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By: Dylan R.
Raleigh Autocare
I'm new here from the West coast and this shop was recommended to me by a friend who has used them for over a decade. I initially took it to AAA who told me I needed a MUCH more expensive repair and tried really hard to sell me on it. After asking around for a second opinion, I had AutoZone run the code on my check engine light. However, they don't repair anything and having the code doesn't really mean you know what's wrong. Raleigh Auto Care did another code scan and an actual diagnostic on my care where they were able to narrow down the exact failure and offered me a very reasonable estimate for the repair - way less than AAA was asking for - $230 versus $675. They even gave me a free loaner van to tool around town in while I waited for my car to be fixed! I can't say enough good things about this place. They have a loyal customer for life. Ask to talk to Trish or Tim because they really know their stuff!!! Everyone there was so nice. Highly recommended.
Tips & Advices
Crank grinding is a process that's done to improve the performance of a car's engine. The crank is a key part of the engine, and it bears the brunt of force created by the engine's combustion and the downward motion of its pistons. In crank grinding, a grinding wheel is used to grind and polish parts of the crank that are rough and worn.
Auto engine rebuilding is the process of refurbishing an old or damaged car engine. In this process, the engine is removed from the vehicle and completely disassembled, and components like the O rings, bearings, and gaskets are replaced. The key advantage offered by auto engine rebuilding is that it's less expensive than replacing an old engine with a new one.
Wheel grinding involves using a grinding wheel to refurbish certain engine parts for reuse. Wheel grinding is often used on the crankshaft, and this involves using the wheel to remove materials from the part's main and rod journals. Wheel grinding is usually applied to the crankshaft if the part's journals have suffered wear that makes them no longer smooth.
A valve job is a procedure that's performed to improve the functioning of a four-stroke engine. A valve job involves resurfacing the areas of the engine's poppet valves and valve seats that make contact. Valve jobs are mainly performed on high-performance vehicles, but they might be necessary on standard passenger cars that have experienced overheating, material failure, high mileage, or foreign object damage.
Automotive machine shops repair and rebuild car components. They offer services like cylinder head rebuilding, crankshaft grinding, rod reconditioning, radiator repair, cracked head and block repair, and the welding of metals on all parts of your car. Automotive machine shops also offer block and jug boring, as well as mill, lathe, and press work.

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