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By: Todd B.
Spradley Ford Lincoln, Inc.
*Unsympathetic Nightmare - Regarding Saleswoman Patti (Patricia French/699*W*) - ResolvedI have been temporarily in Pueblo, CO for the past few weeks on rotation with a hospital in town. I needed to have my transmission fluid changed, so I called Spradley Ford Lincoln Service Department and originally spoke with Patti on Monday 09/14/2015 for my Mitsubishi Lancer GTS where I mentioned that this version requires special CVT fluid. Patti mentioned that they would be able to schedule me the next day and after I asked, she mentioned it would be a complete total of $195.95.09/15/2015 – The Initial AppointmentI met with Patti and she instructed a worker to collect information from me and take my keys outside. I then go back inside and speak with Patti about how long she thought the service would take. She mentioned it would take an hour and a half (which was until closing). 15 minutes until 6 PM I went to the counter and asked about my vehicle and was informed that they were out of the fluid. I asked why I was not informed earlier, but Patti is very pushy and told me the best they could do is the same time the next day and Andy would bring the car around the front. I thought it odd that when I mentioned time is important as I work long shifts and I am taking time off to get this service done. Patti seemed unaffected. I was bothered at this point based on the lack of explanation it looked like I had to come back tomorrow, regardless.09/16/2015 – The Next AppointmentI spoke to Patti in the office and she seemed frustrated and irritated. I thought to myself, “Yes, I am back again to get the service done for the second time.” I obviously could tell she simply did not want to deal with me and my “problem” service. After ignoring me for 10 minutes, she eventually spoke to me out of “courtesy.” I kept calm and asked her if she was able to get the correct fluid. She agreed and one of the servicemen helped by collecting my keys for the second time. I went back to the counter with about 5 minutes until closing and inquired about my vehicle. Patti calculated the costs and before giving me the cost, she stated “wow this price is much cheaper than most people get this for.” I asked about it and then she said a total of “$239.40.” I immediately thought how it could be that much and told her that this could not be right and asked how she got to the total. She sighed and explained swiftly that this was the cost of the labor hours and the cost of the actual fluid. I told her about the total she gave me over the phone and she simply repeated the total cost by stating, “well this is the cost now with labor.” I knew something was not adding up, but it was such a long day already that I did not want to debate charges. As the transaction proceeded, she gave me a card of “Owner Advantage Rewards” in which she said, “I made $10 off of this service, wow!” and that I can use it for an oil change here at the shop. I was immediately offended based on our original conversation where I clearly stated that I was in Pueblo temporarily. She did not seem to listen to that or the fact where I said that my vehicle requires special CVT fluid upon initial communication. *Shortened, but please read the BBB complaint.**Dealer made right in promise to reimburse amount difference between what was quoted and amount paid, and Patti was retrained.
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By: David W.
Southwest Motors
I wasn't informed that if I waited another week and a half that I would receive $500 cash back for the annual Christmas savings event, which I'm sure they knew about.After the 4th try I purchased a vehicle on 11/11/15, One day after I purchased it I found out the vehicle had two recall's on it and I wasn't informed of that prior to the purchase and it did not show up on the Carfax report.The salesman told me if the vehicle your looking at online only shows a stock photo and not actual photo's of the vehicle the car is not on the lot to look at or test drive. I was looking at 3 different vehicles and when I asked to test-drive them I was told the vehicle's are in the body shop for repairs.Also I as told by the salesman if the price of the vehicle you see online ends in a 4 the vehicle is not on the lot to see or test drive, it's in the body shop for repairs. If the price ends in a 5 it is on the lot.
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By: Mike V.
Spradley Ford Lincoln, Inc.
Dan was our sales consultant. We traded in our F-150 STX for a FX4 to better suit our growing family. We had some bumps along the road but overall he was able to get us a good deal and send us home in an awesome truck!We bought our truck at the end of year sale. We bought it used and any issues that we have had have been dealt with professionally and appropriately. Dan has kept in touch with us throughout the process and has made the whole process so much easier. We previously shopped at Phil Long Ford of Motor City and had a horrible experience with the dealership and customer service. At Spradley we have been treated very well. When we bought the truck it had no gas in it and we had just filled up our other truck before trading it in. Dan gave us cash from his own wallet to help us fill up the Fx4.
By: Neil S.
Discount Motors
We are more than glad we stopped in at Discount Motors. 5 years ago Joe got us into a car when we thought there was no hope. We worked hard, payed it off and was looking for a truck. Went down to see what they had and spotted our truck but thought there was just no way we could afford it so we inquired about a few others they had. Anthony was a great help!! Very helpful and friendly. Long story short we went home in the truck we initially wanted with much help from all the wonderful staff!! Thank you all so very much!! We are really happy with our decision and would recommend your place to all. Will definitely be back!!
By: Alex C.
Fountainhead Motors
We bought a 94 Toyota 4Runner from them. It had a couple things wrong with it, but it was all disclosed at first. We signed for it, and in the contract it stated that they would fix the mechanical problem with it. Now, 5 WEEKS LATER, still not fixed, and the have re-scheduled with us 3 TIMES! Today they pushed our appointment for another week due to another "vehicular emergency"! This place acts so nice until you buy a vehicle from them, and the....GOOD LUCK, cuz you WILL be on your own! Terrible customer service, they just want your money!
By: melissa.mizio
Southwest Motors
I just bought my 2008 Ford Mustang from Southwest Motors. My salesman James was truly wonderful. He was very polite, and knowlegable. He made me feel very comfortable, and I also enjoyed the fact that he did not treat me like a "stupid female" like some dealers do when a female walks on a lot. The enviorment is very comfortable,and I will be buying future vehicles from this dealership. I drove 115 miles to purchase my mustang, as they had the exact one I wanted. Thank you for a great experience!!!
By: Mou S.
Discount Motors
We had a great experience here. Got a great deal and a great car! Our interest rate is awesome and they treated us with friendly customer service. Joe in finance, Anthony the owner and Joe our salesman were all very nice to work with. Highly recommend them. thanks again guys
By: esteemm189
Top Notch Auto Sales
Very pleased with the salesman. He was friendly, fast and very professional. The rest of the staff was very nice. The financing was easy and so was making payments. I would refer all my friends and family to Top Notch Auto Sales! I would love to come in and just say hi!
By: Ashley S.
CarHop Auto Sales & Finance
I had a great experience with Carhop. The sales person was nice and.explained everything very well and she answered all my questions. It seemed to be faster than other places that I had tried and the best part was that I was actually approved with my 490 credit score.
By: heather.f.smith.96
Spradley Ford Lincoln, Inc.
Spradley Ford was/has been great to me and my husband. Pete Severson helped get us into a great car which we absolutely love. We still take our car there for services. I have and will continue to reccommend this dealership to my friends and family.

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