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By: Raven M.
The Garden on Millbrook
Our wedding was in September of 2015. We utilized The Garden on Millbrook Catering at the Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC. The food was delicious. Everyone loved it! However, we did have some issues with Garden on Millbrook that were frustrating to say the least.We purchased the Terrace Menu in August 2014 at the price stated at that time for 214 persons which was to include> Two Chilled Food Displays> One Baked Display> Two Hot Chafing Dishes> THREE Butler Hors d'Ouevre > Selection of Garden Sliders We only had 2 selections from the Hors d'Ouevre menu, which we were missing the spanakopita we selected for our menu.We also ran out of sliders which is a tough pill to swallow seeing as how there were not 214 guests present. There were empty chairs in the room that amounted to 3 full tables worth of persons who did not attend. To my understanding, portions were to be monitored by the Garden on Millbrook staff which we should not have run out of food. Especially since the amount of 214 were not in attendance.My last request was that drinks and selections from the Hors d'Ouevre choices be brought to the wedding party which did not occur properly. The bridal party received a small amount of Mac and cheese and chicken Apple purses which we had to share. We got nothing to drink. The groomsmen received nothing, seeing as how we had all been at the venue since 12:30, was very disheartening. And the groom who paid for the event was not able to partake in his own investment.Another tough pill to swallow is the service charge increase that we were not advised about until 5 days before the final payment was due. From 200 to 214 being a $2,000 difference was extremely unnecessary to say the least even after removing the linens and champagne for every guest. Our "estimate" should have been a little more accurate. The company increased the service charge and we were not notified until 5 days before the wedding when we received our final invoice. There were also other fees that were wrongly estimated that accumulated to an additional $2000 we were unaware of. Having to pay an extra $2,000 5 days before a wedding that had not been planned for is not a pleasant feeling. Overall service was decent. Most of the staff was very friendly and efficient. However, we did not receive our monies worth of food or service. The Garden On Millbrook was not very flexible as far as working with my wedding coordinator and understanding the separation of duties. She was paid to do her job, and the Garden was compensated to cater. That's another story. Marc from The Garden on Millbrook is aware of everything included in this review. We were reimbursed for the missing appetizer. However, we do not feel like customer service was where it should have been for the investment made. If we could do it all over again, we would chose a caterer who was a little more honest with their pricing from the beginning.
By: Donna J.
Captain Stanley's Calabash Seafood
Rarely go now compared to before they changed the coleslaw! The coleslaw has gone to the dogs.This place has been a favorite for many years, however.... Seafood and delicious coleslaw go together like bread and butter and the coleslaw recipe had changed and it is horrible compared to what use to be. As the story goes, the guy who made the coleslaw retired and the new guy is suppose to be using the same recipe--not so. I have not talked with anyone in line who is happy with the new version of slaw any of the times I have been since the change including today. Today we were told that the retired guy was Melvin and they didn't know if he was still living..furthermore, he must have taken his secret recipe with him--I would think the owner or someone on the wait staff would know what the coleslaw should be like.
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By: Wayne C.
The Cheesecake Factory
Our first time going and the menu is a bit overwhelming to say the least it's like 22 pages long I recommend to look it over online but the portion sizes are extra big Our meal choices were small green salad that's enough to fill basketball the appetizer meatballs were 3 large ones full of flavor Margarita pizza is bomb the fried shrimp were huge Baked rosemary chicken was good sauce was a very greasy and ran over everything else on plate lastly is the lighting is very dim which make it hard to read the menu Desert was a bit disappointing the cheese cake is like whipped mush but has great flavor
By: justmindy
K and S Cafeteria
D & S Cafeteria is not only the best because of their delicious home cooked meals. They are the best because owners Sylvester and Diane Smith have created a positive atmosphere with excellent customer service. It is such a blessing to be greeted with the warm and friendly smiles of them and their staff in the middle of my hectic days! You won’t find a meal closer to Mom’s. And their vegetables are delicious! You can get just about anything you want here. Beware of the great desserts! You might leave with more calories than you planned.
By: alexandertd
Mo's Diner
Very disappointing. After hearing good reviews about Mo's Diner, my wife and I went there for date night. The food is very mediocre. The gentleman that served us was not very informative and seem unhappy with an attitude. My wife's food came out partially cold, so they decided to just scrape off the crab meat/vegetable topping on her fish to reheat it! (They also used some canned vegetables) For the money you spend, it is not worth it... I would stick to a place like Second Empire (have never been disappointed)
By: virtualgenious
The Twisted Fork
We had a early dinner on the way to a concert. We had plenty of time and were seated right away. We decided to start with the salad bar which was awesome and had a great selection. Our meals were cooked perfectly and tasted great. Cocktails and beer were delicious. We will definitely be back to try more things on the menu. We just might skip filling up on salad before. :).
By: krookedfeather
The Angus Barn
Had the best time at the Angus Barn. We drove from Charlotte NC for moms birthday and we hadn't eaten here in over 20 years. The food was amazing. Loved the wedge salad and the steak was one of the best I've ever had. The service was excellent. Thank you Angus Barn for an incredible dining experience on such a special day for my family.
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By: Margaret W.
K&W Cafeteria
Everyone is very nice and attentive very helpful that's what makes my visit so pleasing. I get take out and I don't have to wait long to place my order. I would like for you all to make more lemon marine. pie sorry for the spelling. I'm 64 give me a break lemon with the white stuff on top okay.
By: shad.in.dc
Beasley's Chicken & Honey
OMG! It's all Good. The wafflea, fried chicken and the Mac and Cheese was freaked delicious. The staff was amazing also. We are visiting from Washington DC. The food and the atmosphere is superb. Mac &Cheese is the best. No extra stuff, just good stuff.
By: loraine_closson
The Twisted Fork
We eat here at least once a week because we are not fans of chain restaurants and like that Rocky Top Hospitality sources product locally when at all possible. The food and service are always outstanding. The portions are huge when means leftovers!!

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