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By: Jordan K.
Village Spa
I normally never write reviews, but I feel that after the experience I had today at La Vie Spa and Nails on Oberlin Rd was so awful and unprofessional I felt it was a personal imperative to warn anyone who goes there expecting “great service”. I work in retail and I am fully aware of what goes on and how at times things can get busy however that is not an excuse to charge premium prices for terrible quality. My friend and I went into La Vie at noon, no one was really there and we wanted to get a mani-pedi. We wanted to treat ourselves since we haven’t seen one another in several months. At first the service was great as it should be for the price they charge. As soon as they started getting busy, that is when the service went for good to bad to downright horrible. They rushed through painting our toes, the top-coat is all over our skin, they didn’t even bother to clean it up a little. And do not get me started on my nails. Lets be honest, gel nail polish is expensive, but if done correctly (which it was not) its well worth it. At this point they separated us even though it would have been easy to seat my friend and I side by side. Throughout this “deluxe” manicure, the manager at least who I assume to be the manager kept walking over asking how much longer, hurry up etc. 3 different technicians did my nails and they are they worst I have EVER had. EVER. My cuticles are messed up they and uneven and not fully finished. Moreover, she wouldn’t even let me wash my hands after she filed them, saying, “oh its fine we don’t need to.” Do I look like I’m stupid? As a result I have all of these bumps underneath my gel nail polish. What makes it worse is when the manager makes the technician stop doing my nails and work on an appointment they had forgotten about and he started to do mine. HE WASN’T EVEN LOOKING AT MY NAILS AS HE STARED AROUND THE STORE PAINTING THEM ALL OVER THE PLACE. The oil manicure wasn’t even that he haphazardly massaged my hands for oh maybe 30 seconds if that and boom he was done. MY NAILS LOOK AWFUL LIKE A TODDLER DID THEM. Meanwhile the technician who was working on my friend’s nails was moved by the manager to work on someone else’s who just walked in. They kept telling people it was a “half hour “ wait when clearly it would take much longer, there were people who HAD been waiting over and hour and a half... I’m surprised they didn’t walk out and leave. The manager then proceeded to work on my friends nails and did the same thing. Awful customer service. At the end of this he offered a ingenuine apology and still charged the full price of $78.00. even though we were clearly upset. I do not recommend going here at all, it is evident that these people clearly value quantity over quality and do not put the necessary time into each individual.
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By: Wilson F.
Glamour Nails
I have been going to this nail salon for a long time and have had nothing but stellar quality work by Wayne. He is very meticulous about his work and great to converse with as well. Very articulated young man who understands and respects people's time. Unfortunately, I had an experience today that i think was unfair and unjustified with an upcharge on nail polish for 2 great toes because i selected white nail polish. It was basic white nail polish, not gel, not mood but simple white color. I learned of the upcharge as I am checking out.When there is an upcharge this should have been communicated before you do the work allowing the client to proceed knowingly or consider an alternative color. Personally, i would have simply considered a nail design as oppose to only white. When i inquired about it, it was explained to me because white is tougher to evenly coat than other colors.I feel that there should be a written sign or verbal notification anytime there is an adjustment to a quoted price regardless of the business.Mel
By: amanda.janowski
Fantasy Nail Spa
My sister was getting married recently and I needed a salon for some of her wedding party to get their nails done before the wedding. I wanted it to be intimate and fun and for their nails to look amazing! Fantasy Nail Spa delivered! Their staff was kind and personable. Called us all (6) by our first names and treated us like queens! We laughed and had an amazing time. I wanted to bring drinks and snacks and they had a table set up for us when we got there and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and that we were enjoying ourselves. Our nails looked amazing and it was truly the stress relief we needed and I will be going back for all of my future nail care needs and girl friend time! I felt like I made friends for life!
By: Celeste C.
Fantasy Nail Spa
ANDY AND IVY ARE THE DYNAMIC DUO!! I walked in and was fortunate enough to be serviced by Alex and my nails have not looked this good in six months or better! He is old school--he really takes his time and does a thorough job. I returned the next day and Ivy did my pedicure. It also looks great and the service, like with Alex, was impeccable! I will not go anywhere else and I recommend this place to anyone who is interested in getting their money's worth and not rushed in and out like most nail salons in Raleigh! Alex and Ivy, thanks so much for a great customer experience!! Celeste C.
By: Robin M.
Oberlin Nails Spa
My friend and I went here for a girl's day. It was great. We didn't have an appointment. They sat us right next to each other so we could chat. They paid great attention to detail, they went over my toe nails several times to remove polish, make my cuticles IMMACULATE, buff and scrub them. The polish was adorable, (a pretty light green color) it was even, my nails looked great and they were very clean. I also got a mani, just a buff because I can't use any nail polish at work for health code reasons. My nails looked great. I really like this place. And well priced as well.
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By: Mackenzie T.
Village Spa
I went to village nail spa for the first time today and I loved it! I usually go to Cameron village nails but l wanted to try somewhere new. When I walked in it was quiet and beautiful. The staff was very polite, welcoming and helpful. Ivy was great and took her time with my manicure. She was very sweet and enaged in conversation with me the whole time, offered a beverage and made sure I was comfortable for the time I was there. All of the employees were helpful and wore a genuine smile. I loved the experience there and will be going back!
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By: Manuel M.
Fantasy Nail Spa
Iris M.If you want “Five Star Service” this is the place for you. I love the way my nails and pedicures look when they are done. I have been getting my nails done for over twenty years and Andy is the best nail technician I have ever had. My nails look great, they are not too thick or too thin, and they don’t break between refills. People ask me all the time where I get my nails done and I proudly say Fantasy Nails on Six Forks Road. I highly recommend “Fantasy Nails”.
By: brittneybergstrom
Top Nails
Went there for the first time recently. The salon was clean and the technicians were very nice but the work was poorly done. I had a shellac manicure and the polish started chipping just 2 days after having it done. The shellac is supposed to last 12-14 days without chipping. I went back and had them fix the nails that had chipped only to realize they chipped again the very next day. Will be looking for another salon. I can't afford to pay the $$ for poor work.
By: pamela.anderson.92
Salon Eden
I use to go to one of those walk ins to get my hair trimmed. I purchased a deal for Salon Eden and I am thrilled. I see Jamie and she is wonderful She listens to what you say and what you want. She doesn't CUT when you say trim!! She takes her time and she is wonderful at what she does. I would highly recommend this salon and to schedule with Jamie. My experience has convinced me that i need a professional doing my hair. Great job Jamie!!!
By: nlifesembrace
Fantasy Nail Spa
Look no further for the best nail spa in N Raleigh. The staff is friendly, professional and talented - keeping up with the latest nail trends and offering fun options. Andy and Kelsey run a clean, organized and efficient salon. They have created such a nice atmosphere, always piping in relaxing music, decorating for the holidays, and offering food/beverages for special occasions. I really enjoy coming here and know you will too!

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