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By: mrsladyliz
Spadyssey Day Spa
Earlier this month, I was looking to surprise my hard working hubby with a trip to a spa. I google'd around a bit and noticed Butter (I love-love the name!). Once the website loaded, I fell in love again. The site does a great job of showing you what you're getting and where you're going.Butter is charming and beautiful. It's located within an 18th century Grand Victorian property on Hope Street, just a couple of streets away from the Brown University campus. I would describe the color as Butter-cream yellow, which is appropriate. The pictures on-line did a great job of conveying feelings of warmth and relaxation and the actual spa rooms look amazing. After over-fantasizing about it on-line, I was hooked, and called to schedule a “Make it a Double PLUS” spa package for two.After leaving our home, we found it very easy to locate (The exra large name “Butter” is impossible to miss on the front of the spa). Like the pictures on-line, the spa itself evokes waves of calming relaxation. As we walked in, we were welcomed by a smiling receptionist. After a few formalities were ask to have a seat and told that our package came with a complimentary blooming tea or champagne toast. We opted for champagne, clinked glasses and sat back into a comfy sofa as we took in the sites, sounds and aromas.The spa seemed pretty busy and one of the women checking out seemed to be on cloud 9. I asked her how her services were and she said “the best”. My husband gave me a glancing nod of approval.The reception/waiting area is lovely and clean. With high ceilings, antique furniture, a grand fireplace, paintings, and an amazing hand sculptured larger than life statue, your eyes are treated to a sensory delight as well. My knots were becoming jealous of my eyes!After a few minutes two more smiling faces introduced themselves and lead us to our room. I remembered the room from the pictures on-line, and it looked even better in person. The room had candles placed throughout on the floor, mantle and in the fireplace. After closer inspection, we noticed that they were real candles but very good simulations that actually flickered.We both had massages and facials PLUS reflexology. My massage therapist reviewed my chart with me and asked what kind of pressure I preferred, which was great! When my massage began, I could tell from the first few seconds that I was going to love it. The pressure was perfect and her hands were in total control of my knotted situation. I was melting and loving every minute of it. My therapist was a pro! I've had a lot of massages and you can tell when someone knows what they are doing. I enquired where she went so school and she proudly asserted, “Bancroft. One of the best schools in the country”. To that I responded, well, you are one of the best massage therapists in the country! My facial was equally delightful. The esthetician was confident and exact. I enjoyed every single second of every phase. She asked all the right questions and even made a few suggestions that were spot on. My husband said he really enjoyed his services as well and took extra interest in the antique furniture pieces.There are a couple of really good spas in Providence and without a doubt, Butter is one of them. They get a 5 in pretty much every category. Can't wait to go back.

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