By: mikeman86u
Eatery On 309
I was at The Eatery on 309 for my third time in a week and I have to say. That the food is the best part of the whole place. Now as for the people taking orders,they are doing a lot better then two days ago, I love walking in and seeing smiles on the workers faces. I even talked to one of the cooks about my order and how I would like it done. They will last there for many years. It's funny on Saturday there were three people in the back making food and took 20mims to get 2 orders done then a fourth man comes out and two people leave him with one person helping and it takes him 20mins to get 10 orders out. 5more of the short guy and you will be set. Thanks
By: cmhibbs
The Brick Tavern Inn
Brick Tavern Inn is a quaint restaurant that makes you feel at home. The service and food are great – but I do feel like it is a *little* over-priced. That could just be because I’m very stingy.  The part of this restaurant that makes it stand out is their back patio seating – with overhead fans and beautiful flowers, you’ll never want to go back home!
By: rc_addict_
Dominick's Pizza
The food is amazing, and reasonably priced! The service is out of this world. Now, the manager does have a bit of an attitude, but hey. They even support panther card!
By: Steven C.
Clymer's Restaurant
great food. they have homemade hand cut french fries and have homemade ice cream. open to the public. I would recommend the restaurant for any special occasion.

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