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By: chicago57
Bliss Salon
I posted a review on another site about Bliss Salon and now this one because as a very busy professional, I do use many of the websites and read the reviews as a way to find a good place for services, etc. I laughed when I read many of the reviews from one site, Citysearch as it was SO obvious that a large number of salons in Raleigh had at best "phony" reviews and at worse, probably written by the salon owner. Any reasonably intelligent person could read into the review and see "is there something management is trying to tell me here" mentality! Further, I personally know that certain salons will give DEEP discounts and freebies to those they "highly" encourage to write a review. Pretty sad! So after stepping off my soapbox, I must write a review on Bliss Salon for a few reasons. First and foremost, NO ONE from the salon wanted or asked me to write a review, in fact there is only two folks working there. There is a thing that is missing in today's impersonal business environment. It is called class. Bliss Salon reminds me so much of how things used to be in this country. When someone says they are going to do something, they follow through. No excuses, blow-offs and whining. Ronda is the owner and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for awhile and she has the class and personality that is contagious. What you see is really and truly what you get at her salon. The work ethic she possesses is superb and when she says she is going to make it right, she means it. At one point in my life I actually liked the buzz of a big salon, but as I, along with almost all of my friends have gotten extremely tired of the nonsense, ego's and poor abilities of the stylists at these places, I cannot say enough for a small salon that does deliver exactly what it says, one on one attention and a whole lot of skill thrown in.
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By: Deasia W.
Nara African Hair Braiding
This place is terrible! I gave it an extra star just because I got the student discount and the girl who did my hair made sure I left safely since it got so late. Anyway, I went in there for Havana twist waist length. I was told it would be $200 waist length and $180 mid back extra $20 I saved anyway might as well get them long! I got there around 3:30 that afternoon and didn't leave until around 10:30-11pm which was outrageous because other ppl who came to get their hair done was in after me and out before me so I'm trying to figure out what's taking so long?! Of course the girl stops in the middle of doing my hair to take a lunch break and half and hour later she comes back and talking on her phone, singing all in my ear which was really annoying and awkward. So she finally finished and I left. So the next few days my hair looks really good until one day I wake up and there's like 3 of my twist sitting on my pillow. So I stored those away since they came from the back of my head I'm like wtf!? So the next few day I'll put my hair in a bun or pony tail and take it out....twist comes out with it smh. I called multiple times and requested for them to fix my hair FOR FREE since it hasn't even been a full two weeks since I left the shop and I'm already having issues with my hair....I'll get an appointment but about time I get there I'll always get hit with some bs excuse for me to come back....NEVER AGAIN I'll stick with my home stylist in Cary from now on
By: margarita.cassini
Tanas Hair Designs And Day Spa
Nabila Tanas, From Tanas Therapy, and her profesional team help me back to health when I though I would never be the same again, they pushed me beyond my own limits and today I am almost as good as before; their personal 1:1 approach, their hands on technique and holistic interaction with each patient, made the journey not only one of physical chalenges, trauma and physical growth, but a transformation of self, in terms of spiritual strenght, emotional growth and learning about how my body works; Tanas and team, are amazing teachers, and I leave their practice, with mix feelings, after 7 months of intensive physical therapy, I leave healed and happier, you have became like family and friend to me and my family, I will miss you dearly and deeply, and know that I am eternaly grateful for everything you have done to bring me back "complete", I still believe you need to have the bumper stickers that say " I "heart" Tanas) ! I Highly and completely will reccomend to everyone to contact you for any physical therapy needs or a relaxing massage! Love y ou Nabila and Team and a forever THANK YOU!
By: sarahj
Posh Salon 104
I have been going to Audrie for several years and find her to be the kindest and most even-tempered stylist I know. She's also fast and always looking for ways to save her clients time without sacrificing quality. The Salon is beautiful and calming as well as very conveniently located, right at the corner of Whitaker Mill Road and Atlantic Avenue, and it's very easy to park. There are several other shops in the same center that would be fun to visit if I had time! I love that the stylists have their own cubicles. It's easy to make an appt. by phone or by email, and Audrie always sends appt. reminders. There is a great magazine selection, a good product selection, and Audrie, despite having a full complement of clients, is really nice about working me in when I have a last minute hair emergency. Becky Daughtry is also very nice and does excellent nails, including nail design. Pricing is very reasonable. From all appearances, Jack and the other stylists in Posh Salon also do very nice cuts and color. Check it out, I think you'll enjoy this Salon!
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By: Lisa K.
Mark Christopher Salon
On my daughter's second visit to the salon she wanted to do a ombre color and brought a photo. The haircut was wonderful as usual but the color looked nothing like what she asked for. The stylist was very impressed with the job they did and my daughter was confused by their enthusiasm. That evening and the next morning I spoke several times with the salon and salon owner. I did not feel comfortable getting the color "fixed" by the original stylist and they could not accommodate our work schedules for an appointment with someone else. I tried another salon who brought her hair back to natural so she could go to work without embarrassing hair. When I tried to schedule with Mark Christopher salon for them to fix the ombre I was informed that because the other salon ruined her hair, my daughter (this was not the rude term they used) would have to pay for yet another full service. Do not go to this salon they have no respect for their customers.
By: Kathleen T.
Headquarters Hair Salon
Lisa Dean has been cutting my hair for over 35 years. I followed her from a salon in Crabtree, to one off Glenwood Avenue, and finally to her place when she opened her own business,"Headquarters". My daughter discovered Lisa in her Crabtree salon and encouraged me to try her. I have a difficult head of hair to cut due to a cowlick in back along my neck. She handles that beautifully. Over the years, many of my friends have commented on my haircut, how good it looks on me, how well cut it is. I have changed my hair style slightly, with Lisa handling each request for change without a blink of an eye. I would recommend her for anyone--female or male. I would encourage my husband go, except I have cut his hair myself for almost 50 years. When I can no longer cut it, he will go to her! She deserves more than 5 stars!
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By: Anthony A.
Alter EGO
I am beyond excited to have had JEN enter my life! I chose Alter Ego because their reputation is exceptional in the area, and after seeing the same hairstylist for the past 8 years I needed someone that could deliver, and Jen went above and beyond. Working in the aesthetic industry myself I have no room for error when it comes to my appearance, and through the consultation process it was clear that she is a pro. Whether you are a trend-setter, trend-follower, or need to find someone who can just deliver simple and trusted work (if you are conservative), Jen is for you! Invest in yourself and go with Jen Carr at Alter Ego. You may bump into me every two weeks getting my sick fade maintained, or my younger sister who now sees Jen for cut and color, or my mother who is going to let Jen do some style revamping!
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By: Keely B.
Spotlight Beauty Int
Beautiful shop and great atmosphere, but the last service I received from my use to be favorite stylists was a big disappointment! I tried to show her the issues I was having with my hair but the conversation went nowhere. Stylist would not even take a moment to step to the side so I could show her my issues. Stylist wanted me to explain my issues in front of her other customer, I thought that was very tacky and did not feel comfortable doing that to her. The stylist wanted me to show her my issues right in front of everyone; she never once took my feelings into consideration. Later that day I retuned to the shop to talk to the shop ower, but was told that there is no shop owner. Next day, got a call from the stylist telling me to never return to her shop again.
By: Liz D.
Oak City Salon
I recently relocated from New York City and found Oak City Salon via Yelp and was impressed with their wonderful reviews. The salon was so close to work and very easy to access with ample parking. I saw Chuck for my cut and balayage and he was AMAZING!!! He does not double book and spent the whole appointment time conversing with me and letting me know all that Raleigh has to offer. I then made an appointment with Kim for a lash extension fill in and they were simply beautiful! She also spent an overwhelming amount of time with me although I had worn Novalash Lashes for the last three years, I decided to go with a slightly thicker lash than I was wearing and I am OBSESSED!!! Super professional and accommodating. Highly recommend!
By: livin-in-raleigh86
Crazy Combs Salon
All of the stylist at Crazy Combs are great...if you can actually schedule an appointment. I've never been to a salon where I got the voicemail more than I got a live person. I hate waiting for call backs and I hate not being able to talk to someone when I call. So if you can persevere through the trials of trying to schedule an appointment then Crazy Combs is worth going to. Pricing is a little higher than expected but again, we're talking about your hair so you don't want that to get botched.

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