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By: quantumspores
Backyard Leisure
Our experience started out well enough when we went into the Raleigh store and got schooled in all-things Hot Tub. After talking with the manager for about 45 minutes (who was very helpful) we had all the information and we went home to make our final decision. The next day my wife went back to the store and placed her order (Bullfrog A8L, with accessories). Here are the series of events, both positive and negative that followed:1. {negative} The first problem arose about a week later. I got a call [from the owner] to schedule a series of appointments to put in a concrete form, pour the concrete pad and install the tub. During this call the owner casually mentioned several electrical requirements, which were not documented (or mentioned) in the information provided. Great to know but I needed to know from day one when I scheduled my electrician. 2. {positive} When it came time for the first appointment (the concrete form) the crew showed up on time and did a good job. 3. {negative} At the second appointment (pouring the concrete) we had the second problem. Due to rain the crew did not show up to out the slab. They called about two hours earlier saying their would not make it but promised to let me know in the next day or two when they were coming back. After nearly a week I called the store and they informed me the crew was coming the next morning and I should have already been called days ago. Again, nice to know so I could make myself available.4. {negative} The biggest problem came the night before out installation appointment. Since we hadn't heard from anyone my wife called the store to find out if we were still on for the appointment - they told her yes, as scheduled between 9am-11am. Then an hour later we got a call back saying "oops, the tub hasn’t arrived yet it will be a few days late." This started a series of phone calls and back-and-fourth conversations with the owner. During our first call the owner exhibited a great lack of customer service and escalated the tension significantly. After multiple calls we agreed to accept a floor model in order to keep the [highly necessary] appointment time. 5. {neutral} On the day of the installation the crew arrived on time and began the installation. They spend about a hour getting everything in place and hooked up. After a second hour of filling the tub they tested everything asked me if I had any questions and left. Moments after they left I noticed a large (2-3') gouge in the front panel. It had to be obvious to the installers as it would have been eye-level when they were putting the panel on. They never mentioned it.6. {negative} After the initial installation there was the matter of two changes that needed to be made to adjust the floor model to match the specs on what we paid for; an ozone system and a different jet pack. I was told during the initial conversation about using the floor model that both items would be ordered and it would take about two weeks to get them installed. After about three weeks went by I emailed the company to follow-up on these items. I was told the ozone system had been ordered and an appointment would be scheduled for installation. Another two weeks went by and I sent two more emails - without a single response. Finally a little after a month I sent another inquiry in which the response was "your ozone system has already been installed." To my surprise I went out, removed the panel and found it had been installed. The company decided to simply show up, trespass and never let me know they installed it. Not only is that questionable customer service but in some parts of the country showing up unannounced will cause serious problems! Now that this has all been completed if I had to do it over again I would go somewhere else.
By: Chris G.
Rising Sun Pools & Spas
Just want to say Ryan reinforced the reason I continue pass two pools stores when going all the way to your store. I know I pay a little more at RSP over the other pool stores, and more over Home Depot and Lowes (although it had been explained to me that their chemicals and salt are junk ; ), but Ryan spent a good 10 minutes with me on the phone explaining why I should close my pool each winter (this year I was thinking about just leaving it open), and a few better ways to go about doing it. I pretty much can expect some good advice every time I call in, but Ryan was a real help on an issue that's been buggin' me for a while. So that's about it. I rarely take the time to send a note to a business for a good or bad experience, but Ryan spent some real good time with me, and that's why I keep coming across town to RSP.
By: anonymous
Rising Sun Pools & Spas
I just felt the need to write you an e-mail to say that I think your company is incredible. We bought our pool from Rising Sun in 1999 and have enjoyed it ever since. The pool was built to last and we have had only to do some minor maintenance here and there. Not only that, but when there is some small problem, your service techs are out right away to fix the problem as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Your service techs are simply the best. I have never dealt with any company that has the level of customer service and customer satisfaction as Rising Sun Pools. Your staff has always been helpful and extremely courteous and you make a great product that you stand behind. Anyone who buys a pool anywhere else is out of their mind.
By: Tara O.
Rising Sun Pools & Spas
Pete came out this morning to inspect the pool at the home we’re purchasing. Rising Sun Pools has been great to deal with over the phone and email. The real test is, however, how their employees interact with the customers’ in the coustomers’ home, back yard and pool deck. Pete took the time to explain why some things can wait and others need to be fixed right now. To a new home and pool owner, Pete taking his time and walking through what the pool was doing and not doing – and what would need attention and fixing was just outstanding.Buying a home is a tremendous process and a pool ceritanly adds to the stress inintally. Rising Sun Pools and Pete did a great job and we will ceritanly be calling on you and your services again.Thank you
By: kwholder
Backyard Leisure
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We have been in the market for a spa for a few months. We had even considered some used ones we saw on craigslist. However, even though the pricing of the used ones was somewhat attractive, the fear of the unknown kept us from fully pursuing them. We didn't want to be buying someone else's problems and perhaps even their germs - YUCK! Anyway, after months of shopping, we decided to go with the Bull Frog at Backyard Leisure. Not only is our spa awesome, we couldn't be happier with the entire staff at Backyard Leisure! Friendly, knowledgeable service! Highly recommend Backyard Leisure for any one in the market for a spa or pool.
By: Jeannie C.
Backyard Leisure
My experience with Backyard Leisure of Raleigh has been AWSOME. I was very nervous about taking care of such a large pool (24x24). Chris Gainey of Backyard Leisure of Raleigh was so helpful and patient with me. I know I must have called him daily for the first week and twice a week for the next few weeks. He NEVER sounded as if I was a bother and kindly coached me through starting up my pool and maintaining it. I "LOVE" my pool. I can't thank Mr. Gainey enough for his help in picking out the right pool for my family and for getting me started in caring for my pool. I would recommend Backyard Leisure of Raleigh to anyone looking to purchase a pool.
By: sarahroules
Above the Rest Hot Tub and Pool Repair, Inc.
Thank you for the excellent service! They took excellent care of our tub. The circuit board was fried from another company installing the wrong size breaker and wire. They recommended a good electrician who was fairly priced. I now feel like I have a good grasp on our tubs chemistry. Thanks for holding my hand and walking me through it so many times. (I have contacted them about 5 times since their service call) The new cover fits very well!
By: kippyjane
Above the Rest Hot Tub and Pool Repair, Inc.
We called them Saturday evening thinking we could schedule a visit for Monday upset since we had guests coming over and it sprang a leak. He said that's an emergency and arrived within 30 minutes. Something had simply come loose due to vibration and he showed us how to fix it the next time!
By: Richard P.
Backyard Leisure
These guys are the best in the business... hands down, some of the hardest working guys out there. They do their own work, no subs which is great. And they stand by their work and products 100% love it... they have a customer for life.
user avatar
By: Angie H.
Backyard Leisure
We just bought a house that had a pool and hot tub already installed. Being newbies we needed to learn a lot, and they answered every question and took the time we needed to understand how to maintain our pool and hot tub.

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