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By: jesusvictr
Saleeby & Wessels Proctology
We arrived to the apt. early, and we had all our paperwork filled out before arriving, thanks to the website that provided all the needed pdf files to allow me to have all that ready. I was taken back to meet the doctor by a friendly, cordial nurse, and I was pleased that I was even taken back early. I met with Dr. Wessell in a conference room to discuss health history and the reason for my visit. He was both friendly and professional. He took his time understanding the issue and then invited me to the exam room to have an assessment with assistance of the nurse. He completed a through exam, while being calm and helpful to make the assessment go as easily as possible for me, helping to make the exam as relaxed as possible. He gave an easy to understand explanation of what was happening and how to best treat the difficulty. While I had some concerns that I might be overdue for a colonoscopy he explained that I was actually not due for one for another several years, which impressed me, as I know some Dr's are eager to order all the tests that one is willing to take (and more). So I appreciated his honesty and looking out for my overall good. This appointment went incredibly smoothly and I was finished and checked out almost before my arranged time! Now, I know that this can't always be the case, as schedules are different each day with different patients, but it was good to see that when timing allowed for a quick get in-get seen-get out appointment that the staff were ready to do just that. I was very impressed with the staff and their friendly and professional attitudes, from the office greeting to the doctor/surgeon himself they were all excellent. We are very pleased to rate this office 5 stars!
Tips & Advices
Proctologists and gastroenterologists are similar in that they both specialize in diseases and conditions that affect the gastrointestinal tract, but they differ in terms of the treatment modalities they use. Proctologists are surgeons, and they use surgery to treat conditions such as anal warts, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease, and colon cancer. Gastroenterologists are medical doctors, but they are not surgeons, and they use treatments other than surgery to manage disease.
A visit to a proctologist can take 20-60 minutes or more. The length of time required for your appointment will depend on whether you're a new or established patient; new-patient visits tend to last longer. Also, if you're having a procedure such as a colonoscopy performed, this will extend the duration of your appointment.
During a visit to a proctologist, you'll be asked if you've experienced symptoms that concern the rectum and colon. These include itching, pain, bleeding, and difficulty passing stool. You'll also be asked about your sexual history. The proctologist will visually examine the area around your anus. This doctor will also perform a digital rectal exam, and this involves the insertion of a lubricated gloved finger into your anus to detect abnormalities. In some cases, you might be asked to cleanse your colon with an enema prior to the office visit.
In its earliest stages, there are no symptoms of prostate cancer. In more advanced cases, those who have this disease might have difficulty urinating, especially at night. They may also notice blood in their urine or semen, and they might have problems obtaining an erection. If prostate cancer has  spread to the bones, you may experience pain in the hips, back, and chest.
Prostate cancer is one that affects this gland found only in males, and it's responsible for producing some of the fluid found in semen. The prostate gland is located below the rectum and in front of the bladder. In younger men, the prostate is the size of a walnut, but it can grow significantly larger as you age.

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