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By: Rachel V.
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
Intestinal Fitness changed my life! I am 29 years old and have suffered from severe chronic constipation that started when I was just a teenager. I have been to specialists all over the state, several procedures done to find the cause of my constipation and put on every medication imaginable and me adding in all the over the counter colon products because I was so desperate. I also suffer from severe anxiety and depression and was on several anti-depressants in my early 20s, as well as having really bad acne. I have been in pain mentally and physically since I was about 15 years old. I randomly found Intestinal Fitness online and asked my husband if I should try this since I've literally done everything else and he said it's worth a shot. I am not kidding you when I say as soon as I left there, I felt like a completely different person and bust out in tears in the car because I felt relief for the first time in over 13 years. Not only physically I felt lighter and not so tangled up in my stomach to where it felt like I had a basketball sitting in my stomach, but mentally I could see and think clearer, and my anxiety has lowered drastically, so drastically that I have cut my anxiety medication as well as my sleeping medication in half! Sometimes I don't even need it! And my face has cleared up so much! I feel so much better about myself because I don't feel so gross on the inside anymore and I cannot thank the staff at Intestinal Fitness enough, they really have given my life back! I have done 3 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions since September and will continue to go. This place is amazing and you will not regret it trust me!
By: ms.blessedone1908
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
This establishment is absolutely fantastic and has changed my life. I have been getting colonics here for about one year now and I’m hooked on cleaning toxins out of my body. The environment is pleasant, clean, configured nicely, and always smells great! The staff is knowledgeable, pleasant, friendly, and accessible. Most of all I have received great benefits from colonics in improving my digestion, nutrition absorption, weight loss, and removing toxins from my body. My acne has even cleared. Recently, I decided to take my colon and other internal health to a new level. I discovered the liver flush by Andreas Moritz while searching online. I purchased the book and prepped myself. I was very nervous about this and continued to push my start date back. I expressed my concerns to Gabby and she made herself available to address any questions I had. The flush went well, but I had read that there could potentially be lingering stones in one’s system after the flush. As a result, about 2-3 days following the liver flush I got a colonic. There were additional small green stones that came out during my session. After this session, I had more energy, brain fog was gone, and my nausea went away. The colonic helped me to obtain the maximum benefits of the liver flush and removed additional toxins from my body. I feel wonderful, but couldn’t have done this without the help of the great folks at Intestinal Fitness!
By: Will M.
Capital Fitness
I joined rapid fitness about 3 years ago at one point it was 1 of the finest gyms in the area this sadly has changed in the last 6 months the staff has changed completely it would appear now that if you're a caucasian male over the age of 25 your not relevant and invisible 3 female staff members at the front desk cannot remember a simple question or task the moment they turn around to begin addressing it, twice she turned back and said I'm sorry can I help you my reply was I just asked you a question and you turned around I assumed to address my concern only to completely forget to turn around and ask me again as if I was a completely different person and say oh I'm sorry I didn't see you csn i help you not to forget to mention it must of been payday becsuse the of the complaining about how hard they have to work snd their check sucks. now lets talk about the black guys use the locker roim as a club house african american man apparently on the down low you can expect to be proposition or if you're taking a shower expect to be followed into the shower stall honestly I'm not even sure if on the weekends management is on site it is disgusting sadly I'm sure it won't be long before this great gym goes out of business
By: lindagoforth
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
I highly recommend the services at Intestinal Fitness! I have been a Medical Practitioner for 14 years and although I consume a very healthy diet and exercise regularly I suffered from occasional constipation. Six months ago I began to notice an unusual pressure in my left side near my umbilicus (belly button) that became progressively worse. A friend recommended colonic therapy at Intestinal Fitness. During my first session the unusual pressure in my left side was completely relieved. The Colonic Therapist explained to me that there could have been an accumulation of years of debris in my small intestine and descending colon. I completed a series of three colonics and have noticed a great deal of improvement in my intestinal health. I am now regular and the unusual pain in my left side has not returned since my initial visit. I truly appreciate the quality of care and the manner in which I was treated. The staff at Intestinal Fitness was very kind, professional, and knowledgeable, and their witty sense of humor put me at ease right away. I have referred patients, friends, and family members to Intestinal Fitness who were also very pleased with their results. Blessings!Linda Goforth, PA-C
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By: Stephen D.
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
Intestinal Fitness makes you feel at home and very comfortable. The environment is very relaxing and is a beach theme. You don't even realize that you are still in Raleigh! I have felt so much more relieved now coming here and the knowledge I have both received. I will definitely be coming back for more frequent colonics. I have felt so much relief in my gas, constipation, and even notice differences in my skin! I no longer suffer from acne cysts now that I am realizing I was in need to help heal my gut. It is connected to everything in the body. After years of blockage, Intestinal Fitness has helped heal my intestines and has given me nutritional guidelines to help prevent further damage and the first step was getting all of that toxic waste out! I recommend this to anyone who is looking to help heal their overall health who never have found answers. You will be surprised with how much you benefit from this, as even with someone like me with abs, had a lot of blockage!
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By: Mollyjeanne F.
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
My initial reason for visiting Intestinal Fitness was because of my sever acne! I learned that the root of my problems (including persistent change in stool, hemorrhoids, and digestive issues in general) were linked to my gut. I've had about four colonics now at Intestinal Fitness and I can already see and feel a difference! I was experiencing fatigue and mental cloudiness and didn't even know it until after the colonics improved both symptoms immediately! I have more energy when I wake up in the morning and it lasts all day. Gabrielle is gentle and explains the process to you as it is happening. I understand my colon in a new way and I understand how important it is for our overall health. I recommend Intestinal Fitness to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much!!
By: Horace G.
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
Intestinal Fitness is a very clean atmosphere and makes you feel very comfortable. I had trouble sleeping and with constipation, my first visit to Intestinal Fitness changed all that. After my fourth treatment, I have lost over 50lbs and looking forward to my fifth session next month. My first visit was February 2014 and I made a decision to give up fried foods, sweets, soft drinks and bread and don't regret it not one bit. Been a truck driver, that was a lot of temptation for me but with a made up strong mind, I'm staying on the right track. Gabrielle and Rebecca listens to me and answers the questions that I have and they makes you feels so comfortable. Please give Intestinal Fitness a visit and invest in your health, you won't regret it.Horace Griffin, Jr.
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By: Patriska G.
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
Life ChangingIntestinal Fitness in Raleigh N.C. was a wedding anniversary treat to myself on February 8th, 2014. This was a day that I would never forget, I was suffering from constipation and not to mention undergoing two surgery with heavy naracotics in March 2013. When I received my first treatment, I immediately saw a difference and decided to do another session the following month and never felt so good and even slept better. The service that was given was well worth the two hour drive. Intestinal Fitness is a very clean property and smells very clean and very refreshing. Gabrielle and Rebecca makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed, two people who I will never forget. A couple of visits plus my supplements equals the weight loss.
By: ila.fieldsishak
Intestinal Fitness, LLC
I have suffered with constipation for 20+yrs and suffered depression, weight gain, fatique, and visited many doctors that didnt make a big deal of my situation, and I started research on my own. I found intestinal fitness and decided to give it a try. It changed my life, and Gabby made me feel very comfortable, she understands what people feel when they have been to doctor after doctor with no relief. I walked out of intestinal fitness feeling like a new person. I challenge you today to go see Gabby, and let her assist in changing your life. Intestinal fitness gave me hope to live a much happier life. Thanks Gabby!!
By: larass
Koko FitClub - Stonehenge Market
I love the personal training machine! The monitor in front tells me exactly what I need and it's tailored to my specific program! No more needing to remember what routine to follow and what weight to start with. Even if I miss a week, it picks back up right where I left off! The trainers are personable and give you guidance only when you want or need it! I would recommend everyone giving it a try-out today!

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