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By: Jacob B.
Hopkins Appliance Service, Inc
​This post is to Mr. George below. I am an office assistant for Hopkins Appliances. I do apologize for the miscommunication we had earlier on the phone. Our owners work very hard to treat each customer like family and each home as if it was their home. With that said, they are also full time technicians that are constantly in the field repairing appliances. This is what I communicated on the phone to Mr. George along with sending his phone number to the owner to call him. Ask any other customer who requests this and they will say they were always called back once there was time, normally after business hours. Regarding the Paul comments:Paul is a top notch new(er) technician who is new to the company but a​n​ expert in appliance repair. The reason Paul did not need long to diagnose this issue was that he has seen it countless times. Regarding the $75 issue:The estimate for the repair includes the $75 fee. Since we do not want to over charge our customers, that fee is waived. For instance, the repair was estimated at $516 yet the quote we gave the customer was $441. Regarding the appliance:Paul observed the ice making modules were bare, which means no ice was being made. The ice tray was on its side. Once ice is made, it dumps on the tray which then goes on to the modules which slices the sheet of ice into cubes. Therefore, it needed an ice tray, a motor to turn the ice tray, it needs the water valve to fill up the ice tray, and thermister communicates to the modules to melt the ice. Obviously, these are several parts that added up to the amount of $441 which includes labor. Paul has attempted reach out and left voice mail​s​ for Mr. George's wife but ​s​he did not get a returned call. As for the phone call we had earlier:We were accused of being thieves and liars along with some colorful language. We are professionals and we try to treat our customers as such. Once Mr. George used crude language accompanied by his insulting comments, the owners have decided to advise Mr. George to seek another appliance company for repair. Once again, we apologize that it came to this but we are a reputable company that tries effortlessly to provide great customer service both in the office and in the field.
By: Natalia A.
Hopkins Appliance Service, Inc
This is in response to Tina's complaint below: We have repeatedly attempted to make contact with Tina regarding your complaint. While it seems we have wronged the customer, let us explain the series of events from our side. First, let it be known that this appliance is not located at a residential location but at Blue Ridge Pediatrics. First year warranties are significantly different when the appliance is located at a business as they are used more often than they would be in a home. Also, unlike the sixty-day cosmetic warranty that comes with residential appliances, businesses like Blue Ridge Pediatrics have no cosmetic warranty and unfortunately, this is where the issue lies with Tina's complaint. At that time, since we ourselves were not aware of the policy with business appliances, we treated it just as we would with a residential appliance and ordered the part to repair. Once we found it was rejected due to the no-cosmetic policy, we did ask the customer politely to render payment for services provided and in-turn, they wrote the complaint below. The interesting reality of this complaint is that Tina, who works for Blue Ridge Pediatrics, reposts the complaint below quite frequently while this incident happened in January 2015. We here at Hopkins try to provide the best customer service possible both in the office and in the field. As stated earlier, we have called Blue Ridge Pediatrics to speak with the owner(s) only to be stopped by Ms. Tina, who will not allow us to speak with her superiors. We are honestly trying to discuss this matter in a professional manner but as seen, we simply cannot. We are not interested in getting payment for this service call but we are interested in getting this matter resolved.
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By: Capital A.
Capital Appliances
Capital Appliances offers Delivery with free installation. Installation is based on basic install. If dryer vent duct is provided it will be installed by the delivery man. If home owner doesn't provide dryer vent duct at the delivery time install is not possible for installation at another moment besides de delivery time. Water hoses, drain hose, dryer cord are provided. Vent duct must be replaced new. Available for purchase at Capital Appliances store .Both machines are set in place and tested before leaving the premises and customers signs a delivery receipt. We appreciate the review. J Mathew your opinion is very important to us.
By: starcher
Cash's Appliance Parts Inc
Called this co after being very upset with the Raleigh Sears Parts store on Falls of Neuse. I was very pleased to hear a nice voice immediately answer the phone. I was not put on hold (and forgotten) and she spoke clear English!! She asked all the right questions, quoted me a good price and checked for availability. The call took two minutes. She was very pleasant to speak with, she knew what she was doing and crazy I know, but sounded like she might even enjoy her job?? Thank God there is still at least one company in Raleigh that has great customer service!!!! Now I can go pick up my part!
By: R G.
The Appliance Service Center of Raleigh
I had a combo microwave-oven issue. One guy coming along ... I had to help him all the way holding the oven or the flash light. It took him a while to figure out that the temperature sensor was broken. Since I knew the controller was working OK, I had to push him to find the real issue - not impressed.Lastly, he came out with an outrageous bill and they don't accept credit card!!!I would not recommend them.
By: Diane C.
A-1 Dupree's Appliance Repair
Phenomenal service!!! Tim Dupree was the only appliance repair company to return my call needing service for my LG refrigerator (of the 8 companies I left service requests with). He took the time to advise me over the phone on how I could fix the problem myself, which saved me from needing a service call!Duprees will be the only appliance repair company I call next time!
By: Sami H.
Appliances 4less
my wife and I manage 17 rental properties and we have been buying from this store for more than 3 years.We have nothing to say about this company but good stuff: knowledgeable, decent business people and very reasonable prices. On 3 occasions we needed their repair services which they performed very well and in a timely manner . We recommend them to our friends and family.
By: Ambye R.
The Appliance Service Center of Raleigh
Wow! I had trouble with a refrigerator and dishwasher and considered getting new appliances. The technician showed up on time and had them both repaired in under an hour. I told him what was wrong and he diagnosed the problem quickly. I was so pleased I handed him a Kitchen Aide mixer that has not run in two years. Can't wait to get it back
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By: James M.
Bost Appliance Repair Inc
I put in an apt request for my oven and it was promptly returned. Even though they did not service my oven model, they gave a wonderful recommendation to another provider along with phone number and contact information. Thank you for the great customer service even though it didn't end in a sale. To your continued success...JMM
By: Bobby J.
AirMakers Heating and Air-Conditioning, Inc.
My big emergency turned into a small one. I turned on my AC unit for the first time and nothing. Airmakers came out on a Saturday and got things worked out. They could have sold me on a new system but instead changed out a small part and done. Very reasonable and surprisingly honest.
Tips & Advices
Aftermarket replacement parts can be perfectly safe and reliable, but be sure to do your research. If replacing a more integral piece, such as washing machine’s water pump or a thermostat for a busted water heater, it might be best to purchase new.
Replacement parts generally come with warranties extending anywhere from 30 days to five years, depending on the original price, the nature of the fix and the age of the part itself.
If you’re seeking new parts repair companies will generally mark up their prices slightly--particularly at a major national retailer. However, used parts are typically discounted.
Cheaper used appliance parts can be found online or at many local, independently owned retailers, along with ecommerce sites such as eBay. Major retailers, however, generally limit their selection to unused, full-priced options.
Second-hand appliance parts are generally anywhere between 50-75% cheaper than new ones, but warranties might not extend as long and the parts may be less reliable or come with a shorter lifespan. Be sure to research the source of any second-hand parts to ensure the dealer is reputable and the part itself reliable.

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