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By: Nancy C.
Verizon Wireless
I compared phones on line and called 800# to order. I was extremely pleased with service as the rep did not try to up sale me, answered all my questions and listened to my needs. He told me to give the store two hours to pull my order. I gave them 3 1/2. Was promptly greeted at door by a young man with a tablet. "Yes he had my order, the manager would check it and bring it out in a few minutes." I waited 25 minutes before asking why was it taking so long: I was just doing Pick up, no in store activation. I was told I should be able to walk in and pick it up. A different you've man said the phone was not there yet. I advised the person on the phone said the inventory showed they had the phone. Was it in an off-white warehouse, were we waiting on UPS: I did not understand. He then said the phone was in the store but they had not received my order yet. Why was the first person able to see the order if it had not yet transferred? Why did he say his manager would be right out with it? I was told the phone salesman and the first store greeter misconveyed information and I should have been told to wait for a text to say the phone was ready. 1 1\\2 hrs later (5 1\\2 hrs after I ordered the phone; two hours after I arrived at the store, I got a text. I am left to wonder if I received this treatment because I did not walk in and order from an in-store salesperson. Whatever the reason, I am disappointed in Verizon. A company with mass technology should it to increase service.
By: Leona B.
This store was very helpful in explaining the plans, the phones, and they even helped me find some accessories. I had a Note II and was sure I wanted the Note 3 but then I saw the S5 and this store really helped me make an informed choice, they know their phones and speak to you with ease. Even when I went back to add my sister and they were very busy they gave me a wait time and checked back with me! An amazing store with amazing new people!
By: jake.turtle.10
Anytime Mobile
This business is absolutely fabulous! The owner is a wealth of knowledge when it come to phone technology and service plans. I got my phone service from him and eventually came back the second time to activate a new phone with him. Great guy and it is great to deal with someone that knows what they are talking about and not reading you the talking points from a script. Keep up the great work Felix!
By: Yona O.
Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer / N Touch Wireless Raleigh
Michael Sherrod, owner, is one of the most reasonable, and knowledgeable Verizon product representatives that I have ever had the pleasure to run into. The difference between his private franchise Verizon store and the corporate store in the area, is like finding a friend among foes. Thanks!
By: darishaye
GREAT Store! I went to the store very uncertain on what service plans to get. With the great customer service I was able to the help needed. I suggest sprint to Everyone.

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