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By: E I.
Talis Management Group Inc
Talis Management Group is the worst of the worst management companies.Talis needs to be held accountable for their lack of upholding their mission statement. If we were responsible for exterior maintenance we would be fined without fail. Landscapers are unprofessional, inept, and know nothing about maintenance or landscaping. Shrubs are left in place long after they have died and debris is blown against our fences, gates, flowerbeds, and homes.With ongoing and serious erosion from faulty drainage and grading, my home's foundation is cracking and they refuse to remediate even though they received a report from my home inspector several years ago.The quality of their contractor's workmanship is subpar and leaves much to be desired. We are compelled to pay for the havoc they wreak and the damage to our property.They make totally incorrect and unreasonable decisions regarding our homes and we pay the mortgage and insurance.Talis Management Group, Inc. has a flagrant disregard for honesty. They delay and or ignore providing a timely and truthful response and label you a complainer.Positive reviews are obviously written by employees, their family or their friends. Numerous residents have all complained about the incompetence and irresponsibility of this company.They do not care about the community because they do not live in it. It is obvious they do not walk the area or, if they do, they have blinders on. There are numerous blatant issues which they "don't see" and refuse to acknowledge.NEVER buy a property they manage or you will suffer nightmares!!!
By: Jonathan E.
Dawkins Properties
SCHRADER PROPERTIES If you a new stove, A/C Unit ect.. They will replace because it's the law. Bring up the infestation of ROACHES they will spray once. If you keep pressuring them they will tell you that you are the cause. That's it. They make money on turn over. If you're annoying them over issues that REAL PROPERTY MANAGERS would address ASAP. Well will treat terrible so you will MOVE. $$$ They make money out of turnover. Why deal will you when they can KEEP your deposit and put in new tenants.. They DO NOT notify you if there is an issue with rent. They don't even notify if there is a problem until 2 business day before sending it to court for eviction. I have direct payment. Something went wrong. I had no idea until. They received only a $150. I just signed my 13th lease and they still treat me terrible. I'm Disabled so i'm stuck here. I've met numerous renters and everyone says the same thing. They are slumlords. The properties are mostly run down apartments. They are nasty people. "We don't call or notify you about rent, YOU KNOW when your rent is due." -Manager. I then in formed her that just sent a transfer for $525.00 my bank to theirs. THIS IS WITHIN 90 Mins OF THEM CONTACTING ME. Her response "It better be here by Mon. It's not paid until it's in our account." (90 MINS)If they will treat me like this after all these years, Imagine how they will treat YOU. This after paying rent 143 months without incident. And 2 service calls. Wow most renters would love this. Not SCHRADER I get 98% Attitude & total disrespect. Horrible people to deal with. If you a new stove, A/C Unit ect.. They will replace because it's the law. Bring up the infestation of ROACHES they will spray once. If you keep pressuring them they will tell you that you are the cause. That's it. They make money on turn over. If you're annoying them over issues that REAL PROPERTY MANAGERS would address ASAP. Well will treat terrible so you will MOVE. $$$ They make money out of turnover. Why deal will you when they can KEEP your deposit and put in new tenants..
By: Angela T.
Clark Properties
We had a hard time getting stuff fixed though Clark properties. We had to endure days of backed up sewage and then the only reason they finally got someone out there to fix it was because we threatened them with no rent and court. Clark properties lied and stole most of our security deposit!!! They charged us for new vertical blinds, when they were half gone when we move in. we were charged for removal of a tv that was upstairs, when this tv was there when we moved in and that's why we left it. and they charged us for removal of track lighting and this track lighting was up and part of the home when we moved out. BEWARE!!! Take a 1,000 pictures of every square inch before you move into one of their properties because they will lie and take your whole deposit..
By: Abigayle D.
Edinborough Commons
Worst apartments to live in in the Raleigh area. Had my car broken into a few weeks ago. When the cops came is when I was informed that there have been several break ins over the course of time. Bad thing...none of the tenants were ever informed that these incidents were occurring. The staff is rude, extremely unprofessional and oh so RACIST!!! The old crew have all left, they were bad, but now there's a new property manager, what an ogre. She's the worst and should NEVER be titled manager. I feel bad for the maintenance man, the boss is an old man who is disrespectful and extremely rude.DON'T EVER RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE. UGH!!
By: Thomas M.
Clark Properties
I am very disappointed in Clark Properties of Raleigh. A friend of mine is in the U.S. Military and has been busting his back to find a house to rent. After leaving a message, calling multiple times, and actually viewing a property twice, and submitting an application (spending $50 for the "background check"), they finally answered the phone to tell him that it had another applicant. You would think that after a property has an applicant they would update the listing, notify the other people interested, or at least return a phone call. Finding a home can be stressful, especially when the military doesn't give you much time to do so. This is the thanks that our Veterans get after returning from overseas. Bait and switch
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By: Laura B.
Hawthorne Glen at Strickland Apartments
These apartments are horrible, they are infested with bugs and ants, the manager is so rude, the amenities can only be use on the manager terms even though we pay all this money to stay there. I had over 25 work orders in one year, and some or the problems were never fix. the apartments are falling apart they just try and cover up.
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By: Nicole O.
Clark Properties
Applied for an apartment that has been on the market for 9 months. When we applied, we were told we needed proof of employment. We currently live out of state, so we provided proof of employment in our home state. After we submitted our application and $100 processing fee, I received an email that our application could not be processed because we don't not have employment in NC. We offered to show bank statements, and explained that we are working with head hunters, but they wouldn't budge. "We'll cut you a check for your application fee" Fast forward 3 weeks, I emailed Deb Dixon and she assured me that it should be in the mail in the next couple of days. As of two days ago, I was told that they will NOT be refunding our money. When I asked to speak with someone in their accounting department, they tried to transfer me to Theresa. Theresa couldn't be bothered to speak with me, so they took down my number. She has yet to return my call. These people are criminals. They're claiming that the criteria states that you must have proof of employment. It does not state employment must be in NC. I'm currently disputing the charge with my bank. GOOD LUCK if you apply for housing through this agency. They're morons.
By: Derek H.
Pines Of Ashton
This place is cheap but not worth it. They left a not on my car saying that it would be towed if it was not inspected even though it was but they gave me 30 days to make a fix. The office did not care even though its a state law. That's not how you treat good residents so now I will let everyone know how I really feel about POA. Now on to the rest of the issues. By far one of the worst places to live. 3-5 office staff make it seem like everything they have to do is a burden and give you attitude no matter what you say. If you are looking for any sort of customer service then you will be lucky to get it when your signing you lease and surly wont be after that. The maintenance staff comes in and does the least amount of work to make it appear that they have fixed you issue but really they just mask it. ROACHES are everywhere! We have had them spray are apartment 3 times in the last 2 weeks and they are still there. We also had water damage 2 times. The first time they did not fix the issue but marked it as complete. Then when they came back they patched it but did not replace it even though there was black mold. Eventually they did fix it after I went to the office and called them out about it. The second time there was water damage to the sealing and they came into fix another issue but did not fix the sealing AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! its still not fixed. as for the other residents, you are pretty much guaranteed to have at least one person with no respect. Consistently have trash (beer bottles, cigarette packs, ect) left outside the building. Kids run wild and parents don't seem to care. At first I chocked it up to you get what you pay for but after I now see that even the good residents they don't care about. I feel the need to allow everyone to see what Pines of Ashton is really about.
By: Madison B.
Murray V G And Co Inc
What a nightmare! Be warned, this company will try and screw you over at EVERY. SINGLE. TURN. I learned the hard way, they failed to come and fix the issues we had. When it came time to move out and we had questions we were met with such a rude woman on the phone who wouldn't answer any questions and was downright awful. Then when I called back and spoke to Carl he was just as rude, refused to explain or help and kept saying "you didn't do what you were told", like we were children. It has been baffling. We haven't received our security deposit back, instead we got a bill for our neighbors trash that they blamed us for. When I called to dispute the charges I got the run around and finally Carl called me back and had the audacity to insult me. Refused to send me a copy of the bill (even though it has my name on it, my old roommate got the only copy) and insisted I come in person to discuss it. When I said I had called for the last 3 months and provided a forwarding address he refused to listen and insulted me again. I would never in a million years recommend this company to anyone. Stay far far away!!!
By: Angela K.
Wilson West Agency
This has been the worst agencies I have ever delt with. If you put in a work order they won't come and do the work, or they send 10 different people to say something different. My son's ceiling has HUGE BROWN spots for 2 months now, obviously from a leak...3 times we have put in orders and No one has showed up to look at it. Now I have standing water in my kitchen closet and the girl next door has standing water in her living room. They sent over a guy again to say it wasn't a hot water heater leak but something different..This is the second time this has happened. I had water last time pouring in like a faucet in the same closet..and the guy said oh it coming from the clogged AC condensation pipe...FROM THE CEILING??? Now standing water in both units and the guy is saying the same thing...I'm so pissed about dealing with Richard and the 5 different property managers we have had and nothing getting fixed!!!!

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