By: Fred B.
919 Motoring
I was shopping for days online for an affordable way to connect my smartphone to the audio speakers in my 2009 Nissan so when I travel I can use my phone GPS and listen to Pandora and Tunein Radio.I was told by Nissan corp customer service my bluetooth system was outdated and another Audio specialist  company said I would need a new radio system. The Raleigh owner operator Shawn Reilly at 919 Motoring in a minute came up with a simple inexpensive cable connector to my auxilary audio input ports in the back seat from my phone headjack that was the perfect solution.America's small businesses are the backbone of this country and 919 Motoring is a model for small business owners -- knowledge, honesty, value, convenience and customer service. Let's do our best to support role models like Shaun. Definitely go here for your auto communications needs and not to places like Best Buy.
By: Amber H.
919 Motoring
Very bad experience here. Had to go back a few times with a faulty car alarm that was installed. I was very disappointed and ended up having the system completely removed and a new one installed at Sound Station and Security. Waste of money. :(
Tips & Advices
A capacitor is a two-terminal electrical component that is able to store energy, thus they are often found in power supplies. They can be especially important in a stereo system because they can exhibit frequency dependent behavior. What this means is they can be tailored to be used as noise filters to reduce the appearance of a frequency, or they can be used to enhance it. This is particularly effective in differentiating and isolating the ranges in a subwoofer and a tweeter, and in filtering out the potential noise or feedback from the power source.
Most aftermarket speakers are compatible with your factory stereo system. There can be exceptions, for instance, if you have speakers that need extra amplification to drive them to maximum performance, such as large subwoofers, your factory deck may not have the power to drive them adequately. They will play, but not to their potential. Basic speakers should be able to plug right into most standard decks. Factory stereo systems have evolved dramatically over the years and can even meet or exceed aftermarket products.
To install a basic car stereo you will need a minimum of tools. First you may need a puller to remove the existing deck (if there is one). Usually it’s just a thin bar that hooks onto the unit to pull it out. Once the unit space is established, you will need crimpers and wire cutters to strip, connect, and crimp the wiring units (to the speakers and to your power source). It’s a good idea to use connectors for the wiring contacts. It is a simple and basic process. In some cases, you might need some additional basic tools like screwdrivers if you are mounting anything or customizing the dash.
With a basic knowledge and minimum of tools, it is not theoretically difficult to install a car stereo. It is even easier is you are replacing the old deck because the wiring for the speakers and the power source are already in place. Most existing units can be pulled easily from the dash and replaced quickly. This of course depends on the sophistication of the system and the skill of the installer. If no modifications are necessary, it is not an overly difficult or complicated process. There are many sources of information and instructional videos available on the internet to guide you.
A subwoofer is a speaker that is designed to produce sounds on the low end of the audio scale. Subwoofers are usually paired with tweeters, speakers that produce sounds on the higher end of the audio scale, to create a balanced sound.

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