By: faircitizen
Ace Towing & Recovery
My car was towed from in front of my house even though the Home Owners Association explicitly told this company not to tow for hang-tags at that point. They took my vehicle in the middle of the night... you can only imagine my surprise when I woke up to leave for my vacation and my car was missing. I made a few phone calls and finally found out that my car was taken by Ace Towing. I asked my HOA to get involved with the recovery of my vehicle and they helped communicate and retrieve my vehicle. Ace Towing admitted their mistake, towed the car back to my home for free, and returned it albeit with damage to the front bumper. I called the company and explained to them what I noticed and to make this long story short, the company paid for the repairs as well as a rental vehicle while I had to wait. Overall, this is something that could have been avoided in the first place but it was nice to deal with someone who seems honest and cares about being a good business person. I finally have my car back, the repairs have been made, and I am carrying on as if this never happened.
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By: alanstowing
Alan's Towing & Recovery
I believe the customer above is mistaken as to what business she was dealing with, which was Precision Tune. Precision Auto and Precision Tune are two completely different entities. Alan's Towing & Recovery, Inc DBA Precision automotive does not sell tires, we do not offer coupons, and our tire rotations are $40.00. I am a female and I am employed by this company. They, in no way, treat me any less civilized as they would any customer. If you have a question, they will gladly explain it to you and try to help you in any way we can. We have several female customers that have came to us for years to have their vehicles worked on. Males and females are treated with the same kindness and general care. I am sorry that your experience was not a good one and I wish you the better luck the next time that you need to have some work done.
By: kesshir
Alan's Towing & Recovery
The professionalism of Driver Billy Collins was totally awesome When I say he went above and beyond that's an understatement. I work at Greyhound and will continue to pass on the great experience that i encountered with this company on June 15, 2013. The Driver could have left me stranded like the previous company did he also made me feel safe in an awkward situation where my surrounding was not comfortable. He did a remarkable job getting me and vehicle home. If anyone at my Greyhound location is in need of a tow I will be calling Alan's Towing their the BEST!!!!
By: Jay B.
Ace Towing & Recovery
I would like give this company a excellent review for customer service regarding a recent situation in which my vehicle had to be towed, and there was some possible damage associated with the tow, and although the evidence was not conclusive in terms of the towing causing the damage, they were willing to ensure that I came away satisfied. There is something to be said for integrity, and cultivating relationship. Patronize this business!!
By: aimee199
Ace Towing & Recovery
Ace Towing & Recovery is a very professional company. The staff there is very nice. One of the employees there was kind enough to assist me in getting my vehicle back. I would recommend Ace Towing & Recovery to anyone!.
By: jgk326
Ace Towing & Recovery
I had a junk car I wanted to get some money for and I found Ace Towing online. They got to my house about an hour after I called and gave me cash for my junk car. All while providing Grade A Service!
By: smauney1313
Ace Towing & Recovery
Good experience with Ace Towing! I was in town for a visit and broke down. I didn't know where to have them tow my car but the driver gave me a great recommendation to a local shop for service.
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By: Kristin and jesus R.
Alex Towing & Auto Services
Fast and reliable����. Thanks for helping me out. Very respectful Great Service, will definitely keep this company for further Towing and Auto Services ����������������
By: donnaandhubby
Ace Towing & Recovery
Ruben has always done a fantastic job!. He genuinely loves what he dose for a living and that is what makes this towing company a pleasure to work with.
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By: Tracey C.
Alan's Towing & Recovery
Big Chris was so kind when he come to pick up my car. This is an honest group of guys and I will use them again without hesitation. Thanks again!

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