen, I was hesitant to look at anyone else but AD USA or Carmax, because I didn't want any of those sales pitches and lies and them saying "I make the BEST gumbo" (which I know is a lie as I was born and raised in New Orleans). so after a quick 17 hour dissection into what was the better place online, I decided that AD USA just simply had better prices than comparable stock at Carmax. So I packed up my son into the car, asked Lord High Commander (wife) to join me, and off we went on a long and epic journey around the corner to AD USA.Tony was there. I remember his warm smile, his welcoming manner and humble approach when telling us about the dealership. We had contacted him earlier, and had the car I requested outside, awaiting its new owner for a test drive. Believe me, I was excited! But that particular car was a baby blue and I just couldn't even look at it. Thats what happens when you bartend in a collage town for so long that their very color disgusts you.So I look around and got a Mazda3 instead. She was black, had lowish milage, in my price range, and an adapter for my phone so I can listen to Mahler's 2nd Symphony and charge my phone at the same time. It was a good fit for me, and I adopted her and named her Lily.Despite me not even liking the original car I intended to buy, Tony was super patient and eager to assist me no matter the cause. He was great!Then, after I decided on Lily, I met Donna. She was super rad! (do people still use the term "rad"? oh well). What a wonderful women! a super efficient finance manager and overall hottie that hooked us up with a good bank and made all those number good and stuff. Tony may have been super great, but Donna was something of the Heavens.Now, I would say something like "I'm definitely going back to here again!" but this isn't a restaurant, and like my Sentra I drove for 12 years it might be some time before I even think about buying a new car. But that is JUST me personally, and I do not speak for my wife who needs a new car (she wants that weird looking Nissan Juke lol). We will be getting her that car, and only will we get it at this particular Auction Direct USA.If Tony or Donna is out there, and if they read this...you guys are what make this place great. Keep it up!
By: Vira L.
Silver State Imports Inc
So I bought my car today from this place so I am writing more about my experience purchasing the vehicle more than the vehicle itself. I had visited various different places some where the salesperson was trying to sell me a specific type of car instead of letting me purchase the car I wanted. We saw this place passing it on the street and thought that we would look around, and they had cars within our price range, < $20,000. As we started looking at the cars, they asked us if we needed help, and we initially declined. After a while we found a couple of cars that interested us within our budget, so we finally went inside and asked about looking inside and eventually test driving the cars. One of the sales guys grabbed the keys for both the cars we wanted to look at and let us go outside to look in the cars. After looking at both cars, we decided on one we wanted to test drive. After driving, we decided that we wanted to see if we could finance the vehicle. It was about 2 hours later that we were able to drive away in a semi-new SUV. The great thing about this place was the whole time I was able to initiate the process each step of the way without being forced to speak with a manager or having my time wasted trying to explain why I didn't want a specific car. The staff were friendly and very enthusiastic about the car, and they even took us out and showed us how each of the features worked. This is the fourth dealer that I have bought a vehicle from, and it is by far the best experience that I have had with dealers. I actually left feeling excited about the purchase that I had just made. They have a good selection of vehicles to chose from, from $5,000 sedans, to the most expensive one being a $30,000 subaru. Being that most of the depreciation of a vehicle occurs within the first three years, you will find a majority of these ones right after that mark so you can get a nice vehicle after someone else has taken the depreciation hit. They do offer Carfax reports, so I would recommend that you look at those before purchasing a vehicle, but I feel that the quality of cars here are top notch. Finally I was able to purchase a $20,000 SUV with financing through this place at a little above 5%. This includes their Warranty program. I would definitely recommend this dealer if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere where you get to make the decisions.
By: Mary S.
Blue Sky Services
This is going to be a long review. I feel that I should be thorough and give a accurate accounting of how Blue Sky Services did our addition. Living through 4+ months of construction we have to We called them in April to receive an estimate for a couple of new rooms off the back of our home. An estimator called us right away and we scheduled to meeting him about 10 days later. Honestly we would have like to have them come sooner but according to him the schedules did not permit. When he finally came out the meeting was different than the other meetings we had from others. He spent WAY too much time "selling" their services. We were 100% on board with their process and were fairly confident in them based on seeing them around for years. Basically for us it boiled down to price and a gut feeling. Blue Skies passed our gut test. Here is something to consider. We had to pay a decent sum upfront to receive a detailed estimate. This was a bit of a sticking point for us. Their reasoning made sense. Needing to have plans to do our addition. As a consumer we had to ask ourselves if it made sense to spend money when there is a good possibility that the price would make our project cost prohibitive. We had gathered ballparks that seemed extremely low and some that were in the stratosphere.The sporadic ballparks spurred our commitment for a design build estimate. The designers did a fantastic job. No complaints. The lead designer followed through on all facets. Met us at odd hours. Really she is great to work with. We also met one of the owners during the process and he really helped wit the nuts and bolts and actually came up with some nice ideas. All in all they have the design part down pat. NOW the construction. Right from the beginning we felt as though the crews were playing catch up. A week behind then two weeks behind, our confidence waivered seriously. We talked to our p.m. every day and were assured things would pick up. Eventually Jason got the project back on track and "righted the ship". Thank the stars Dimitry and his crew showed up about 2/3 of the way. They were at work early and stayed late just about every day. They were very courteous and CLEAN. The did a great job one the trim and finishing work. A good experience. They exceeded our expectations with some bumps along the way. Our new rooms look great and we are happy. Mary
By: Matt e T.
Blue Sky Services
We are impressed by Blue Sky. Just finished our kitchen in the nick of time for Thanksgiving! My wife found them from our neighbors who had work done by them. So we decided to have them do an estimate for us. The sales associate that came out was Jeremy and he was great. Hew was definitely on the ball. He gave us a ballpark for our kitchen which was higher than the other estimates we got from another kitchen company but waaaaaay lower than a local big box store. Which was surprising by the way. Our experience was much like the previous posts I have read. Even though we heard good things, we were still nervous about our choice: a large investment. we were put at ease by the design staff. Eric 1, Eric 2 and Holly are as good as advertised. Cabinets look great. Tile is great. A great design and quality materials. There is not much to say about the work other than they were respectful and did a great job with details. We did have a minor problem that was eventually solved. I got home from work and realized that the sink that was already installed was not even close to the one that my wife picked out. I brought this to the superintendents attention. Come to find out it was a mistake on the granite fabricator. We did receive a call form the owner to let us know that it would be taken care of - and they did but it took a week to get the sink so that was disappointing mostly because we were sooooo close top being done! Another concern was the process. Having never gone through a renovation, I have nothing to compare it to. Numerous times it seemed like things were left unfinished or done out of order. We brought all of the items to our PM and he was always saying "we are not finished" or we are "waiting for inspections". Turns out he was right they did what they call their punched list to clean up blemishes. In the future we will have a better sense of what to expect. Just be prepared for things to go from rough and ugly to clean and finished pretty much overnight. We were definitely treated well and the follow through was great. We could not be happier with the kitchen. Thanksgiving is going to be much easier this year. Double Oven ^ definitely recommended:)
By: Shelley F.
Ideal Auto
I had a wonderful experience with iDeal Auto. They provided top notch service! I have a growing family and my husband and I were searching for a vehicle that will accommodate all of our children (all in car seats, 3 to be exact). We found exactly what we wanted, not to mention we received a great trade-in amount for my vehicle, we also received a great deal on the vehicle we ended up purchasing. We were able purchase an awesome warranty as well at an affordable price (they offer several options if you want to add a warranty onto the vehicle being purchased)!!! Their vehicles are affordable and they are willing to work with you on the price, the staff is very friendly and laid back. I never felt pressured, and the care they give their customers is unheard of nowadays! This was the absolute BEST car buying experience by FAR that I have ever had, seriously!!!! The service they provide is just off the charts! I cannot even put into words how impressed and appreciative I am of these guys!!! Will and Brett are just amazing to work with!!!! Great, great guys, you never get that car salesmen feel from this place, believe me these guys are not just there to make a dollar they are sincere people!!! Everyone there seemed very friendly, but of course I have to recommend Will and Brett as they were the two that took such good care of my husband and I. They worked with us, helped us get the payment we wanted, and we had a good time during our whole visit!!! They are genuine, down to earth people. They will go above and beyond to help any way they can to try to give you everything that you want. This was a one of a kind car dealer, and I WILL absolutely recommend them to all my friends and family! Absolutely, completely, whole heartedly, super stellar service!!!!!
By: John C.
Blue Sky Services
My wife and I had Blue Sky finish our basement and upstairs remodel. We knew it was going to be a nightmare project from the start for me, my wife and four kids. It started back in September of 2013 meeting with the owner Dave Medvetz and his staff in our home in Wakefield. After many meetings with all parties we choose Dave and Blue Sky quite simply because they soared above every other company and individual we interviewed. We felt as if the project would interfere with our lives for five or so months seeing how we were told that would be the length of the project. The team at Blue Sky had both the basement and the upstairs completed and C0 issued the first week February. We are now settled in to the new spaces and we have just now had time to sit down and commend Blue Sky Services on such a incredible job of quality and craftsmanship. The family and I are most appreciative of Dave and his staff for always being honest and hard working and most of all respectful of my home and family. This was a major undertaking and even though I may of had some doubts about going over budget by many thousands of dollars we now know the reason for having a contingency 15 to 20 percent more budgeted available for the "unknowns" which we now know for the next project. Based on the turnout of our projects we had called Dave and referred our child's school principle who is now having her house majorly renovated by Blue Sky and their Team. My recommendation for everyone is to interview the person and not the price... Hats off to Blue Sky The Choma family
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By: Brian L.
Econo Auto Sales
Missy B., Thank you for the review. Just as I expected I see you forget to mention the details that led up to us having to take back your daughters car. She failed to disclose the actual amount of her wages by providing us with old paystubs. We allowed her to take the vehicle with the exception that she provide us with the current paystub and the needed proof of residence. She failed to do either and I had to contact multiple people on the references list to get in touch with her. You also forgot to mention that I tried for over an hour to find a lender that would do the income provided with the sole purpose of keeping her in the car. As far as me jumping in the car with her, you are correct. She tried to back up while I had the passenger door open and was trying to steal MY car! smh... just as the police told you it is our property.. she hadn't been financed and I had not been paid therefore it is mine. figured with you being a "paralegal assistant" you would understand. "Common sense " anyway, yes I did forget to sign the check, mistakes happen. But your perfect so i guess you wouldn't know what that's like. I guess the key word is I "GAVE" her the money back. And all of it. It wasn't my fault the deal was returned. I didnt even charge her for the mileage or to have the car cleaned, and she drove it for 3 weeks. Your welcome by the way! And check the BBB, your wrong!
By: Shannon J.
Capital Motors
Thank You Mike!! I would say to anyone.... When you go to Capital Motors Auto, ask for Mike! He's the best. He's very knowledgeable about cars and his professionalism and good conscious will never let him tell you any Bull Sh** like many other car salesmen out there. The first time I bought a car through Mike was 4 years ago! At that particular time he was at a different dealership. Have yet to have any issues with my car! No service lights no break downs, Nothing! Just regular oil changes and Tires. So I decided to purchase a another car and go through Mike again! Found out he was at Capital Motors. This time I was looking for a Fathers Day gift for my husband! Something Nice. Mike knew right off the back their inventory vs. what I was looking for. He was very patient with me and worked with me price wise. Anything that I wanted changed or customized was done. The only negative thing was the time it took for them to finished my car. But I charge that to the Dealer itself and not Mike. I took the car to get a service check before purchasing it to make sure it was Ligit....and sure enough it was everything Mike said. Perfect! We've had our Mercedes going on 5 months now with no issues what so ever. So if you are looking for a good car, in great condition, for a great price.....Call Mike ( THE car salesman) @ Capital Motors Raleigh, NC����
By: Joan T.
Blue Sky Services
Nice job guys.I got 3 estimates from contractors to do my bathroom renovation.I awarded the job to Blue Sky Services.They were not the least expensive option but I felt that they offered a better package than the other 2 companiesThe 2 companies that I did not choose were good options but did not have the design capabilities and a one stop shop I need. I must say that my experience with the process of getting contractors to quote my job was exhausting. Much like some other posts I have read,it seemed like a few contractors did not need my business! From the getgo the Blue Sky Services staff was pleasant.They sent out their estimator who was nice enough.He promptly scheduled a designer to meet with me to design a bathroom...OVERWHELMING! Honestly my head was spinning with the options for bathrooms these days.The only advice I can give is to be prepared to make a LOT of decisions.The construction took a lot longer than I expected.The estimator said it would be 4 to 6 weeks and I should have known it would be the upper end of the estimate.They have a great electrician.The tile installers were the best,they are true artisans and they are as good as advertised.But in the end I certainly was ready for them to leave my home.All in all it was a great experience as a consumer.The work quality is superb.Nice job.
By: Amy A.
Dana Dean Roofing Company
I was extremely happy with Dana Dean and found him honest and most professional.I really did my homework on roofers after noticing a leak on our upstairs ceiling. I wanted to get 3 quotes, because roofs are vitally important. I looked on Angie's List, YELP, and other reviews before setting up quotes. Many roofers want to charge to come out, which discourages quotes. Charging for quotes is good for their company, but bad for the consumer. I advise not to consider roofers who charge for estimates. I only considered roofers who offered free quotes.Upon giving a quote, Dana came out by himself (not another worker like the others), and was quite professional. He spent time on my roof. He came back and said it would cost $325 to repair my vent pipe. Other quotes I got were $250, but one roofer didn't have Worker's Comp, and the other didn't show up for an appointment. Dana showed me pictures of rusted nails popping up, uplifted flashing, a shingle up which exposed some wood... all normal wear and tear. He said it wasn't extensive and he could fix all for $625. My gut reaction was to trust him. I hired him, he came quickly and on time, and did good work. I was very pleased.If you're looking for a roofer, I'd STRONGLY suggest DANA DEAN.
Tips & Advices
The most common types of roofing material are:
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate shingles
  • Concrete roofing
Metal roofing material and algae-resistant asphalt shingles are the appropriate roofing material for rainy climates.
Houses located in  areas which are prone to wildfires, should avoid the use of flammable roofing materials such as wood shingles.
Not only should you ask to get in contact with past clients, it is also recommended that  homeowners visit projects currently underway to see how the contractor or company actually performs during a job. You can also go online and check out other customer reviews.
Reputable roofers do offer a warranty against poor workmanship. Additionally, the material used often carries a warranty from the manufacturer against defects (assuming proper installation). It is the homeowner’s responsibility to check on the availability of all such warranties before any work is performed.

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