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9800 Leesville Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613

Mon - Sat 4:00 pm - 12:00 am, Sun 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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  • closed

    Says something about CitySearch that this place has been closed 2 years and it still gets placed as 3rd best steak in town..WOW I want to place my vote for best hot dog..Place called Scotty's that closed in the 80's..

  • Shady Business

    The owners of this restaurant have closed the doors to the Jones St location. In the process that have stiffed their employees not only of a job but their wages as well. Suggest boycotting this establishmnent as well as any other buisness that this company owns until it pays its employees what they are due.

  • Downtown location, disappointment

    My boyfriend and I went here on a weeknight, hoping to fulfill our craving for a wonderfully cooked steak...not so much. I can say that the outdoor seating, with the trains going by every now and then was nice. However, I certainly wouldn't rate this as an excellent steakhouse. Our servers switched out during the course of our meal and although both were nice enough, they were certainly not engaged or enthusiastic. They obviously would have rather been elsewhere. Also, the manager was seated at a table next to us, smoking a cigarette between occasional ventures inside. (Granted, it was a relatively slow night.) I found it odd that they didn't have a crumb sweeper. Our server just used her hands to sweep off our tablecloth and it was a bit awkward. I agree with the previous reviewer, that the vegetable side of green beans, red onion strips and corn was less than impressive. The most disappointing part of the evening was the steak. I got the petite filet and it was cooked relatively to my liking, but there was just no flavor. It wasn't a terrible experience, but certainly mediocre for a $100 meal.

  • Downtown Location - Good Service, Mediocre Food

    We ate at the downtown (W Jones St.) location on a Friday evening at 6pm. We were greeted warmly and cordially and immediately shown to a table. Although it was early and the restaurant was mostly empty, we were seated in a cramped location with a curtain-covered wall hitting our shoulder on one side and a noisy family party table of ten next to us. I guess they didn't want the restaurant to feel too abandoned.

    Our server couldn't have been nicer and explained menu items when asked, paced the meal quickly at our request (we were going to the theater and didn't want to string out the meal), and gave us the right amount of attention without being annoying.

    Unfortunately the food didn't match the caliber of an expensive fine dining steakhouse. We started with a hand-made Caesar Salad, prepared in the traditional wooden bowl at tableside. The dressing was overwhelmed by a huge portion of mustard, and also featured the strange addition of Tabasco sauce. It was a nice production, but the flavors didn't quite mesh.

    My companion had a prime rib that featured a LOT of fat around the main meat portion. We both agreed that while the meat was tender enough, it lacked flavor. I had a center cut filet mignon. Although I asked for medium rare, the steak came out more like medium (and on the darker side of that). It was adequate, but not the taste sensation I expect a high-end filet to be in a serious steakhouse.

    You get a potato choice and a mixed vegetable medley with your entree. My baked potato was rather dry and stiff inside. The vegetables were kind of an institutional mix of overcooked green beans, bell pepper strips, and corn. Not very imaginative or attractive. We ordered a separate side of creamed spinach, which was done very nicely. No complaints there.

    I don't think we'll be running back any time soon. For $100 you can get better beef meals in the Triangle.

  • not impressed--can't properly cook their steaks

    Been here twice now and and have not been impressed either time. We were there last evening and ordered the extremely expensive porterhouse for two medium rare to medium. It came out medium well. Sent it back and another was recooked--this time it came out rare. How is it that an establishment that purports itself to be one of the finest chophouses in the Triangle cannot sucessfully cook a steak to the proper doneness? Brie salad was lame, a too-large chunk of brie barely warmed served with no accompaniments other than a few leaves of salad and some bites of fruit. Potato was served w/o the butter ordered...had to use the bread butter. Service was attentive and fine but somewhat impersonal. Seems the local *Prime* franchise prefers overly formal semi-dour male servers. Prime 1705 is much much better AND is not in a strip mall, which is a plus. I also like Sullivan's downtown. The service is much more personal--formal but with a more personal engaging flair. And both 1705 and Sullivan's know how to cook to the proper temperature. Will definitely not return to Prime Only. It is way way way way way overpriced for the caliber of food preparation.

  • Great Food....Bad Experience

    We made reservations and were seated almost immediately but once we showed the server our coupon, service went downhill. We ordered an appetizer and received it but our bread never came. When the food arrived, our appetizers dishes were still on the table. The food runner just looked at us waiting for us to move our dishes. Once we did, she set the plates down abruptly. We saw our server again only to receive the bill. We may go back for a drink or for take out but never to dine in again.

  • AVOID for Valentine's Day!!!!!!

    We got there on time, the restarant offers a menu Only for Valentine's Day. First of all, I know it might be quick and easy, but the choices were bad. Had no choice but to sit, eat and experiment the night.
    We order, they were taking forever to bring the food, food comes out and filet mignon ordered medium-wekll and it was Well done. Our waitress has a hearing problem and everything we said was"" I'sorry.""..or ""excuse me""...or ""what did you say""....we felt like screaming at her....we asked to see the manager since we were paying $65.00 per person + gratuity and +tax.... we over heard to other people getting there at 8:30 pm that there were out of someof their features in their menu....So here I am asking myself why do they make a Special menu for Valentine's Day when they do not have most of the food, ingredients in stock? or enough quantity for what they expect to sell that night...
    This couple next to us felt like leaving but I guess they had no choice since it was late.
    Also, I saw the santitation score and it was 90.5 For the ratings people give, I would expect good quality food, great service and not a Romantic Evening in a Rush!

  • Incredible food

    Great food and atmosphere. service exceptional

  • Great Service, Bar Burgers, Outer Banks Martinis

    I got this great drink in the Wine cellar, great for all you ladies. It's called an Outer Banks Martini. It's made with Crown and I don't know what else. The service was great and both of the bars are totally relaxed and you can eat your whole meal there. Overall this place has awesome food, service, and atmosphere....

  • Great Food!!!!!

    Best Sushi in town! You have to try the Goin Jammin roll! The Prime salad is wonderful. Allow for time for food preparation. The manager is very freindly. His name is James Iadanza. Please eat here, you will not regret it! The atmosphere is really interesting as well.

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