By: Mat S.
U Pick It
I read (in other reviews) people complaining about the $2.00 entry fee. It's the same at any other big pick yard. Pick a Part in Cali, and Pull ur Part in Phoenix is the same way- $2.00 entry fee. It's like a dirty night club...just because you pay a cover charge doesn't mean you'll get lucky and take home what you're looking for, lol. If your not willing to pay $2.00 to save a lot more...I don't know what to tell you, except...stop being so cheap! The people who work there have to eat too. Be prepared before you get there. Check the availability list. PRINT THE PRICE LIST AND TAKE IT WITH YOU.(*Hint, put the price list in those plastic page covers you get at Staples, Office Max etc. and a binder.) This way you'll know what you are gonna pay before you get to the counter. So tired of being behind people in line who are bitching about the prices, or have to ask the guy at the counter what the price is for every item they have and making everyone else wait while they try to figure out what they want to pay for. I don't disagree that some of their prices are a bit bogus. I bought a bench seat, because I had a price list with me I knew to take the track off to save $18.00. Got a $100.00 seat for $45.00 out the door! Fact is, we're lucky to have a big pick yard in PV. Saves a trip to Phoenix. Happy picking!

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