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By: Frank B.
Engine Experts
I have a 1998 Wrangler TJ with 178,000 miles on it. My late wife and I bought this Jeep together and it is my sanity in my life now. She is my baby! The Jeep had a rattling noise and starting having performance issues. I knew my 2.5 needed to be replaced. I found Engine Experts on a web search. After checking reviews and viewing videos on YouTUBE I gave them a call. Jimmy (a man with tremendous energy) answered the phone. I made an appointment. There are three rules by which I judge every business. Integrity, Integrity, and Integrity. First of all I was not allowed to make a decision until Jimmy took me on a tour (integrity test passed)! That is a good thing. He lets the facility stand on its own two feet. It is neat and organized. You can tell in a matter of seconds these are true professionals. Each car had a dedicated shelving system assigned to it. The work areas are neat. Both Jimmy and I decided the shop and my Jeep was a good match and we scheduled a convenient time and they got to work. The attention to detail was amazing. Every part was removed, cleaned, and inspected. Knowing my mileage and no real history of the vehicle I expected some parts needed replacing. I was called, shown any parts they felt was critical and needed replacing (very few by the way). I was shown parts that were OK but could be replaced while the engine was out. I decided to replace my clutch assembly, get a Radiator cleaning, new hoses, serpentine belt and oxygen sensor and a few other small things. No hidden labor charges were assessed. (After all they had to put all that back on anyway). This was more than fair! (Integrity test passed again). Jimmy is kind but brutally honest. Tells you like it is and does not mince words (integrity test passed once more). I was anxious to pick my Jeep up. I was not allowed until Jimmy personally took it for a test run and inspected it (need I say it). They have a dedication to their work that is amazing!!!! Here is the kicker!! My Jeep not only runs perfect BUT… It was cleaned, the engine and components they did not even work on shined better than new. I am not sure what they did to my air intake system but it looks factory fresh. Every component they touched was gone over and detailed to look brand new. Oil pan and valve cover freshly painted. My interior was cleaned!!!!! Unknown to Jimmy I talked to some of the folks at the site and they LOVE their job and take a lot of pride in their work!! Lastly I am from Henderson and could have gotten someone a lot closer to do the work. Glad I found Jimmy and the fine pros at Engine Experts. If you go in with realistic expectations, you WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY! They will make sure of it.Frank B.
By: Gabe M.
Auction Direct USA
After driving my Sentra for 12 years, and into the back of another car, i thought it was time for a new one. I bought a house near Glenwood, so I knew I would have no problem finding a dealership because there are about 782 of them in a 2 block radius (there are also dealerships located in the bathrooms of other dealerships).As a former car salesmen, I was hesitant to look at anyone else but AD USA or Carmax, because I didn't want any of those sales pitches and lies and them saying "I make the BEST gumbo" (which I know is a lie as I was born and raised in New Orleans). so after a quick 17 hour dissection into what was the better place online, I decided that AD USA just simply had better prices than comparable stock at Carmax. So I packed up my son into the car, asked Lord High Commander (wife) to join me, and off we went on a long and epic journey around the corner to AD USA.Tony was there. I remember his warm smile, his welcoming manner and humble approach when telling us about the dealership. We had contacted him earlier, and had the car I requested outside, awaiting its new owner for a test drive. Believe me, I was excited! But that particular car was a baby blue and I just couldn't even look at it. Thats what happens when you bartend in a collage town for so long that their very color disgusts you.So I look around and got a Mazda3 instead. She was black, had lowish milage, in my price range, and an adapter for my phone so I can listen to Mahler's 2nd Symphony and charge my phone at the same time. It was a good fit for me, and I adopted her and named her Lily.Despite me not even liking the original car I intended to buy, Tony was super patient and eager to assist me no matter the cause. He was great!Then, after I decided on Lily, I met Donna. She was super rad! (do people still use the term "rad"? oh well). What a wonderful women! a super efficient finance manager and overall hottie that hooked us up with a good bank and made all those number good and stuff. Tony may have been super great, but Donna was something of the Heavens.Now, I would say something like "I'm definitely going back to here again!" but this isn't a restaurant, and like my Sentra I drove for 12 years it might be some time before I even think about buying a new car. But that is JUST me personally, and I do not speak for my wife who needs a new car (she wants that weird looking Nissan Juke lol). We will be getting her that car, and only will we get it at this particular Auction Direct USA.If Tony or Donna is out there, and if they read guys are what make this place great. Keep it up!
By: Erin F.
Engine Experts
I'm a busy mom of four kids that never take time to write reviews. However, I owe it to the Engine Experts to tell you about our experience. Our 2011 Toyota minivan was making a loud noise for sometime. It finally was due for state inspection and oil change so instead of going to Jimmy Lube, we took it to the dealership for maintenance and to fix the noise. They told us it was the water pump and quoted $2300 to fix. My husband insisted on getting another estimate and called around. Luckily he was referred to Jimmy Boyd at Engine Experts. He quoted us a price over $1000 less and said to bring the car in. And though tucked back off the street, he's a few blocks from the dealership. To our surprise, Jimmy gave us a full tour of the garage and introduced all his staff. Don't expect to drop your car off an run, because that's not Jimmy's way. To say the garage/management is impressive is an understatement. There are specific area's designated for tasks with the correct lighting, individual carts are used per car to pull parts out, a designated oil change station so you're in/out in no time, and so much more. I was particularly impressed with the organization of the tools - every drill bit in order by size and clean. Why is this important? You know exactly where things are and can work fast. Jimmy explained his philosophy to running the business and what's most important to him --his integrity. He's not about over charging for things not needed and wants you to understand how he runs the shop to make sure it's a good fit on both sides. He's uniquely friendly, talkative, and warm - and prides himself on his honesty (no BS with him). Needless to say, we left the minivan for him to work on. The next morning I got a call to confirm the water pump needed replacement. Though it takes approximately 13 hours of labor, he put two mechanics on it and had it back to me by 3pm. The organization allows the staff to work faster and thus, charge less in labor. When we went to get the car, Jimmy insisted I go and turn it on to make sure it sounded good. It purred like a kitten. The car being thoroughly cleaned was an additional bonus. In the end we saved $1000, but most importantly - we now have a new garage for ALL our car needs. Tire replacement, oil changes, brakes, etc...Jimmy is the guy to work with. Thank you for being a business that prides themselves on their work and their relationship with the customer. You can't ask for more than that.
By: Vira L.
Silver State Imports Inc
So I bought my car today from this place so I am writing more about my experience purchasing the vehicle more than the vehicle itself. I had visited various different places some where the salesperson was trying to sell me a specific type of car instead of letting me purchase the car I wanted. We saw this place passing it on the street and thought that we would look around, and they had cars within our price range, < $20,000. As we started looking at the cars, they asked us if we needed help, and we initially declined. After a while we found a couple of cars that interested us within our budget, so we finally went inside and asked about looking inside and eventually test driving the cars. One of the sales guys grabbed the keys for both the cars we wanted to look at and let us go outside to look in the cars. After looking at both cars, we decided on one we wanted to test drive. After driving, we decided that we wanted to see if we could finance the vehicle. It was about 2 hours later that we were able to drive away in a semi-new SUV. The great thing about this place was the whole time I was able to initiate the process each step of the way without being forced to speak with a manager or having my time wasted trying to explain why I didn't want a specific car. The staff were friendly and very enthusiastic about the car, and they even took us out and showed us how each of the features worked. This is the fourth dealer that I have bought a vehicle from, and it is by far the best experience that I have had with dealers. I actually left feeling excited about the purchase that I had just made. They have a good selection of vehicles to chose from, from $5,000 sedans, to the most expensive one being a $30,000 subaru. Being that most of the depreciation of a vehicle occurs within the first three years, you will find a majority of these ones right after that mark so you can get a nice vehicle after someone else has taken the depreciation hit. They do offer Carfax reports, so I would recommend that you look at those before purchasing a vehicle, but I feel that the quality of cars here are top notch. Finally I was able to purchase a $20,000 SUV with financing through this place at a little above 5%. This includes their Warranty program. I would definitely recommend this dealer if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere where you get to make the decisions.
By: devins
Bobby Murray Chevrolet
I bought a car last year and was pleased with the entire car buying process and it was hassle free unlike other dealerships. I recently took the car in for the first oil change and to also check the brakes due to the annoying squeaking every time I would brake. I have only put 3,000 miles on the car since the day I bought it so I couldn't imagine it being an expensive issue but to my surprise they told me that the front brake pads and rotors needed to be replaced. They wanted to charge over $900 to fix the problem but I feel that all the mechanical issues/services should have been up to par the day I drove it off the lot. You would think that taking your car in for the first oil change would be an inexpensive visit but then you find out that you need to spend over $900 on something that you just purchased a few months ago does not make you a satisfied customer. I ended up taking it somewhere else which only charged me less than $500 and the problem was still not completely fixed because when I left I still continued to hear the squeaking. The place that fixed the front rotors and brake pads informed me that the back rotors and brake pads also needed to be replaced so it ended up costing me about $1000 to get both front and rear rotors and brake pads fixed on a car that I have only drove 3,000 miles so technically the dealership was aware that this would need to be replaced in the near future but instead of taking care of the issue before selling me the car they sold the car and then I got to sink more money into a car that I did not finagle the sticker price to begin with. I just feel that the issue should have been addressed before selling me the car instead of me having to spend that amount of money on a car that I have only been driving for a few months. I feel that when you spend close to $50,000 on a vehicle you don't expect to be spending thousands more in just a few months due to mechanical issues. The issue was also addressed to management but they did not seem to eager to make me feel any better about the situation. I am not very happy about the issue and will most likely never purchase another vehicle from Bobby Murray Chevrolet.
By: michael.wilkerson.946
Engine Experts
I have to start off by saying that I don’t take the time to write reviews, good or bad. I just go on my way and either continue to do business with someone or never go back. With that said, Jimmy and his team at Expert Engines were unbelievable. My Jeep Wrangler sat for a month at a very reputable shop in Cary with the final outcome being that I would need to replace the 4.0L motor. I was skeptical and very disappointed to say the least so I read a few great reviews about Expert Engines and gave Jimmy a call. We briefly spoke about my issue and he assured me that they would take a look at it and be honest with the diagnosis. I had the Jeep towed there on Tuesday afternoon. I was given a tour of the shop, introduced to everyone on his team and given a description of their standards on quality and honesty. I was already impressed with Jimmy and his team. Jimmy asked Johnny to take a break and look at my Jeep while I was still there to see if he could give a quick diagnosis. Remember, the other shop was telling me that I needed a new motor at 4K plus. They opened the hood, pulled the distributor and found that it was not properly aligned or set correctly. They made a few quick adjustments and he started it up. I was floored at how quickly they found the issue and had my Jeep running again. From there I asked that they check everything out and make sure I was safe to get back on the road. Jimmy and his team did a thorough job of repairing and replacing items that I knew about but wasn’t going to worry about. They went ahead and repaired my exhaust leak, transmission mount, my hood latch and more on top of getting it back to perfect running order. I picked it up this afternoon and had the opportunity to meet a few other customers while I was there. Everyone said the same thing about the professionalism and quality workmanship. They are honest, very reasonable with cost considering the level of expertise you receive and professional. The bottom line is that I would recommend these guys to anyone. I can honestly say that I have never received better customer service. They know what they’re doing and truly are the experts.
By: Kay G.
Engine Experts
Jimmy Boyd, the owner of Engine Experts is awesome. He knows his business of auto and engine repairs. He will tell you what the problem is, and will let you know what needs to be done, to get the problem fixed in the most cost effective way. Jimmy uses only parts that were manufactured for your auto… no generic parts.My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee motor locked up and it was towed to the dealership. I was given a price of $9000 - $1000 to replace the motor. I was devastated!! I had my Jeep towed to a friend's farm where it sat for almost a year. I ran into a good friend of mine, Foster who owns 2 body shops. I asked Foster where I should take my Jeep to have the engine replaced. Foster told me to take it to Engine Experts and talk to Jimmy Boyd…So I did!!I spoke with Jimmy, and had the Jeep towed to his shop. Jimmy was excellent; he went over the whole replacement and repair with me. After the new motor can in, I was given a tour of his shop and he showed me parts that were removed from the Jeep that could be reused. Jimmy had them soaking and they would be cleaned before going back on the Jeep. Jimmy showed me the new motor, and we discussed replacing some parts that would be hard to get to later on should they go out, the cost could be up to 3 times more due to their location. The shop was clean and well organized… I was truly impressed!! The warranty he gave me on the motor was 100k miles or 5 years, which included parts and labor! This was about a year ago.I took the Jeep back for an oil change and last month had to replace the starter. It is such a great feeling to know you can take your car in for repair and know that you are getting exceptional quality service on your vehicle from someone who it trustworthy and not going to rip you off!! Oh…the cost to replace the motor was thousands + less then what the dealership had quoted me. So to all you single ladies out there with auto problems…who is clueless, give Jimmy a call at Engine Experts and fine out for yourself what a gem you will have in Jimmy!! Ditto for all you guys!! Thanks Jimmy!! Wishing you a great 2015!! Kay Galloway
By: Vincent C.
Engine Experts
I have a 2001 S-10 truck with 235,000 miles on it. Well the engine finally died and left me stranded on the road. Being my own mechanic, I didn't know of any shops who I felt would give me the service I needed. I found Engine Experts by chance on an online search. I liked the website and what they do so I decided to give them a call. I spoke to Jimmy and explained my situation to him. I told him I have been forced into being my own mechanic due to the disservice most shops around the triangle provide. He told me "I'm an acquired taste, I will not b.s. you. I am honest and do great work." I knew right away that he was a character, in a good way of course. I could hear some of his customers in the background laughing at him. He puts one of his customers on the phone with me and he tells me how great Jimmy and the guys are. He states that he's been a customer for over 11 years and that there is no one else he would go to. Jimmy gets back on the phone and tells me to stop by, meet him and check out the shop. The shop is clean and organized! After an hour we talk some more and we both decide we're a good fit to do business with each other. I told him I think the engine is shot and needs to be replaced. He said "have it towed here and we'll check it out and find out for sure what the problem is". Jimmy calls me back the next day and tells me the engine does need to be replaced. My truck is my primary vehicle and I needed it done quickly. Jimmy not only fits me into their schedule, they repaired the truck within a week! With the engine out of the truck, He calls me so I can meet with him to discuss what needed to be done. We go over what can be reused and what should be replaced. No one does that any more. Most repair shops will repair your vehicle and not even tell you what they did. Having a strong mechanical background, I am impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. My truck runs great! I am a customer for life. If you are in search of a shop that is honest, then look no further! I'm a car guy who "gets it". Many thanks!
By: emilys.1
John West Auto
I consider myself extremely lucky that I have found this business. This is the second time I have brought my car to John West Auto and have had a 5 star experience both times. And this is the second time that this business has saved me a lot of money by providing reliable, quality work at a decent price. If you are having any car work done I recommend going here. I had an oil change done at a Meineke near my house recently (purely because it was close and my car was overdue) After spending 40 mins there the woman at the desk told me that the mechanic had found multiple issues with my car while he was changing the oil. She stated that I needed to have a service, a tune up, the spark plugs replaced, the front brake pads rotors resurfaced, rear pads resurfaced and the front and rear sway bar end links replaced as the boots dry rotted. Not knowing much about cars I taken off guard because she was proposing about a 1000$ worth of work (by their estimation) and she stated that my front brakes only had 5% left on them and it was imperative that I get them fixed immediately. I told her I would think about it and asked for a copy of the list. I wanted to run all this by John West Auto since he done an excellent job before on my car when it needed a catalytic converter replaced a year or so ago. John West took my car for the day did a thorough inspection including removing all 4 tires to check the brakes and told me that the car did need a tune up (due for it's mileage) and the spark plugs needed to be replaced but everything else was fine. The brakes both front and back were only at 50% and had many thousands of miles left on them. He said that they did not need to be replaced at this time. The other place was either preying on my auto ignorance or simply trying to dupe every person that walks in the door! After 2 very positive experiences at John West Auto I will not be taking my car anywhere else for any kind of car maintenance, no matter how big or small! I could not recommend them more highly.
By: ajjohnson
Engine Experts
If you are considering an engine for your vehicle, do yourself a favor and give Jimmy and the team at Engine Experts a call. I started to gather info about a month or so ago about the issues I was having with my Ford F150 truck. I called countless shops and dealers to gather info, and compare notes. I also wanted to narrow down my search to shops that were familiar with my truck, and engine, and the design issues that were well known. I had just about settled on the route I wanted to take to replace my motor, but thought I would try just a few more shops. Well I came across the number for Engine Experts, and gave them a ring. Talk about first impressions! I was blown away at how friendly and helpful they were right away. I bet I was on the phone with them for an hour or so. The coolest thing was they listened to my concerns...ALL OF THEM... and addressed each one. I was invited to come over to the shop and take a tour. The technicians in the shop were all very friendly. They welcomed the fact that its important to engage with your customers. I will admit that I have a bad case of OCD... I cant deal well with sloppy unorganized work. Again...I was impressed. The way they go about doing work is just cool! Its not just engines..its whatever the heck they are working on. All the parts are kept neat and together, and one tech is working on your vehicle. Less chance of an error in my opinion. Well I decided to have them do the work. Again, they did not disappoint. I paid a visit once the old engine was removed. We looked at all the parts together to decide what was to be replaced,what was to be re-used, and why. The truck runs great, and was delivered when they said it would be. Jimmy and his team have my family as a customer for as long as he decides to stay in business. Thanks guys for taking a great deal of the pain out of this process!!!! Now whats our next project? :-)
Tips & Advices
Using a variety of tools and processes, many of which require specialized training, auto body mechanics primarily repair cosmetic and structural damage to vehicles after accidents occur. They can also enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance by replacing and adding new parts to a vehicle’s body.
This depends on the severity of the work that needs to be done. Something such as paintless dent repair for a few small dents can take an hour. Whereas auto body repairs for damages caused by a major accident can take multiple days to correct.
All auto body parts can be repaired but there is a threshold for the level of repairs possible. Parts can be damaged beyond repair and would need to be wholly replaced.
Auto body parts can be made from a wide variety of materials, usually based on what the part’s purpose is. Vehicle frames body panels, bumpers, roof racks, and other items that need to be strong and durable are usually constructed from steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust and high temperatures. But aluminum is quickly becoming a popular material of construction due to its lightweight yet durable nature. Body kits and other aftermarket parts like spoilers and hoods can be constructed from one form of plastic or another.
Yes, the vast majority of car makes and models have aftermarket parts available for many of their components. But higher-end vehicles typically have less aftermarket parts available since they often use specialized materials and manufacturing processes that are difficult to duplicate for many aftermarket manufacturers.

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