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By: Margie E.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
I started going to lackey when he 1st opened, for more than 7yrs there were never any kind of issues.Then all the sudden there is an issue and like spoiled children no one in Lackey's office will speak about anything because his people NEVER make mistakes or get anything wrong. So make sure to have a backup plan cause if they want you out they will make up anything to get you out!
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By: Darryl F.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
My PM doctor retired and I had to find another doctor. I had my records sent to Dr.Lackey. after reviewing them and my latest MRI, they accepted me as a patient. I have now been with Coosa Pain Management for about a year and love the way everyone treats me, helps me with problems, and helps me with any questions I have. This office uses every tool available to make sure you are not a drug seeker, doctor shopper!!! They use the DEA prescription tools just like pharmacist do to make sure of what medicine you take. When I had my first visit, he knew exactly what I took, when I took it, and questioned me to make sure I was truthful. That impressed me and showed me they care about your health more than just prescribing pain medication!!! Dr. Lackey and his Assistant stay educated and up to date with all the laws for pain management! This is exactly what I was looking for and would recommend this office to anyone needing pain management. If they don't think your records mandate pain management, they will reject you. I signed a paper with rules for his office. If I break the rules, I expect him to dismiss me with no questions. I love this rule because it shows me he wants to help his patients as long as they want to help themselves!!!! I ride my bicycle when I'm able, I try to take care of myself, and when I see the doctors at Coosa Pain, we talk about my health. Yes, I have been drug tested, I have had blood work, I have had nerve test on my legs, and may have other things done to help me. They do all these things and more in this one office. I will stay here til he retires. He is younger than me so I hope he is with me til the end!!!
By: Kelli K.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
I heard wonderful things about Dr. Lackey. Even from other medical staff. I, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to meet him. After having my records sent to him from current Dr. I was told he would not "accept" me. Now, I don't need to find another doctor. I was looking because after moving here mine is now an hour and half away and it is hard to go that far. So, when I asked why, I was told I have been kicked out of another clinic for dirty drug tests and I'm workers comp and he doesn't accept either. I tried to explain that I've been with the same Dr. For 15 years. Have NEVER had a bad drug test and haven't worked in 30 years. They must be mistaken. I was told that's what was "in the computer" ( info THEY put in) and basically talked to like I was a liar. Another health professional came to my aid that triggered a phone call to me telling me if I'd submit more information they would "reconsider" me. Really? They're going to reconsider me? How kind of them. Not I'm sorry I accused you, or we put it in the computer wrong. Not even an I'm sorry there was a mistake. Apparently, they believe everyone is seeking drugs and treat you like so. I have Lupus and RA. I've had 2 major back surgeries, I have a neuro stimulator implant, I have more metal in my ankles than there is in my grandkids playhouse. I just want to be able to walk around and have some sort of life. I would love to know if Dr Lackey even knows what goes on in his office. I'm choosing to believe he doesn't. He sounds like he would have been really good. For now, I'll make the drive and keep my current Dr and awesome staff. They keep my records straight and treat people with respect. They would even offer to help get to the bottom of things if there were ever a problem. Not toss you in to a pre judged pile. Seems to me his office staff doesn't represent him very well with the way they treat people. Bottom line, I don't "accept" YOU. See, I also have a choice.
By: Tammie L.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
I had been with Lackey for 3 years and knew from the beginning he had no clue which of his patients were playing him and those who were in need. But he was close to home so I stayed knowing he was clueless. The nurses who work with him have no business being in health care, except for one and I believe she is no longer there. He will hand out drugs to anyone, so if you are an addict and shopping for a clinic, he's your man. Why the DEA has not shut him down is a mystery. If you are in pain and need a DR. He will get you hooked on enough drugs to put down a horse then drop you for no reason. Not caring that you could die going without the meds. The worst part, you sign a contract stating That if you get fired he will write 1 more script allowing you time to find another Dr. because going without the meds could cause a heart attack and or death. Well he lies. It's not worth the paper it's written on. I can bare witness, and I will Pray he receives the same treatment from his Dr. To go thru DT's to wonder if he will live thru it. That is the only way he will stop. Mostly I I will pray he is shut down, soon.
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By: Tabie W.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
I was with dr. Lackey for almost three years during those three years everything was great I never had a bad test as far as pee test never had a bad count and was always there when called and on time and no perfume during Christmas on December 18th my telephone completely quit they had another telephone number the cold one phone number and two days later sent me a letter saying that I no longer had a doctor I'm already in very bad health and I thought I had a good doctor I took my paperwork from Verizon to show them the day before my phone was out and the very next day I had a telephone and I also had my medication with me with the correct amount of Medicine still they said that I could not see the doctor I did not have any red flags from them being a very good patient and needing their help and I was let go I guess because of overpopulation I feel very bad about this and I am not going to just let this matter go I've got a petition started and will get every signature that I can for everyone that that nurse he has has done wrong I always thought mr. Dr. Lackey was a good man I see now that he doesn't know what goes on when he is not with his patients... Please help me Dr. Lackey. This nurse does not need to be in the health care industry. The big nurse with a shoulder length blonde hair is a total b**** I hope I see her somewhere so I can tell her to her face I may hurt like hell but I'm not dead yet
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By: Britney M.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
I love Dr Lackey I'm only 29 and never thought I would have to be on pain meds you face so much stigma but when you go to him you don't feel judged and you actually feel like a person. His receptionist and a lot of other staff members are evil. But he makes up for that sometimes there is a long wait but there are alot of patients needing help from a few drs available. If you can deal with the staff you'll have an awesome dr.
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By: Todd S.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
Dr lackey is a great doctor. I love him but his office staff are the rudest I have ever been around in any office of any kind. Nurses etc. Are great just like Dr lackey is great.
By: Cindy B.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
Of all that pain management places in Gadsden and surrounding areas I would definitely recommend Dr.Lackey in all areas. He cares, he listens to YOU he doesn't push you into taking epidurals or taking just medicine. He will work with you most of the time. We need more PM Dr.s like him. God Bless
By: Courtney S.
Coosa Pain and Wellness
dr. lackey is one of the best PM doctors i've ever had. bed side manner is very good, and he really listens to your needs. and their staff is sweet as pie !
Tips & Advices
Several forms of pain management exist that are not approved typically treated by physicians or covered by health insurance plans. These include therapies like acupuncture, for example, or herbal preparations sold in stores. Before beginning any form of treatment or medication not approved by a doctor, it’s a good idea to still reach out to a physician or expert in alternative medicine for advice, or conduct some research online first.
Managing pain in children can be complicated, as kids may have more difficulty communicating their pain to doctors. Children also need to be more carefully monitored when taking most medications.
Health insurance might cover a selection of approved pain management therapies. Every insurance plan is different, so patients should check with their provider to make sure.
Patients might be instructed to continue therapy at home, either through regular exercise or specific treatment. Some people also find that getting frequent rest, taking warm baths or avoiding certain foods, for example, can help manage pain.
Side effects depend on the exact drugs and dosages used, as well as the disease being treated and many other factors. Some pain-relieving drugs, especially opioids, are known to cause drowsiness. Many antidepressants also cause a variety of adverse effects. Doctors must work closely with patients to minimize these side effects in the course of treatment.

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