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By: Mike V.
Joker Smoker Tobacco Shop
The previous comments i have seen are given on a feeling or opinionated kind of way. i would to start off by saying this, i wasn't treated with any disrespect by the owner himself, Billy, whatsoever. Billy first glanced towards my way and welcomed me with a simple "good afternoon, how are you today". I pay attention to the head/smoke shop and the person running them and i decide whether i want to come back or not and this guy helped me choose my first set of hookah equipment( first visit), helped me with a choice of flavors that was not expensive AT ALL compared to smoker friendly or any close by smoke shop. Second visit, my father who smoked for 45 years has chosen to quit smoking because of this guy everyone seems to frown upon. MY father has not picked up a cigarette ever since he bought and electronic vapor to help him quit smoking. And overtime we walk in we are greeted with a smile and a welcoming feeling. Thats just the personal side, but business side i think Joker Smoker has THE MOST IVE EVER SEEN any smokeshop has to offer to this day. i love going there and i recommend it for other people to check it. Mr. Joker. (thumbs up)
By: willakay
Joker Smoker Tobacco Shop
After smoking cigarettes for 50+ years, I bought an electronic cigarette at Vintage Joye while visiting my daughter in Naples, Fl. Until recently, I had not been able to anything close to the same quality in Raleigh, not @ Mr. Tobacco, not @ Smoker Friendly & not at Discount Raleigh Smoke Shop (where I spent ~$100 for a similar but inferior product. They insisted they knew what they were talking about. They didn't).I continued to order on-line from Vintage Joye. Then I heard about Joker Smoker. SUPERIOR PRODUCT at a good price. Thrilled! Yes, the owner is everything the previous person said. BUT I got what I wanted & had searched for. VERY HAPPY!! If your goal is to buy an excellent e-cig @ a good price, GO HERE. If your goal is to meet just the nicest, sweetest person in the world, go elsewhere. As for me, I have my own loving friends & family.
By: John A.
Joker Smoker Tobacco Shop
Great customer service. I checked out bothere locations bc I'm a traveling salesmen and this is a amazing and I hope this company grows more and becomes a respected franchise.
By: Caleb F.
Joker Smoker Tobacco Shop
I went in to buy a e-cig for the first time and the service was great!! i learned so much in 10 mins and the owner was nice and funny lol! my friends and i love this place:)
By: Brad W.
Carolina Vapor Lounge
Great Atmosphere, helpful staff. Love the 919 liquid - You must try the Mojito, I will be returning again and again for this alone! Thanks Derek!
By: Steve T.
Joker Smoker Tobacco Shop
GREAT customer service!!!!!!! I like the selection and the environment everything In I'm this place.
By: William B.
Carolina Vapor Lounge
Knowledgeable staff. Great products. 919 Liquid Line is awesome!

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