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By: Focusedanddriven H.
School Kids' Clubhouse & Love and Laughter Learning Centers, Inc.
Hands down the best childcare in Puyallup. My daughter has been going to School Kids Clubhouse for for almost 4 years now and it has been an absolute blessing. I can't imagine her being anywhere else.From the very start the staff has been friendly, engaging and an absolute joy to interact with. The director herself is very understanding to the parent's situation and is very pleasant to talk to. The level of security I feel when I drop and pick my child up is a plus in my book. The staff effectively communicate with us parents and I feel like I am always aware of what is going on with my daughter during her hours in childcare. Every event involving my daughter gets communicated to me and I absolutely love this childcare for that. My daughter loves the setting and adores her teachers. One of the thing that stands out to me is how they keep the school age kids engaged in various planned activities during school breaks. I would definitely recommend this childcare to anyone that is looking for a safe, fun and caring environment for their child.
By: Laurel R.
School Kids' Clubhouse & Love and Laughter Learning Centers, Inc.
My son has attended this daycare for almost 4 years. I had never wanted to put my son in daycare and after much searching, I found School Kids Clubhouse. From the first day, they have taken excellent care of my son and I wouldn't take him anywhere else. They helped me feel at ease leaving him on his first day. They told me what to expect from him as he adjusted and that if I wanted to call to check on him, I was more than welcome to call any time. They make the daycare center feel like a small in-home daycare. My son loves all of his teachers and they all truly care about him and the other kids there. Because kids are kids, there have been some tough days for my son when he has acted out and the staff at SKC have always handled each situation with the utmost care, compassion, and understanding. They openly communicate with the parents and whenever there is a question they answer it thoroughly. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fun and caring place for their child.
By: swifall
Love & Laughter Learning Centers and School Kids' Clubhouse
Our daughter has been attending LLLC since she was an infant, she's now 4, almost 5. The previous review has blown my mind. The center is like an extended family and we would never put our child in harms way. Ever. Shame on the previous reviewer for passing such judgement on not only an individual but also the integrity of my decision as to whether my child is safe or not. We picked this Christian childcare facility despite the fact that we don't go to church because we felt and still feel our child is nurtured, cared for, educated, and most of all SAFE AND PROTECTED. We love the staff, love the center and will continue to recommend it to anyone we know looking for quality childcare in the Puyallup area. I know this young woman as well and am sad that someone has taken to the internet to attempt to trash her. I would invite her into my home to watch my child any time, any situation, and day.
By: Tosha B.
School Kids' Clubhouse & Love and Laughter Learning Centers, Inc.
My daughter has attended School Kids Clubhouse for over 3 years and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the teachers and staff there. All of my daughter's teachers and the front office staff have always been friendly, respectful, attentive, and most of all they truly care about the kids at the daycare. Each morning when you walk through the door in the front office you're greeted with a "Good Morning!" and "Have a nice day!" as you leave. As I walk my daughter to her room, any time we see a teacher or staff member they stop to chat or say hello and call my daughter by her name. That makes me feel like they truly care about my daughter, and she gets very excited to see them as well.I would not hesitate to recommend School Kids Clubhouse to anybody looking for childcare in the area. Our experience with them has been wonderful!
By: lexi.skinner.754
School Kids' Clubhouse & Love and Laughter Learning Centers, Inc.
School Kid's Clubhouse/Love & Laughter Learning Center is an amazing place!  My daughter has been going there for about 3 years now and I will continue to have her go there.  The staff is very friendly and always keeps you up to date on things going on at the center. They have activies they do daily whether it be school learning or holiday parties.  They also have summer camp that I hear is great and I am looking into having my daughter go this year.  School Kids Clubhouse is also very safe.  If the staff does not know who you are they always ID you and double check with the parents.  The staff in the classrooms also calls the main office to double check on pick up even after you are cleared threw the office.  I highly recommend School Kids Clubhouse/Love & Laughter Learning Center to everyone. 
By: Allison P.
Love & Laughter Learning Centers and School Kids' Clubhouse
My son loves going to the Love and Laughter Learning Center. He is in the toddler room and loves all of the activities that they do; including dressing up, art, playing outside, asl, dancing, etc. It is great that there is also a covered play area so that the children can still go outside when it is raining! We love the activities that our son gets to do, and love how attentive the staff is to the children's needs. We look forward to each week to see what the theme of the week will be! Each day we get a report of all of the fun things that our son gets to do, even what he eats for lunch! We highly recommend the Love and Laughter Learning Center to any parents/guardians looking for quality care for their children!
By: April B.
Love & Laughter Learning Centers and School Kids' Clubhouse
I have been bringing my kids to Love and Laughter for the past 3 1/2 years. We shopped several places and were most impressed with their structure and facility. This place is beyond a "daycare". I have never met Teachers that love my kids so much. Even the ones that aren't direct teachers to my children, know who my children are. It is a family place that makes you feel comfortable and instills trust from the moment you drop your children off to when you pick them up. My children have learned more than I could teach them at home just by being in a social environment with other kids their age. I highly recommend Love and Laughter to any parent who want their children to learn and thrive.
By: Brenda R.
Love & Laughter Learning Centers and School Kids' Clubhouse
I have 2 girls, ages 2 and 6. Both have been going here since they were babies. My oldest no longer attends but always comes in to hug and say hi to her old caregivers. My 2 yr old asks to go to school, she loves it here. I drive out of my way to come to this center because of the love and attention she receives. It is a very hard decision to leave your little one with strangers but I now feel like they are family here. Jess, Joy and Esther know my family inside and out and the teachers in the rooms love on my little one and I know she enjoys her time here. Any bad reviews written about this place didn't take the time to really visit or get to know it.
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By: Cece B.
Love & Laughter Learning Centers and School Kids' Clubhouse
I love love love this center. They really care about the children. Emilie the director is just amazing. Very friendly, professional, kind and helpful. My LO was previously in a center that was to overwhelming for him, instead of trying to handle the situation they pushed him out, saying they did not have the staff to manage him. That was a Crock. That was 2 months ago, since my LO has been at LLLC there has not been any situations. He loves it there, happier and calmer. He is also coming home singing songs and saying the ABCs. Just exactly what we needed. Thank you Staff of LLLC on Shawn Rd Puyallup ������������
By: Susan D.
Love & Laughter Learning Centers and School Kids' Clubhouse
I was employed here for 6 years and this daycare is wonderful. The daycare is very family oriented. My daughter has been going here since she was 2 months old and is still currently going there. she is always super happy after I pick her up and tells me all about her day. These teachers are great at their job. They let you know when your child is sick and/or hurt, and about any upcoming events or fun activities. I recommend this daycare highly.

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