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By: reviewer7777
Movers Not Shakers
I was so impressed and BLESSED by the Movers Not Shakers crew!! My husband and I had spent hours getting our boxes out of storage in an attic and had to drive our moving truck the next morning to move into our 3rd floor apartment. We realized we just could not do it by ourselves. That Friday morning, I called a few prices and were quoted unrealistic prices. Fearing I would have to do it myself for a second day....Tom returned my phone call and was so polite. He continued to follow up with me throughout the day so that he could be as prompt as possible. Unfortunately for them we arrived at the hottest part of the day in Raleigh, NC. They pulled up ready to go. They did not complain. They were fun to chat with. They were soaked by the time they were finished. These men moved us in in such a short period of time. There were no breaks and taking a long time to stretch out their hourly pay. They showed so much work ethic and integrity. They cared for my things and nothing was dented, scratched or placed where I didn't want it to go. Lucky for me, they had a spot open and were able to come same day with a price I could afford and a friendly attitude that blew me away. I would recommend them to anyone and would definately hire them to move us again!
By: Jack C.
American United Vanlines
I am a repeat customer of American united vanlines. So, I knew what to expect from them. This time when I called them, their sales guy quickly scheduled an appointment, sent a guy to my house for the onsite estimate that made the inventory list as well. They offered a good deal and assigned a great moving team. They showed up on time for the packing, showed their skills and used their experience to the best use. They made the task of packing and loading look very easy which was not easy at all. The same crew delivered my belongings at the other end. They delivered everything in great condition and charged me exactly what was quoted initially. Well done guys, you eventually did more than what I was hoping for.
By: Peter G.
American United Vanlines
It was nothing less than a delightful experience moving with the best in this business. I heard a lot about American united vanlines and saw many great customer reviews. So, I called them. The sales rep was smart enough to quickly understand my requirements and he offered me a deal which seemed to be tailor made for my needs. I grabbed his offer and assigned them for my move. I have to admit that they actually did a lot more than what I was looking for. The guys and the team leader worked as a unit and managed to overcome the odds very smartly. They showed their skills and experience during the packing, moving and loading and unloading. Being honest, they have given us the best moving experience ever.
By: Kristopher W.
American United Vanlines
I have been treated like a VIP customer by their rep. Booking with them for the move and scheduling was very easy with them. The onsite estimate was highly precise and very detailed. The entire process was crystal clear to me, thanks to the moving rep for making me understand everything. The foreman and his helpers were very fast in packing yet extremely careful. They wrapped and boxed all the fragile items, padded the furniture and loaded everything while making sure every inch of the truck was used. We received all our belongings within the designated time and we did not have to see anything unpleasant. I must admit that American united van lines did deliver exactly what I was looking for.
By: Martin G.
American United Vanlines
My move was pretty great! The greatness started when the team arrived at my house to pick up my things. They tried to have fun while working but at a very professional level. I think it was because I have a 3 year old son. They just wanted to make sure that he was happy and helping so he did not get bored. But they wrapped up my things so perfectly! In my past moves, the companies just throw a blanket on top with tape and call it a day. These guys used more than one blanket plus plastic protection; I was so thrilled when I saw that. And of course due to their wrapping I got my things the same way I had them. Thanks guys!! I will highly recommend American united vanlines to everyone!
By: Adam A.
American United Vanlines
My team was excellent! Not only did they come on time with all the necessary equipment, but also did a great job packing my furniture and loading it into their truck. They were prompt, professional and efficient. And not only that, but they had nice and clean uniforms. This is not very often these days! These guys were recommended by my colleague and I am glad I hired them. The quote was OK, I was even able to save some money. My belongings stayed intact. There were no scratches or dents anywhere and that was exactly what I was most afraid of. Overall experience- AWESOME! If I need to call a moving company again, I know whom I would choose for sure- American united vanlines!
By: Henry W.
American United Vanlines
I have heard a lot of American united vanlines from my cousin Ben. He gave me their number, so I called them. Their sales rep explained me everything in detail, told me what to expect from them, was very transparent and gave me a good price. I hired them for the full service. Everything was perfectly planned and executed by the moving team. They showed up on time, packed my valuables, completed the loading with ease and also delivered all my belongings before the deadline and without any unpleasant circumstances. The best part was the final bill, which was $10 less than the original quote. I am surely going to hire this company if I ever need to move again.
By: Justin T.
American United Vanlines
This company was practically a dream to work with. From the moment the guys showed up until they left, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Polite, effective and efficient. These are not the guys who waste time to make more money. Took such great care with all my furniture and belongings and the only thing that was broken in my move was my own fault because I didn't properly package a fragile item. The company however has some great after services, they called me once the work was done to insure there was no damage and I was satisfied with the way the packers had done the work. I was beyond words after my experience. I love American united vanlines!
By: Kenton B.
American United Vanlines
I am a very curious and a critical person. I do not do anything without a lot of queries. But from the first contact to the finish of the move they were courteous, professional and always happy to assist my many questions and concerns. I felt assured before the move that they really do care and they will work very hard. The sales rep was wonderful in the office and the crew members were absolutely excellent. They reached 30 minutes early and worked non-stop until the job was done, no fuss just excellence (also no breakages)! I would highly recommend American united vanlines for a very professional, kind and pleasant experience.
By: Jaime V.
American United Vanlines
American united vanlines probably has the most hardworking, efficient and friendly herd of movers who make this almost impossible job of moving heavy furniture look easy. This company is just so good. They did everything right during my last move. They showed up on time, boxed everything properly and delivered on time. The movers were all such strong men. It is a hard job but they carried everything with strength and enthusiasm. The final bill came slightly over the quote but the initial estimate was very low anyway. I feel very happy when I see people who know what they are doing. These guys broke my meter of happiness.
Tips & Advices
Yes, it’s best to empty drawers, wardrobes and chests before a move. Items always get knocked around a bit, and doors can fly open even if they’ve been taped. In fact, more often than not, movers will want to remove the drawers from a dresser--or disassemble the wardrobe to be more space-efficient.
Yes, it is customary to tip movers, but the amount varies widely. For full-service moves, a 5 percent tip is suggested, although, for extra service, some people go up to 10 percent . For small local movers, you can give each mover $10 for a few-hour job, or $20-$40 for jobs that take longer.
A bill of lading is the legal contract for the move. It provides a detailed receipt, in addition to a contract between the client and the mover. It authorizes the mover to transport the goods from one specific point to another, and it outlines the exact scope of services, with cost breakdown for those services. It also provides an itemized list of the inventory, and carrier liability protection for each declared item. Finally, it specifies the payment arrangement. Make sure to go over your itemized list extremely carefully before finalizing the paperwork--and get a copy of the full document. A good mover will go over everything on the bill of lading with the customer.
There are several items that moving companies will not move – those items will be listed on a document as “non-allowables.” These items typically fall in three categories: perishables, sentimental/personal items, and hazardous material. Perishables are food and plants. Sentimental/personal value is up to the client to decide, but usually includes jewelry, medical and dental records, personal paperwork, valuables and collectibles. Hazardous material is the tricky category, since it includes a lot of everyday items found in the garage, garden or kitchen. For example, cleaning liquids and pesticides both are considered non-allowable by many companies. Some go so far as to disallow nail polish and batteries.
A binding estimate means that the moving company cannot charge more than the stated amount, though they can lower the final bill if the scope of the job was smaller than expected. A non-binding moving estimate is more likely to wind up costing more than expected, since the movers can increase their rates for unforeseen variables like stairs, “long carry” and materials.

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